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Published on January 11, 2008

Author: Bruno

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OC Composites Solution for Automotive:  OC Composites Solution for Automotive 欧文斯科宁公司 September 26, 2006 Introduction: Who is Owens Corning:  Introduction: Who is Owens Corning Owens Corning invented glass fiber (Fiberglas®) and boasts a fascinating history of innovation and entrepreneurship. Delivering Solutions - Transforming Markets - Enhancing Lives $6 Billion sales in 2005 Headquarters in Toledo, Ohio (USA) Key markets in Automotive, Residential & Commercial Construction, Consumer, Electronics & Telecommunications, and Infrastructure 20,000 employees /135 manufacturing facilities in 35 countries, 170 distribution centers worldwide Owens Corning Automotive:  Owens Corning Automotive Recognized leader in the development of structural, acoustic and thermal composite solutions to the automotive industry Headquartered in Novi, MI Industry heritage beginning with Stout Scarab Project Y car in 1945 Development laboratories in Novi, Granville, Battice, Shanghai and around the world Outstanding acoustics lab in Granville Q&A Implementation NVH Properties Applications Benefits Overview Introduction Solution Offerings:  Solution Offerings Acoustic Design Services - Acoustic Modeling - Thermal Modeling - Validation Engineering NVH Systems - Acoustic Branding - Total Interior with Acoustic & Thermal Performance - Exterior Systems Slide5:  Airflow Resistance of Porous Media - ASTM C522 Absorption Using an Impedance Tube - ASTM E1050 Characteristic Absorption - ASTM C423 Transmission Loss - ASTM E90 Shear Modulus of Porous Media Accredited Testing Capability Slide6:  NVH Source Identification “State of the Art” Source Identification Acoustic Intensity Spatial Transformation of Sound Fields (STSF) Acoustic Holography 6726 cu. ft. Convertible Anechoic/Hemi-Anechoic Chamber Qualified for noise measurements of products down to 60 Hz Slide7:  What makes us Unique? Fundamental Acoustics and Thermal Materials Performance Design of Acoustic and Thermal Systems [Appliances, CI] Materials Systems [Composites, Natural Fibers, Asphalt/PP] Manufacturing Solutions Global Presence Brand Value OC Automotive Science & Technology:  OC Automotive Science & Technology Over 800 scientists for R&D Ongoing development by Acoustical, Thermal, Chemical and Process Scientists Scientists continually evaluate new material fiber constructions, shapes, processes, and combinations Materials are evaluated through product and process modeling and product testing Support to develop new material/process solutions to customer requirements A Fully Dedicated Team to Bring New Things to Mkt Defining OCA - Focus:  Defining OCA - Focus Geography Market Key Accounts Segments & Applications Materials - Global - Light Vehicle & Truck - GM, DCX, Ford, VW, Toyota - Structures/Closures, Interior & Exterior Acoustics - Composites Do Things Better by Focusing on Small Number Applications Applications by Segments where OCA is Focused 2004-08 models:  Interior Acoustics Headliners Parcel shelf Under carpet insulation Front of Dash Hard Trim Absorbers Soft Trim Absorbers Exterior Acoustics Mufflers Silencers U/B Noise Shields Structures/Closures Front Ends (IFES) Instrument Panels Door Modules End gates/midgates Running boards Pick up Boxes Hoods & Deck lids AcoustiMaxTM VersaMat® Resinated fiberglass wool SilenTexTM - OC LFT - Thermoset solutions SMC, FRP panel & board etc Applications by Segments where OCA is Focused 2004-08 models Stiffness & Impact Mapping:  Stiffness & Impact Mapping PA+GF (RH 50%) PBT/PET+GF PPO+GF Notched Izod Impact Strength [kJ/m2] Flexural Modulus [GPa] LFT-PA66 10 20 20 40 LFT-PBT LFT-PP PP-GF adding elastomer adding filler Pre-impregnated Glass Fibers & OC LFT-PP Long Glass Fiber PP:  Pre-impregnated Glass Fibers & OC LFT-PP Long Glass Fiber PP OC Long Glass Fiber PP PerforMax Pre-impregnated Glass Fibers = Glass Fibers = Sizing = Polypropylene Performance attributes:  Performance attributes LFT-PP Light weight, material saving 20% vs. filled PA & 36% vs. filled PBT Minimum moisture absorption (PP 0.06% vs. PA 1.9%) Superior notched impact, even at sub-zero T down to -40 oC Excellent stiffness and strength Excellent chemical resistance (e.g. glycol, gasoline, halogenated hydrocarbon, phenol, organic acid, oxidizing acid, alkalis, hot water and steam etc) Good heat ageing performance after proper formulating (good mechanical performance retention after 140 oC/1000 h) Cost saving Opportunities:  Opportunities Knee Bolsters Spare wheel trays Spare wheel covers Load Floors Acc. Pedals Clutch pedals Pedal support SUV Steps Pick Up Truck Bed Components Luggage Racks Front Ends (IFES) Splash Shields Bumper Beams Instrument Panel Brackets Door Modules Rear Seat Backs Rear Door Structures Fuel Tank Electronics Covers Inlet manifolds Fan shrouds Radiator Fans Inlet-Air Cleaners Pulley covers Engine covers Rocker Valve covers Battery Trays Interior Exterior Semi-structural Parts Systems E&E/ Components Straight : Thermoplastic Composite Applications (TPC) Italic : SGF-PA6-substitution Underline : Top North America Opportunities Other LFT Materials available from OC:  Other LFT Materials available from OC Commercialized GMB (60% or 70% LFT-PP concentrate) Hypergron (75% or above LFT-PP) (for sheet, hollow structure applications) LFT-PA6 & 66 New Products Developmental LFT-HTN LFT-PLA Slide16:  Conventional Door - Add/Delete Component List Cost($) Weight (kg) Add 9.53 1.85 Delete 11.13 2.89 Net 1.60 1.04 Conventional Door Materials: Steel Inner Panel with a Plastic/Wood Trim Panel Slide17:  Summary of Business Case Results Variable Costs: Per Door Per Annual Build Components $1.60 savings $640,000 Assembly (Labor) $6.61 savings $2,644,000 Variable Costs Savings: $8.21 savings Weight Savings: Other Potential Benefits Warranty Inventory Assembly Line Area reduction $3,284,000 1.04 kg 23 parts eliminated Wow... Acoustic Solutions:  Acoustic Solutions - AcoustiMax - Resinated glass wool - VersaMat - SilenTex What is AcoustiMaxTM? – Glass Mat Thermoplastic:  What is AcoustiMaxTM? – Glass Mat Thermoplastic Low pressure, thermo-formable, thermoplastic composite of polypropylene and long chopped glass fiber. Formulated for applications where acoustics, stiffness, and strength are needed. AcoustiMaxTM Applications:  AcoustiMaxTM Applications What is VersaMat®?:  What is VersaMat®? Versatile Material A Non-glass Insulating Material Lightweight and high-performance in acoustical and thermal applications Reduced weight from traditional materials Reduces concerns with Moisture, Dust & Odor Improves acoustical performance Engineered and designed for application- specific performance to meet customer requirements VersaMat® Slide22:  VersaMat® Interior Applications Slide23:  VersaMat® Exterior Applications What is SilenTexTM?:  What is SilenTexTM? OC Silentex™ Noise Control System is a total noise control solution for muffler manufacturers and automotive OEMs. The Silentex noise control system is made with continuous glass fiber roving that offers outstanding sound absorption properties and better long-term performance than traditional glass fiber and wool filling products. A patented injection-filling process uses 20% less roving to meet regulated noise levels and reduces the weight and cost of the muffler. Slide25:  All GM passenger vehicles; All VW passeger vehicles; All Chery cars; All SAIC trucks; All Nissan cars; All Toyota cars. All Huachen cars. OC Silentex have been applied in the following vehicles SilenTexTM Market Successful Stories in China

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