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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: VictoriaOlson1



Mystery Skype Session - Odyssey Conference 2014, Langley, BC, Canada

So You Want To Mystery Skype? Odyssey 2014 - School District #35 February 21, 2014 Victoria Olson

About Me & Contact Grade 3/4 & Side-by-Side Technology Teacher Digital Literacy Coach - West Langley Elementary UBC Master of Educational Technology Grad Student EdTech Mentorship Network Lead Mentor Twitter: @MsVictoriaOlson Google+: Email: Blog:

Housekeeping Tweet to: #odyssey14 or #think35 Fill out this form to get your session handout emailed to you: (Case Sensitive!) Link to today’s presentation slides:

Outline for today’s session: - Prepare for Mystery Skype with a high school teacher from… somewhere! - Do that Mystery Skype call - Reflect and discuss - Explore other Mystery Skype options - Sign up for Skype Classroom, explore Skype lessons, and make a connection

Just what is this Mystery Skype thing?

THE RULES 1. Only “yes” or “no” questions are allowed. 2. You need to take turns answering and asking questions. 3. EVERYONE must be contributing in some way.

Some Resources… Notebooks/pens Atlases/Maps iPads (provided if necessary) Your own devices

Let’s Pick Some Jobs! What jobs would be beneficial to split into before we begin?

Skype Time!

What worked and what didn’t? What types of jobs do you think kids should be doing for Mystery Skype? Discuss with a small group or a partner the pros and cons of your experiences As a group, head on over to on one of your devices to document your thinking digitally on the Padlet walls for our session

Structures & Jobs in my class… Speakers Recorders Question Developers Social Media Team Runners (including a Chief Runner) Atlas Team Google Maps team (iPads/latptops) Map minders

Pernille Ripp Shares… Pernille’s post on how to Mystery Skype with your class: Good questions to ask: Revised jobs (student-created): Learning and Leading article:

Asking Effective Questions

Some Other Options for Mystery Skype Mystery Number Skype Inquiry… on anything! If Kindergarten students can do it, can’t we? How two other classrooms are doing this at West Langley Elementary…

Mystery Number Skype Each group has one or more Mystery numbers the other class has to guess Use mathematical questioning principles to structure call I.e. Odd or even, multiples of, place value, factors Support materials can include hundreds charts (paper/felts and/or pocket charts), number lines, math apps (Hands-on Math)

Animal Inquiry Mystery Skype Each class has a mystery animal and has to ask and answer questions to learn features of the other animal Primary adaptations can include: increased teacher direction, “Same/Different” signs, designated question askers/answerers, and turn taking (increase prep work with kids and not as much adapted to “in the moment” by students to decrease the overwhelming nature of the activity) Supports include previous library research, classroom literature, simple web searches and Wikis, WorldBookKids

Any Other Ways You Can Integrate This Idea?

Sign up for Skype Classroom! Check out Click “Join” or “Sign In” if you already have a Skype Classroom account Skype Classroom is different than Skype. If you already have a Skype account, you can join using your Skype account name Make/Sign-in on your account and build your profile Browse Skype lessons, including Mystery Skype Make a connection with another teacher

Thank you for participating! Reminder to fill out this form to get your handout with links from today’s session: Twitter: @MsVictoriaOlson Google+: Email: Blog:

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