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Information about N-Feruloyloctopamine

Published on February 21, 2019

Author: bocsci2018

Source: authorstream.com

slide 1: N-Feruloyloctopamine - CAS 66648-44-0 Catalog number: B0005-464761 Category: Natural Compounds Not Intended for Therapeutic Use. For research use only. Molecular Formula C18H19NO5 Molecular Weight 329.35 COA Inquire Chemical Family Alkaloids Description N-Feruloyloctopamine is a natural alkaloid found in the herbs of Datura arborea it is an tyrosinase inhibitor. N-Feruloyloctopamine has antioxidant activity and can be used in food and medical industry. Ordering Information Catalog Number Size Price Stock B0005- 464761 5 mg 488 In stock Order Now Bulk Inquiry Publication citing BOC Sciences Products 1.Effect of combination therapy consisting of enalapril α-lipoic acid and menhaden oil on diabetic neuropathy in a high fat/low dose streptozotocin treated rat 2.Chiral separation of ± -methamphetamine racemate using molecularly imprinted sulfonic acid functionalized resin 3.Unique anti ‐myeloma activity by thiazolidine ‐2 4 ‐dione compounds with Pim inhibiting activity 4.Diclofenac Influence on the Anticonvulsant Effect of Retigabine: The Potential Role of KCNQ Channels 5.Analysis of Chloramphenicol and Two Metabolites in Crab and Shrimp Following Waterborne Exposure 6.Antiviral activity of Favipiravir T-705 against a broad range of paramyxoviruses in vitro and against Human Metapneumovirus in hamsters More slide 2:  Specification  Properties  Reference Reading Purity 97 Appearance Powder Synonyms trans-N-Feruloyl octopamineOctopaMine N-feruloyl- MSDS Inquire Application antioxidant Quality Standard Enterprise Standard Molecular Weight Calculator Molarity Calculator Solution Dilution Calculator Chemical Structure https://www.bocsci.com/n-feruloyloctopamine-cas-66648-44-0-item-464761.html

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