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Published on March 27, 2008

Author: Doride


Slide1:  Implementation of NAICS: North American Industry Classification System What is NAICS?:  What is NAICS? Concept: Group establishments by production processes Established in 1997 Developed in cooperation with our NAFTA partners, Canada and Mexico New Industry Classification System Why Develop NAICS?:  Why Develop NAICS? SIC was: Developed in the 1930s Emphasized manufacturing, not growing service and high tech industries Revisions made little change to the original structure Last revised in 1987 How Does NAICS Differ from SIC?:  How Does NAICS Differ from SIC? Based on the “production function” concept Emphasizes new and emerging industries, high-technology industries, and service industries Provides for comparability with Canada and Mexico Will be regularly maintained, current plans are for revisions every 5 years: 2002, 2007, etc. Slide5:  20 sectors (21 counting Unclassified) 1.198 Industries (US) 175 more than under SIC system 6-digit numbering system What is the NAICS Structure? Slide6:  11 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting 21 Mining 22 Utilities 23 Construction 31-33 Manufacturing 42 Wholesale Trade 44-45 Retail Trade 48-49 Transportation and Warehousing 51 Information 52 Finance and Insurance 53 Real Estate & Rental & Leasing NAICS Sectors Slide7:  54 Professional, Scientific & Technical Services 55 Management of Companies and Enterprises 56 Administrative & Support & Waste Management & Remediation Services 61 Educational Services 62 Health Care & Social Assistance 71 Arts, Entertainment, & Recreation 72 Accommodation & Food Services 81 Other Services (except public administration) 92 Public Administration 99 Unclassified NAICS Sectors NAICS Alternate Aggregation Tree:  NAICS Alternate Aggregation Tree Slide9:  NAICS/SIC Structure NAICS 2-digit Sector 3-digit Subsector 4-digit Industry Group 5-digit NAICS Industry 6-digit U.S. Industry SIC Division Letter 2-digit Major Group 3-digit Industry Group 4-digit Industry Slide10:  NAICS Structure As with SIC, more digits = more detail Slide11:    Number of codes:   6 digit - 1,198   5 digit - 725   4 digit - 314   3 digit - 98   2 digit - 24   Super Sector 11 ` NAICS - North American Industry Classification System Questions so far?:  Questions so far? Slide13:  Employment by SIC 2001 Slide14:  Employment by NAICS 2001 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting 11:  Changes to sector: Moved in Logging Moved out Veterinarians Agricultural Research Horticultural and Landscape Activities Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting 11 Utilities - 22:  Utilities - 22 Combination utilities no longer exist Examples of new electric power industries Fossil Fuel Electric Power Nuclear Electric Power Refuse systems Administrative & Support, Waste Management, & Remediation Services Construction - 23:  Construction - 23 Subsectors basically comparable to SIC major groups In the Construction of Buildings subsector, industry is based on whether construction is new or remodeling New Single Family Housing Construction New Housing Operative Builders Residential Remodelers Manufacturing 31-33:  Manufacturing 31-33 Reorganized and restructured = comparability with Canada and Mexico 474 industries, 173 revised industries, 79 new industries New Computer and Electronic Products Manufacturing Subsector Slide20:  Manufacturing 31-33 Incoming: Retail Bakeries Custom wood cabinets, furniture Dental Laboratories Tire Re-treading Outgoing Logging Publishing Redefinition of Wholesale/Retail:  Redefinition of Wholesale/Retail SIC based on class of customer NAICS based on method of selling Restaurants no longer included in retail Wholesale Trade 42:  Wholesale Trade 42 Three types of wholesalers Merchant Wholesalers Business-to-Business Electronic Markets Agents and Brokers Merchant wholesalers sell goods on their own account; the other two do not Classification dependent on whether they take title to goods Retail Trade 44 - 45:  Retail Trade 44 - 45 Going Elsewhere Eating and Drinking Places Retail Bakeries New Industries Discount Department Stores Warehouse Clubs and Superstores Gasoline Stations with Convenience Stores Electronic Shopping Transportation & Warehousing 48 - 49:  Transportation & Warehousing 48 - 49 Trucking no longer distinguished by whether or not storage is provided General Freight Trucking, Long Distance, Truckload General Freight Trucking, Long-Distance, Less Than Truckload No distinction between land and air couriers Waste collection and travel agencies Admin/Support & Waste Management & Remediation Services Information Sector 51:  Information Sector 51 New Industries: - Cellular and other Wireless Telecommunications - Telecommunications Resellers - Internet Publishing and Broadcasting - Internet Service Providers - Web Search Portals Rest created from: Manufacturing: Publishing TCPU: Broadcasting & Communications Services: Motion Picture & Sound Recording Information Services & Data Processing Libraries Restructuring of Finance Industries 52:  Restructuring of Finance Industries 52 Recognizes rapid change and deregulation New industries include: Credit Card Issuing Financial transactions Processing, Reserve and Clearinghouse Activities Investment Banking and Securities Dealing Reorganization of Old “Services” Division:  Reorganization of Old “Services” Division NAICS Real Estate and Rental and Leasing Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services Administrative and Support; Waste Management and Remediation Services Educational Services Health Care and Social Assistance Arts, Entertainment and Recreation Accommodation and Food Services Other Services (except Public Admin) 1987 SIC Services Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services 54:  Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services 54 Grouped by expertise and training of service provider 28 new industries Offices of CPAs Interior Design Services Environmental Consulting Marketing Research & Opinion Polling Consultants Administrative & Support & Waste Management & Remediation 56:  Administrative & Support & Waste Management & Remediation 56 29 new industries Professional Employer Organizations Convention & Visitors Bureaus Repossession Services Hazardous Waste Collection Industries that support businesses Health Care and Social Assistance 62:  Health Care and Social Assistance 62 27 new industries not found under the SIC HMO Medical Centers Diagnostic Imaging Centers Blood and Organ Banks Residential Mental Health and Substance Abuse Facilities Continuing Care Retirement Facilities Accommodation and Food Services 72:  Accommodation and Food Services 72 New eating place industries Full-Service Restaurants Limited-Service Restaurants Cafeterias Food Service Contractors New lodging industries Casino Hotels Bed-and-Breakfast Inns Public Administration 92:  Public Administration 92 Tribal government added A governmental and a private unit will have the same NAICS code if they perform the same activity - Air Traffic Control is 488111 NAICS U.S. Manual:  NAICS U.S. Manual Published in 1998 1170 descriptions Contains “Bridge” NAICS/SIC tables Approximately 12,000 index items in an alphabetic sequence ALREADY OBSOLETE: NAICS 1997 Replacement published in 2002 NAICS 2002:  NAICS 2002 Revision was effective January 1, 2002 Final Federal Register notice: January 16, 2001 Goals of the revision Increase comparability among the three countries Identify new and emerging industries Restructure Wholesale Trade (US only) NAICS 2002 is the first “five-year” revision to NAICS 1997 NAICS 2002:  NAICS 2002 Industries impacted by NAICS 2002: Construction International comparability at fifth digit, and (BLS only) residential/nonresidential distinction at sixth digit Wholesale Trade Department Stores Electronic shopping and auctions Information Next revision: 2007 Complete restructuring of “distribution network” industries: Wholesale, Retail, Transportation and Warehousing Implementation Timing Across Agencies:  Implementation Timing Across Agencies Phase in by statistical agencies Completion of implementation by 2005 NAICS Implementation Schedule:  NAICS Implementation Schedule Internal Revenue Service Census Bureau Bureau of Economic Analysis Bureau of Labor Statistics Tax Year 1998 1999 - 2002 1999 - 2004 2002 - 2005 U.S. Statistical Agencies Implementation at BLS (employment):  Implementation at BLS (employment) Implementation at BLS (non-employment):  Implementation at BLS (non-employment) Covered Employment & Wages (ES-202):  Covered Employment & Wages (ES-202) Universe for virtually all BLS programs Very detailed coverage: 8.2 million establishments, data aggregated by ownership/county/NAICS Codes continually verified on a three-year cycle 1998-2000: States polled companies to determine NAICS 1997 code (while still verifying SIC) ES-202 is cornerstone employment program Covered Employment & Wages (ES-202):  Will continue to dual-code SIC and NAICS New units: Through FY 2002 (September 30, 2002) Existing units: Will maintain but not update SIC Publication by BLS When: December 2001 MLR articles, full pub. in 2002 What: Data for 2001 and SIC/NAICS ratio tables Historical reconstruction by BLS? Undecided 2001: Recoded for NAICS 2002 Covered Employment & Wages (ES-202) More information:  More information To find NAICS Codes:  To find NAICS Codes Order a copy of the 2002 NAICS Manual::  Order a copy of the 2002 NAICS Manual: Call 800-553-6847 or go to: Now Available -  2002 Hardcover print edition! $45 PB2002-101430 CD-ROM with search and retrieval software $60 PB2002-502024 Questions?:  Questions? BREAK:  BREAK Occupational Employment Statistics:  Occupational Employment Statistics The difference between Occupations and Industry Occupation:  Occupation Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) System for classifying all occupations in the economy Used by all Federal statistical agencies collecting occupational data Classifies workers (employees) by the job tasks performed Industry:  Industry OES surveys provide occupations by industry “Snapshot” of the type of work performed within an industry Top 10 Construction Occupations:  Top 10 Construction Occupations By Employment Slide51:  Top 10 Construction Occupations By Wage How NAICS affects OES:  How NAICS affects OES Break in time series – Staffing patterns will not be comparable! Provide occupations for new emerging industries: i.e. Information sector of NAICS More forms! (Because of more industry sectors) Projections:  Projections Current Industry Projections based on SIC codes With NAICS, next industry projections may not be based on a full three years’ worth of data Occupation projections are still possible because the occupation coding will not change Questions?:  Questions? Current Employment Statistics (CES):  Current Employment Statistics (CES) Current Employment Statistics (CES):  Current Employment Statistics (CES) CES more commonly used time series Decreased risk of confidentiality disclosure with higher level of aggregation for publication Data for all 20 sectors are available for the statewide but not the area series Slide57:  Publication by BLS and states Two-year benchmark from January 2001 through December 2002 State & Area: March 2003 National: June 2003 Maintain continuity at “Total Nonfarm” level Retain logging, despite reclassification to agriculture Drop animal production support (part of SIC 075) Current Employment Statistics (CES) Current Employment Statistics (CES):  State & Area 1939 - current for Total Nonfarm 1990 - 2000 for All Employee series 2001 – 2002 All Employee Benchmark 2003 January all estimates done in NAICS NO Hours & Earnings reconstruction: Will start January 2003 by estimation NAICS based historical reconstruction at: Time series reconstruction Current Employment Statistics (CES) SUPERSECTORS:  SUPERSECTORS Collections of sectors similar to SIC divisions. Statewide data is seasonally adjusted at the Supersector level. Written analysis on Supersector data for Statewide and Denver MSA. Statewide Supersector data has been reconstructed by BLS back to 1990. Links to the data reconstruction on CES homepage. Supersector Detail: Goods Producing:  Supersector Detail: Goods Producing Natural Resources and Mining: Sector 11 (Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting) Sector 21 (Mining) Construction: Sector 23 (Construction) Manufacturing: Sectors 31-33 (Manufacturing) Service Producing:  Service Producing Trade, Transportation, and Utilities: Sector 42 (Wholesale trade) Sector 44-45 (Retail trade) Sector 48-49 (Transportation and warehousing) Sector 22 (Utilities) Service Producing:  Information: Sector 51 (Information) Financial Activities Sector 52 (Finance and insurance) Sector 53 (Real estate and rental and leasing) Service Producing Service Producing:  Professional and Business Services: Sector 54 (Professional, scientific, and technical services) Sector 55 (Management of companies and enterprises) Sector 56 (Administrative and support and waste management and remediation services) Service Producing Service Producing:  Education and Health Services: Sector 61 (Educational services) Sector 62 (Health care and social assistance) Leisure and Hospitality: Sector 71 (Arts, entertainment, and recreation) Sector 72 (Accommodation and food services) Service Producing Supersector Employment:  Supersector Employment SIC NAICS Changes To Statewide CES Published Data:  Changes To Statewide CES Published Data Employment level estimates reported in industry category cells. Published government cells will not change. Non-governmental cells at statewide level will increase from 67 SIC to 80 NAICS. Some loss of detail in Mining Manufacturing Retail trade. Changes To Statewide CES Published Data:  Offset by a considerable increase of detail in SIC industries classified now under NAICS Services, TCU and FIRE. New industry classifications regain the loss of detail from Manufacturing and Retail Trade. Changes To Statewide CES Published Data Supersector by Supersector comparison CES published data differences SIC to NAICS.:  Supersector by Supersector comparison CES published data differences SIC to NAICS. All graphs are employment in thousands. Natural Resources and Mining:  Natural Resources and Mining NAICS SIC Natural Resources and Mining:  Natural Resources and Mining SIC Mining + Mfg. Logging firms Natural Resources & Mining Supersector. Loss of Detail from SIC Metal Mining Coal Mining Oil and Gas Extraction Natural Resources and Mining NAICS 10-000000 NAICS Supersector only. Construction :  NAICS SIC Construction Construction :  Construction New detail: 3 SIC to 6 NAICS Detail from SIC: General Building Contractors Heavy Construction, Exc. Building Special Trade Contractors Construction:  Construction New detail from NAICS 20-000000: Construction of Buildings 20-236000 Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction 20-237000 Construction:  Specialty Trade Contractors 20-238000 Foundation, Structure, and Building Exterior Contractors 20-238100 Building Equipment Contractors 20-238200 Building Finishing Contractors 20-238300 Construction New detail: Manufacturing:  Manufacturing NAICS SIC Manufacturing:  NAICS 30-000000 change of detail Durable goods detail in from SIC: Lumber & Wood Production Including Furniture Stone, Clay, & Glass Products Primary, Fabricated Metal Products Computer & Office Equipment Instruments & Related Product Manufacturing Manufacturing:  Durable, new detail from NAICS 31-000000: Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacture 31-327000 Fabricated Metal Product Manufacture 31-332000 Computer and Electronic Product Manufacture 31-334000 Transportation Equipment Manufacture 31-336000 Manufacturing Manufacturing:  Non-Durable Goods loss of detail from SIC: Food and Kindred Products Meat Products Dairy Products Beverages Textiles, Apparel & Leather Products Paper & Allied Products Printing and Publishing (splits between Non-durable and new Information) Chemicals, Petroleum & Coal Products Manufacturing Manufacturing:  Food manufacturing 32-311000 Beverage Manufacturing 32-312000 Printing and Related Support Activities 32-323000 (Publishing is now in Information) Non-Durable new detail from NAICS 32-000000 (5 fewer categories) Manufacturing Trade, Transportation & Utilities / Information:  Trade, Transportation & Utilities / Information Trade, Transportation & Utilities / Information:  TCU and Trade is a new aggregation. Major changes with higher detail. Communication Supersector – Information. Trade, Transportation & Utilities / Information Trade, Transportation & Utilities / Information:  Trade, Transportation & Utilities / Information TCU, SIC detail: Trucking and Warehousing Transportation by Air Communications Information Electric, Gas & Sanitary Services Trade, Transportation & Utilities / Information:  Transportation, Warehousing and Utilities New detail in NAICS 40-000000: Utilities 22 Transportation and Warehousing 48-49 Air Transportation 481 Truck Transportation 484 Couriers and Messengers 492 Warehousing and Storage 493 Trade, Transportation & Utilities / Information Trade, Transportation & Utilities / Information:  Wholesale Trade same detail level in NAICS and SIC. Trade change of detail in Retail some split-off from Retail into new NAICS industries. Trade, Transportation & Utilities / Information Trade, Transportation & Utilities / Information:  Trade, Transportation & Utilities / Information Wholesale Trade SIC detail: Durable goods Non-Durable goods Trade, Transportation & Utilities / Information:  Wholesale Trade NAICS 41-000000 detail: Merchant Wholesalers, Durable Goods 41-423000 Merchant Wholesalers, Non-Durable Goods 41-424000 Trade, Transportation & Utilities / Information Trade, Transportation & Utilities / Information:  Retail Trade in SIC: Building Materials, Garden Supply Stores General Merchandise Stores Food Stores Automotive Dealers & Service Stations Apparel & Accessory Stores Home Furnishings & Equipment Stores Eating & Drinking Places Trade, Transportation & Utilities / Information NAICS Leisure and Hospitality Trade, Transportation & Utilities / Information:  Retail Trade, NAICS 42-000000 detail: Motor Vehicle and Parts Dealers 42-441000 Building Material and Garden Equipment and Supplies Dealers 42-444000 Food and Beverage Stores 42-445000 General Merchandise Stores 42-452000 Trade, Transportation & Utilities / Information Trade, Transportation & Utilities / Information:  Information 50-000000 New industry Communications from TCU Publishing from the SIC Non-Durable Goods Industry at greater detail. Trade, Transportation & Utilities / Information Trade, Transportation & Utilities / Information:  NAICS detail: Publishing Industries (except internet) 50-511000 Newspaper, Periodical, Book, and Directory Publishers 50-511100 Software Publishers 50-511200 Telecommunications 50-517000 Trade, Transportation & Utilities / Information Financial Activities:  Financial Activities NAICS SIC Financial Activities:  FIRE greater detail in NAICS Financial Activities. SIC detail: Financial Activities Depository Institutions Insurance Real Estate Financial Activities:  Financial Activities, NAICS 55-000000 detail: Finance and Insurance 55-520000 Credit Intermediation and Related Activities 55-522000 Securities, Commodity Contracts, and Other Financial Investments and Related Activities 55-523000 Insurance Carriers and Related Activities 52-524000 Real Estate and Rental and Leasing 55–530000 Real Estate 55-531000 Financial Activities Services:  Services Services:  Greatest changes and additional detail! Services will split into 4 Supersectors. under SIC 17 CES detail cells under NAICS 28 detail cells. Services Services - SIC:  Services SIC detail: Hotels & Other Lodging Places Personal Services Business Services Computer & Data Processing Services Motion Pictures Amusements & Recreation Services Services - SIC Services - SIC:  Services - SIC Services SIC detail (cont.) Ski Lift Operators Leisure & Hospitality Health Services Hospitals MD’s and Other Health Care Practitioners Nursing Facilities & Home Health Care Legal Services Services - SIC:  Services SIC detail, cont: Educational Services Social Services Membership Organizations Engineering & Management Services Agricultural Services Services - SIC Slide99:  PROFESSIONAL AND BUSINESS SERVICES 60-000000 Services - NAICS Professional And Business Services 60-000000:    Professional, Scientific and Technical Services 60-540000 Legal Services 60-541100 Architectural, Engineering and Related Services 60-541300 Computer Systems Design and Related Services 60-541500 Services - NAICS Professional And Business Services 60-000000 Professional And Business Services 60-000000:  Management of Companies and Enterprises 60-550000 Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services 60-560000 Administrative and Support Services 60-561000 Employment Services 60–561300 Services to Buildings and Dwellings 60-561700 Services - NAICS Professional And Business Services 60-000000 Slide102:  EDUCATION AND HEALTH SERVICES 65-000000 Services - NAICS EDUCATION AND HEALTH SERVICES 65-000000:  EDUCATION AND HEALTH SERVICES 65-000000 Educational Services 65-610000 Health Care and Social Assistance 65-620000 Ambulatory Health Care Services 65-621000 Hospitals 65-622000 Nursing and Residential Care Facilities 65-623000 Social Assistance 65-624000 Services - NAICS Slide104:  LEISURE AND HOSPITALITY 70-000000 Services - NAICS LEISURE AND HOSPITALITY 70-000000:  LEISURE AND HOSPITALITY 70-000000 Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation 70-710000 Amusement, Gambling, and Recreation Industries 70-713000 Other Amusement and Recreation Industries 70-713900 (contains the Ski industry) Services - NAICS Slide106:  ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD SERVICES 70-000000  Services - NAICS ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD SERVICES 70-720000:  ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD SERVICES 70-720000 Accommodation 70-721000 Food Services and Drinking Places 70-722000 (formerly in Retail Trade) Services - NAICS Slide108:  Services - NAICS OTHER SERVICES 80-000000 OTHER SERVICES 80-000000:  OTHER SERVICES 80-000000 Repair and Maintenance 80-811000 Personal and Laundry Services 80-812000 Religious, Grantmaking, Civic, Professional, and Similar Organizations 80-813000 Religious Organizations 80-813100 Services - NAICS Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs MSA’s:  Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs MSA’s Denver: 55 SIC non-government cells replaced by 64 NAICS cells . Boulder: 16 SIC non-government cells expanded to 23 NAICS cells. Colorado Springs: 18 SIC non-government cells expanded to 29 NAICS cells. New Broomfield County In Denver MSA:  New Broomfield County In Denver MSA January 2003: Denver MSA has 6 counties. Broomfield adds 20,800 positions to Denver MSA from Boulder MSA. This change breaks series in both MSA’s. Changes to Denver and Colorado Springs MSA’s in 2005:  Changes to Denver and Colorado Springs MSA’s in 2005 Denver MSA adds Clear Creek, Elbert, Gilpin, and Park Counties. This is an additional 1,511 businesses and 13,568 employment. Colorado Springs MSA adds Teller County. This adds 674 establishments and 6,598 employees. ? ? ?:  ? ? ? QUESTIONS?

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