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Published on April 13, 2008

Author: Kliment


Slide1:  November 2007 Helping the World’s Leading Companies … Make the World’s Favorite Products Investor Presentation Slide2:  Forward-looking statements … see recent 10-Q for risks and uncertainties Any forward-looking statements made at this meeting by their nature involve risks and uncertainties that could significantly impact operations, markets, products and expected results. For further information, please refer to the Cautionary Statement included in our most recent Form 10-Q on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Slide3:  Milacron: a leader in two major technologies Plastics processing Broadest line supplier of equipment, supplies and services All 3 major processing methods: injection, blow molding, extrusion Machinery sales: #1 in North America #4 in Europe Global reputation for technology, service Industrial fluids Water-based and oil-based coolants, lubricant and process cleaners Used in metal-cutting and metal-forming Water-based fluids: #1 in North America #2 in Europe Global reputation for technology, service Slide4:  Delivering what our customers need Plastics Hot Runner Systems & Mold Components Plastics Services & Aftermarket Plastics Machinery Technologies Industrial Fluids 41% 16% 18% First Three Quarters 2007 Sales – $591 Million 25% … machinery, supplies, services and support Slide5:  Serving a diverse customer base Packaging Appliances Electrical / Electronic Building Materials Consumer Goods Automotive Custom Molders Medical Other Industrial … a balanced cross-section of manufacturing First Three Quarters 2007 Orders – $612 Million Slide6:  Serving customers around the globe Europe United States Canada & Mexico Asia & ROW 48% 15% 7% 30% … growth overseas and at home First Three Quarters 2007 Orders – $612 Million Slide7:  Sales trend: positive and improving … a slow but steady recovery In millions Achieving growth Continuous new product introductions Expanded global distribution Orders from emerging markets rose 14% in 2006 * Slide8:  Improving operational excellence … good progress made with potential for more * Average primary working capital = inventory plus receivables less trade payables less advance billings. See calculation table in Appendix. Operating efficiency Underlying operations becoming Lean 16-percentage-point reduction in WC frees up $130+ M in capital on current sales Long-term WC goal: 15% Current shift to global sourcing temporarily impacts inventory levels Slide9:  Plastics continue to grow in North America Fundamental drivers Cost and fuel savings in automotive and in packaging Strength, versatility and public acceptance as building materials Expanding use in electronics, consumer goods, health care devices, etc. Technology-driven applications … despite bumps, steady upward demand Indexed 2002 = 100 Source: U.S. Federal Reserve Board Sept 07: 111 Slide10:  Processors’ capacity utilization Industry issues Historically, 85% or higher is positive for capital investment. Many processors are at capacity limit Lean manufacturing raises the stakes of downtime Premium on service to increase productivity and extend machine life … industry pushing limit of existing equipment Percent Source: U.S. Federal Reserve Board Sept 07: 86.6% Slide11:  Resin prices continue to rise Source: U.S. Census Bureau Producer Price Index … stabilization is the key Impact of oil prices Resins are molders’ single-largest cost Second-highest cost: energy/electricity Profit squeeze inhibits capital investment even if needed New products and equipment purchases put on hold due to inability to predict costs Slide12:  Capacity utilization vs. industry orders … orders have slowed despite high utilization rates Utilization in Percent Demand on hold… Machinery orders historically follow utilization trends There are occasional disconnects Impacted by the rationalization among Big Three automotive suppliers and the slowdown in new housing starts 12/12 Rate of Change Sources: U.S. Federal Reserve Board, Society of the Plastics Industry Slide13:  U.S. injection machinery has yet to recover 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 07 U.S. Injection Machinery Orders 12-Month Moving Total In billions Source: The Society of the Plastics Industry … a partial comeback, then a relapse State of the industry Despite continued growth in plastics output… Despite very high utilization rates… Injection molding related businesses – both machinery and mold components – declined significantly in 2006 and continued to decline in 2007 Sept. 07: $723 M Steepest decline, longest trough in industry history European market outlook improving:  European market outlook improving Positive signs GDP projections trending upward Outlook for more robust and stable recovery Manufacturing production to rise in 2007 and 2008 Source: Ifo Emerging Europe creates a significant opportunity:  Emerging Europe creates a significant opportunity Positive signs GDP projections more than double Euro-area growth rate Strong domestic demand Solid export growth Moderate inflation Milacron expanding distribution … good fundamentals Source: IMF Asia is the fastest growing global region:  Asia is the fastest growing global region … solid growth continues Positive signs Emerging Asia growth estimated at 9.2% in 2007 and 8.3% in 2008 GDP projections: China 2007 – 11.5% 2008 – 10.0% India 2007 – 8.9% 2008 – 8.4% Strong export growth Milacron has a presence in both India and China Slide17:  Increasingly the material of choice … the conversion of materials continues unabated Indexed By Weight Source: Society of the Plastics Industry and Milacron Inc. Plastics Aluminum Steel Economic and environmental factors Premium on lowering weight for vehicles and packaging Oil and energy savings from use of plastics vs. metal, glass, wood or paper Greater freedom of design and lower-cost manufacturing CAGR 1970-2006 Steel 2.1% Aluminum 3.5% Plastics 6.0% Global plastics consumption - projected growth:  Global plastics consumption - projected growth 2003 – 176 M Tons 1990 – 86 M Tons Western Europe 29% North America 29% Southeast Asia 16% Japan 12% North America 25% Western Europe 22% Southeast Asia 32% Southeast Asia 36% North America 24% Western Europe 19% Eastern Europe 6% Latin America 4% Africa/ Middle East 4% Eastern Europe 4% Latin America 5% Africa/ Middle East 6% Japan 6% Eastern Europe 4% Latin America 5% Africa/ Middle East 6% Japan 6% 2010 – 250 M Tons Source: VKE, June 2004 5.7% 5.1% … Asia fastest growing, but Europe/Americas still large markets Slide19:  Precise, clean-room operation with significant energy savings Innovative Solutions Milacron strength: all-electric injection molding Milacron all-electric Powerline has no hydraulics, uses far less energy and is well suited to clean-room molding. Our all-electric systems are widely used to mold medical devices such as syringes and syringe caps. Slide20:  Leading-edge technology eliminates waste and extends shelf life Innovative Solutions Milacron strength: sustainable packaging Milacron blowmolded “case-less” plastic milk jugs are stackable and eliminate waste. . “Clean blow” technology from Milacron helps extend shelf life. Slide21:  Wood-fiber composites are made of sawdust and recycled plastic Innovative Solutions Milacron strength: plastic composite extrusion Cross-section of an extruded wood-fiber railing shows hollow, resin-saving profile. Composite decks are virtually maintenance-free and eliminate the need for toxic water-proofing chemicals. Slide22:  “Green” fluids made from renewable sources such as vegetable oils Innovative Solutions Milacron strength: environmentally friendly fluids Milacron “green” fluids are used in a variety of medium and heavy-duty applications. Our vegetable-oil based fluids also enhance performance and quality. Slide23:  Milacron Machinery Aftermarket Sales In millions Milacron growth initiatives: aftermarket 5% CAGR Non-machinery sales We are capturing a lot of the growth in aftermarket parts and service as companies stretch the life of existing machinery We believe these relationships will position our brand well when machinery orders rebound Better margins and faster growth potential Slide24:  Milacron Sales to Emerging Markets 97 137 109 129 147 11% CAGR Milacron growth initiatives: emerging markets Better margins and faster growth potential Emerging markets Milacron sales to these markets were up 7% in 2006 Milacron sales to these markets are up 16% in the first three quarters of 2007 We continue to invest in people to pursue opportunities in these high-growth markets Slide25:  Milacron’s global strategy Addressing unique conditions in each region of the world Source: VKE, June 2004 Global markets In India, China and Eastern Europe we’re investing for growth and developing sourcing opportunities In North America and Western Europe we are focused on providing innovative solutions and serving our installed base Slide26:  Helping the World’s Leading Companies … Make the World’s Favorite Products Financials Slide27:  Milacron: four reporting segments Machinery Technologies - North America 16% 46% 20% 18% * Segment EBITDA excludes restructuring costs. Industrial Fluids – Global Sales : $93 M EBITDA*: $11.2 M Metalworking fluids, solvents and process cleaners Mold Technologies – Global Sales: $111 M EBITDA*: $2.5 M Mold bases, hot-runner systems, mold parts, MRO supplies Machinery Technologies – Europe Sales: $120 M EBITDA*: $2.8 M Injection molding, blow molding and extrusion Q3 2007 YTD Machinery Technologies – North America Sales: $276 M EBITDA*: $15.0 M Injection molding, blow molding and extrusion Consolidated Sales: $591 Million Slide28:  2005 to 2006 EBITDA* bridge * Excludes restructuring and refinancing costs. Key factors Lower unit sales and increases in material costs were major drags on earnings Price increases and cost reductions offset the increased costs Growth initiatives not compromised Slide29:  Q3 YTD 06 to Q3 YTD 07 EBITDA* bridge * Excludes restructuring and refinancing costs, as well as expenses associated with change in ownership of preferred stock. Key factors Lower unit sales resulted in excess unabsorbed costs Benefits of cost reductions and price increases evident Result was a slight improvement in operating earnings despite a drop in sales Slide30:  Milacron: consolidation update … on budget and on schedule Restructuring Progress Actions Closing and/or selling multiple manufacturing facilities in Europe and North America in injection molding and mold technologies businesses to focus on value-added, proprietary or strategic production Charges Approximately $22 million, of which $16 million will be cash Benefits Up to $19 million in annualized savings: $5 million in 2006, $12 million incrementally in 2007, and $2 million incrementally in 2008. Slide31:  … last updated November 6, 2007 2007 Fourth Quarter Guidance See next slide for footnotes and explanations. Slide32:  Note The preceding amounts are approximate working estimates, around which an even wider range of numbers could be used for financial modeling purposes. These estimates, by their nature, involve a great number of risks and uncertainties. Actual results may differ as these risks and uncertainties could significantly impact the company's markets, products, and operations. For further information please refer to the Cautionary Statement included in Item 2 of the company's most recent Form 10-Q on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Footnotes 1. Sales in quarter ended December 31, 2007 and year ended December 31, 2007 increase approximately $10 million and $26 million, respectively, over the same periods a year ago due to the strengthening of the Euro. 2. Loss after tax includes $63.0 million non-cash charge to U.S. tax provision related to "change in preferred stock ownership" triggered by the October 2, 2007 sale of Glencore Finance AG Series B Preferred Stock. See company news release of October 3, 2007. 3. Per share amounts include accruals for preferred dividends and effect of beneficial conversion feature. 4. Primary working capital = inventory + receivables - trade payables - advance billings. Assumptions Assumes quarter ended September 30, 2007 foreign exchange rates (e.g., USD/EUR = 1.4136) and no further acquisitions or divestitures. … last updated November 6, 2007 2007 Fourth Quarter Guidance Slide33:  Helping the World’s Leading Companies … Make the World’s Favorite Products Liquidity Slide34:  Free cash flow … conserving cash is a top priority In millions (1) Excludes restructuring costs and expenses related to change in ownership of preferred stock. (2) See quarterly earnings releases for details. Slide35:  Liquidity … maintaining good flexibility In millions Slide36:  Borrowing capacity In millions * Net of letters of credit and block … credit facility provides operational flexibility Asset-based credit facility Formula based on eligible accounts receivable and inventory Useful for intra-period swings and flexibility for growth New GE facility signed in December 2006 2006 2007 Slide37:  Capital spending In millions … reducing our investment requirements Spending strategy Very limited new “bricks and mortar” Lean, Six Sigma make existing equipment more productive Low-cost sourcing to eliminate production of commodity parts Investment in new ERP system will create synergies across the enterprise From Continuing Operations Milacron - summary of strengths:  Milacron - summary of strengths Improving operating efficiency Penetrating new fast-growing markets Developing new high-tech products Expanding aftermarket service and support Milacron people Working Capital Manufacturing Locations Slide39:  Appendix Helping the World’s Leading Companies … Make the World’s Favorite Products The future of plastics: automotive:  The future of plastics: automotive Source: APME, Bayer Research, Rhodia Polyamide Average Kg / Car Automotive plastics Use of plastics in cars has more than tripled since 1970 Every lb. of plastic reduces total car weight by 2 to 3 lbs. At 50 M global car production, every lb. of plastic used saves 10 M gals. of gas annually Hybrid-electric, hydrogen and fuel-cell vehicles will require even more plastic Milacron advantages: multi-material, multi-component injection technology to process complete subassemblies such as tail-lights; large tonnage injection systems for large parts 4% CAGR Slide41:  The future of plastics: packaging Milacron advantages: leading HDPE container blow molding technology, multi-color, multi-component injection molding, in-mold assembly and labeling Plastic packaging Proximity Differentiation Weight reduction Convenience Ergonomics Slide42:  The future of plastics: building materials Plastic wood-flour composites Made with wood waste and recycled plastic All the desirable properties of wood and much more Eliminates need for chemical treatments, including arsenic Maintenance-free for 50+ years Milacron advantages: twin-screw extrusion technology to process PVC and wood-flour composites for continuous profiles; injection molding systems for discrete shapes In billions of lbs. Source: Freedonia Group, Composite & Plastic Lumber Study, February 2006 9.3% CAGR Slide43:  In billions Source: Freedonia Group, Reed Life Sciences The future of plastics: health care Milacron advantages: all-electric injection molding systems for clean-room production, multi-material injection molding technology, blow molding systems 9% CAGR Medical devices Recession resistant, demographics-driven (aging baby boomers) Strength-to-weight ratio yields durability and portability Self-administered healthcare and monitoring FDA approval process; U.S. makes 50% of all devices worldwide Slide44:  Five-year financial summary From Continuing Operations * Excludes restructuring and refinancing costs as well as the writedown of goodwill and deferred tax assets. Slide45:  Capitalization – as of September 30, 2007 In millions Slide46:  Major debt terms $225 M Senior Secured 11½% Notes due May 2011 First priority lien/pledge on Property, equipment, fixed assets and certain intangibles 100% capital stock of all domestic subsidiaries 65% capital stock of certain non-U.S. subsidiaries Second priority lien on ABL-secured assets Standard high yield covenants Guarantees: substantially all wholly owned domestic and Canadian subsidiaries and Milacron Capital Holdings B.V. on a senior basis $105 M ABL due December 2011 – General Electric Capital Corporation Borrowing base: 85% eligible AR + 35% eligible inventory Libor + 150-250 bps or Index + 50-150 bps First priority lien on AR, inventory and other current assets Second priority lien on bond-secured assets No performance covenants as long as minimum availability maintained Guarantees: substantially all wholly owned domestic and Canadian subsidiaries Slide47:  Improving operational excellence … underlying progress at the operating level * Adjusted EBITDA = earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization excluding restructuring and refinancing expenses, Sarbanes- Oxley costs, U.S. defined pension plan expense and self-insurance costs. See reconciliation table – next page. In millions Slide48:  Reconciliation: EBITDA to net loss Slide49:  Thank You! Helping the World’s Leading Companies … Make the World’s Favorite Products

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