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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: unexlab


My Star From talent show to grassroots content platform

A few basic truths We ALL have dreams of fame We ALL deep down think that we could be the next big thing We ALL love to judge other people We are ALL narcissistic

This is why talent shows exist Believe in the dream! Take your chance! Anybody can try Judge people Pick the winner

Fact: talent shows are one of the most profitable, scalable business models ever invented.

But talent shows aren’t delivering on their promise anymore Not truly open: participation involves significant efforts. The application process discourages most potential participants (fill in forms, stand in the queue for hours, get humiliated in front of snooty judges…). Openness is a façade. Not democratic: reliant on a group of judges that are part of the “system”. These shows perpetuate a model but can’t bring forth new original artists. Slaves to entertainment: “reality TV” aspect impacts these shows’ artistic value. Not adapted to the social media age: these shows still follow traditional media paradigms (highly scripted, reliant on ads for revenues, audience as passive content consumers, “oligarchic” structure with all powerful judges…).

5 months ago, we launched to bring talent competitions into the modern age was launched with a simple vision: provide a platform on which grassroots artists can upload content and build a following.  Create your artist profile  Upload your videos or audio files (partnership with Vimeo and Soundcloud to maintain quality standards)  Find great artists, follow them and give them your vote through the “up” function  Artists classified according to their talent: 3 key categories: song, dance & comedy with further sub-categories (Ex: pop, melodic, indie rock…)

What is There are 2 dimensions to Mystar Talent show: completely democratic, virtually no barriers to entry, pure focus on artistic value of content. Build your following and get the most “ups” to become one of the stars of Video/audio content platform: get access to fresh, new artists. Find content most suited to your taste through rankings and advanced search filters (Ex: artists from my area, artists liked by my Facebook friends etc…)

The results What started as a simple experience has exceeded our wildest expectations.  800 uploads by 600 artists (123 audio files and 677 videos)  200.000 unique visitors  Press coverage all over the place (Tech Crunch, Rude Baguette, Le Figaro, M6…)  Artists using Mystar as a springboard to mainstream success - 10 singers have signed CD deals - 3 comedians have started touring

Why is Mystar working Mystar is working for 2 reasons Focus: Mystar is purely focus on promoting great grassroots artistic content. Our platform only features high quality uploads and all of its features are designed with the artists in mind. This sets us apart against a generalist video site like Youtube. Simplicity: because Mystar is only about grassroots artistic content, our platform is incredible simple to use. No clutter, no useless features. Just you and the artists.

Where we want to take this Key objective 1: increase site traffic We have reached over 200.000 unique visitors with minimal advertising. We want to double down on social media marketing to drive site visits. Our objective is to reach 1 million unique monthly visitors in 6 months. Key objective 2: find partnership with TV channel Mystar represents a formidable reservoir of talented artists. We want to work with a major TV network to create TV show that leverages Mystar content.

Our team Judith Maersteirn – founder and business development manager An amateur singer, Judith got the idea for Mystar after months of unsuccessfully using Youtube to promote her self produced album. An artist at heart, Judith used to work in the marketing team at Musees De Paris. Rupert Blookfempf - CFO Rupert used to work for the dark side of the force at Endemol, selling reality show and singing show concepts to major TV channels in northern Europe. He has an in-depth understanding of this most evil of industries and jumped on the chance to create something that was truly relevant for artists with Mystar.

Our team Moussa Saoui– lead product manager Moussa previously worked at Vimeo as a senior product engineer in charge of streaming optimization and analytics. He brings to the table his experience in online video and is the main force ensuring that Mystar works smoothly. Leo Li – UI manager Straight out of school, Leo is in charge of managing Mystar’s visual interface and ensuring that the Mystar box matches the content. He has previous experience as a design at ad agency Fref & Farid.

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