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Published on September 29, 2007

Author: Jolene

Source: authorstream.com

News from ELAN:  News from ELAN SC of CARE Paris Sept 5 2005 News from ILC:  News from ILC GDE structure founded under B. Barish: 3 GDE regional Directors + ~40 CORE team (4 from ELAN managt) under ILCSC ‘oversight’ Snowmass meeting (ALCPG->Intal) 2 weeks in August to reach ILC configuration - Physics (Aspen), Detector, Accelerator (after KeK) - 640 participants (1/3 machine) - 10 critical recommendations/decisions EUDET: I3 for detector approved 7 M€ 21 partners GDE – Staffing:  GDE – Staffing Staff the GDE Administrative, Communications, Web staff Regional Directors (one per region) Accelerator Experts (covering all technical areas) Senior Costing Engineer (one per region) Civil/Facilities Engineer (one per region) Detectors (WWS chairs) Fill in missing skills (later) Total staff size about 20 FTE (2005-2006) about 40 heads. The internal GDE organization and tasks will be organized internationally, not regionally GDE – Near Term Plan:  GDE – Near Term Plan Schedule Begin - define Configuration (Snowmass Aug 05) Baseline Configuration Document (end of 2005) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Baseline under Configuration Control (Jan 06) Develop Reference Design (end of 2006) Coordinate the supporting R&D program Three volumes -- 1) Reference Design Report; 2) Shorter glossy version for non-experts and policy makers ; 3) Detector Concept Report Slide5:  The GDE Plan and Schedule 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Global Design Effort Project Baseline configuration Reference Design ILC R&D Program Technical Design Bids to Host; Site Selection; International Mgmt LHC Physics ELAN and ILC:  ELAN and ILC Support relevant for European WS with acknowledgement of ELAN support (logo) Document(s) ELAN issued List in http://esgard.lal.in2p3.fr/Project/Activities/Current/Networking/N2/ELAN/Workshops/ Support for international (ILC) meetings: LCWS05 (MDI, ACCEL)+SNOWMASS Slide7:  Workshops Supported by ELAN   Main decisions/recommendations:  Main decisions/recommendations Slide10:  1.3GeV S-band linac 180 m laser-Compton ring ~100 MeV Accumulator Ring pol. e+ ~100 MeV Accumulator Ring pol. e- to 5 GeV ring to 5 GeV ring Polarized e+/e- source based on Compton back scattering T. Omori, J. Urakawa, KEK K. Moenig, A. Variola, F. Zomer, LAL P. Raimondi Frascati accumulate >100 bunchlets to make nominal bunch; →needs large-acceptance accumulator ring & fast cooling J. Urakawa highly polarized e+ and e- (>90%); generation decoupled from collider ATF proof-of-principle experiment produced ~104 pol. e+ per pulse Frank Zimmermann, CERN LP05 Cavity shape/material/processing:  Cavity shape/material/processing Summary Talk London (L. Lilje) https://ilcsupport.desy.de/cdsagenda/askArchive.php?base=agenda&categ=a0522&id=a0522s53t3/transparencies/Summary_of_SRF_WG_LL_.pdf BCD Proposal for Cavity preparation (short) http://alcpg2005.colorado.edu:8080/alcpg2005/program/accelerator/WG5/helen_edwards20050821164419.ppt BCD Proposal for Cavity preparation (long) http://alcpg2005.colorado.edu:8080/alcpg2005/program/accelerator/WG5/helen_edwards20050819140512.ppt Next steps:  Next steps European GDE meeting in Oxford GDE meeting in Frascati to finalize decisions for the baseline -> ELAN support is asked by the B. Foster Prepare for FP7 Contribute to ILC outreach (presentation L. Lilje at Cornell & Snowmass) Outreach and Tutorials supported ELAN :  Outreach and Tutorials supported ELAN Snowmass SRF Cavity tutorial (L. Lilje) http://alcpg2005.colorado.edu:8080/alcpg2005/program/ENO/Superconductingcavitiestutorial_new.pdf Srf Tutorials at SRF 2005 Workshop WWW-Link: http://www.lns.cornell.edu/public/SRF2005/ Tutorial session on Sunday: http://www.lns.cornell.edu/public/SRF2005/program.html Especially talk by D. Reschke on cleaning (paid by ELAN): http://www.lns.cornell.edu/public/SRF2005/talks/sunday/SuP03_talk_srf2005.pdf ELAN Management:  ELAN Management New adsociates - US: SLAC (M. Ross) - Technion (S. Tarem) - Center for the Advancement of Natural Discoveries using Light Emission, Yerevan , Armenia - Cracow University of Technology, (Institute of Applied Mechanics), Krakow, Poland - University of Ankara (K. Ciftci) Support ICFA school on ILC ? ANAD has launched a NEST proposal 1st level selection EUROLEAP: European Laser Electron controlled Acceleration in Plasmas to GeV energy range Slide15:  HEEAUP 2005 Paris ELAN Documents:  ELAN Documents Conclusion:  Conclusion ELAN activity is mainly driven by the international GDE (WG 3-4) ELAN support has been instrumental in preparing and supporting the Snowmass meeting European support has been essential and should be maintained within FP7 Interesting prospects of collaboration with the laser-plasma community From ECFA (T.A.):  From ECFA (T.A.) ICFA beam dynamics panel, Weiren Chou, European co-sponsoring of a linear collider (more specifically ILC) school in spring 2006 in Japan. He has contacted Japan (JSPS) and the USA (DOE) about co-sponsoring and sent a mail to T.A. about "which European agency to contact". Quantitatively we talk about 40-55'000 euros, assuming 20-25 students and 6-8 lecturers from Europe. Slide21:  Doc-05-09 Snowmass+Report Cornell WS Snowmass Slide22:  London+Snowmass Report expected Paris meeting Euroleap

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