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Information about NagiosXI - Astiostech NagiosXI Event with NTT MSC Cyberjaya

Published on February 16, 2014

Author: sanjayws



IMPORTANT: Parts of these slides, its content and its materials are taken off the web. I do not claim rights to them. I am merely showcasing them for public knowledge. If you find any information or items that are your copyright, etc, please write in explanation and i will take them down. Thank you.

Beautiful monitoring Copyright 2013 © Astiostech. For informational purposes only. No warranties of any kind are made and you have to verify all information before relying on it. You can re-use this presentation as long as you read, agree, and follow the guidelines described in the “Comments” field in File/Properties.

Objectives Realize the importance of monitoring.. The beauty of Nagios

Storyboard Frequently asked questions Our dependencies About Monitoring Introduction to Nagios Gaining visibility – Reporting etc. Case studies

FAQ! Visibility • Compliance • Accountability Availability Performance Security • Service deliver • Service uptime • Par investment • KPIs • No breach • Tracking/tracing

Our dependency We use… • Email • Central storage • VoIP • ERP, CRM • Websites/services • Databases • Hardware and other software Technology is integral

The beautiful jive.. Visibility Availability Compliance Security ..through monitoring’s that..? Monitoring reduces “surprises” Monitoring provides facts for future planning Monitoring helps prevent downtime Monitoring is needed for compliance How can one not agree that.. • Monitoring is a necessity and not a luxury

A beautiful perspective

Monitoring and admins (or geeks like me) Gain visibility of networks Become a happy administrator Be the boss’s pet – Send out reports before he/she asks you to Have a life • Be aware but not necessarily be there

Monitoring and management Gauge effectiveness of investments Comply to regulatory Increase visibility to your operations Plan for growth, consciously Monitor SLA of service/service providers

Introduction to Nagios N.A.G.I.O.S -> Nagios Ain't Gonna Insist On Sainthood Worlds most deployed open source monitoring solution Winner of several awards and recognitions Can monitor *anything*, really..!

More on Nagios.. Nagios is a framework Enterprise grade • Same class to HPOV, Tivoli, etc.. Supports just about anything you have It's open source Highly scalable Easy to use and customize Built around largely successful apps such as MRTG, MySQL, Apache and surely, Linux

Common misconceptions Nagios is open source so it monitors open source products only Nagios is not easy to deploy/manage It’s better to use tools from <companyA> to monitor <companyA> products Open source means open and exploitable I need a specialized Nagios ecosystem

Framework? Other monitoring solutions… • • • • • It’s a nice house It will only be like that as designed by the architects You can renovate, but cost you lots of $$$ You have to always go back to the developer for help If you wish to do more, you need to buy a new house

Framework? Nagios • • • • • Make the most beautiful house You decide how your house should look like Renovate, redesign, rebuild and customize, no additional cost! Anyone knows to use a LEGO set, knows how to support your house Need to do more? Don’t need to buy a new house, just use the blocks and enjoy…

What Nagios can do? Again, quite a bit, specifically… • Hardware • Software • Event logs • Any logs • Clustering support • Through WMI • Through scripting (VB, PowerShell, cmd.exe)

Just about any system..

Integrations • Environmental devices • Other NMSes

Gaining visibility - Alerting ALERTS

If <event>, then, do this, that… Send alerts and more.. Remedy Something went wrong

Take away.. Nagios is a complete monitoring solution to • Monitor and to a certain extent manage your Windows architecture • Can monitor just about anything else that has an IP address • Can customize and build any which way you NEED it to work

UX with NagiosXI • Hybrid enterprise monitoring tool • Award wining and world’s no. 1 • • • • XI is everything Nagios plus more.. XI is complete WebUI GUI XI is personalization & customizable XI is programmable

• Everything web • • • • Configuration Dashboards Customization Etc.. • Wizards driven • • Guided step by step Make your own wizards • Extremely cool UIs • • Built-in performance graphs Dashboards, Reports, Views, Management Web

• Database backend • • No more flat file based Totally robust, exportable and customizable • Multi-tenant • One server, multiple users • Nagvis ready • Setup any type of graphical meaningful dashboard, straight off the bat • Advance dashboard • Personalized, customized and robust dashboards

Features • In addition to Nagios, here are some of the highlights of XI • Available in all versions of XI • Can be further customized to each organizational need

• Dashboards • Provide information to respective personnel exactly what matters to them

• Views • Like dashboards, except it loads multiple pages dynamically

• Multi tenant • Breakout large teams through a single setup with smaller management groups Create and manage individualized level of views and dashboards • Helpdesk Finance IT core net IT servers

• Wizards • • Create checks in minutes! Build your own (BYO Wizards)

• Wizard list out of the box • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • DHCP, DNS (with query), Radius Email Environmental monitoring Exchange Network generic devices LDAP Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris SMTP servers MySQL, MSSQL, Postgres, Oracle SNMP – Trap, Walk Switches/Routers/Firewalls Raw TCP/IP port Watchguard URLs, Web Transaction VMWare Printers Custom ones..(e.g. Wizard for Antivirus checks)

• Auto discovery • • • Add hosts in one go Check what OS too.. Schedule adding of new host automatically

• Configuration Manager • • • • Get down to details and customize more… Done through WebUI Import and export functions Bulk operations

• Nagvis • • • Visual Nagios Monitor what you want, how you want it Now! With dynamic charts

• Operations Map • • • • Point in time critical information Built to mount on walls for easy viewing Dynamic updates Customizable with similar concept

• User manager • • • Create multiple users Create different permission for them Can be used as contact for notification

• Built-in reports • • • • • • • • • Executive summaries Availability State history Top Alert producers Notification reports Raw event logs Nagios bandwidth usage Capacity planning tool Reports can be printed, exported and scheduled to run on a periodic basis • • • Data visualization Heatmaps, Cloud, Timeline and Replays Legacy reports (Nagios Core)

• Everything Nagios • What you can do with Nagios you can do it with XI Monitor just about anything Thousands of plugins freely available for use ( • • • • • It can work together with an existing Nagios installation You can also import config files You can distribute Nagios to off load XI

Scalability • Manage centrally multiple servers • Important when you do tens of thousands of host and services monitoring? • Scale also based on geographical locations and/or distribute load

• Centralization • Centrally view and manage multiple Nagios servers (including Nagios Core) Decentralized management if required Unlimited scalability Connects via HTTP(s) Authentication passthru Runs on existing servers or separately • • • • •

• Load distribution • • • • • Use single NagiosXI/NagiosCore backend Check thousands of hosts Check tens of thousands of services Scale as many servers as you like Distribute across WAN links

Case study – University Campus Over 2000 services monitored on single box Deployment time 3 months

Case study – Telco in SG Need fast turnover to monitor a last minute project Deployment time 1 week

Case study – Financial Inst. Complex monitoring of databases (MSSQL/Oracle) and complex business logic built around Nagios Deployment time 6 months

Nagios XI nagios has just gotten better… Thanks Copyright 2013 © Astiostech. For informational purposes only. No warranties of any kind are made and you have to verify all information before relying on it. You can reuse this presentation as long as you read, agree, and follow the guidelines described in the “Comments” field in File/Properties.

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