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Published on November 14, 2007

Author: communicty


My Tree :  My Tree Hover your mouse over the picture until you find a hand with a pointed finger then click on it and it will take you to another slide. By Ellie Tired:  Tired I feel like this person when I go to school in the morning on the bus because I am tired and I know I am just about to have a long day at school. Adventurous :  Adventurous I feel like this person when I have been stuck at cold school all year round and I have just gone on holiday to a hot country. At the top:  At the top I feel like this person when I have tried my hardest and I have done well. Falling:  Falling I feel like this person when I haven't tried well and I have got bad results. Friendly:  Friendly I feel like this person when I am at break because I have all my friends to play with and we are friendly to each other. Thanks for watching!!!!:  Thanks for watching!!!! If you enjoyed my presentation if you want to see more about how other people feel please follow this blog link: blog

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