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Information about Mystagogy

Published on September 9, 2008

Author: papalia


Mystagogy : Mystagogy Reflections on Diaconal Ordination Mystagogy : Mystagogy “interpretation of mystery” or “teaching the mystery” Form of post-baptismal instruction Reflects on sacramental experience for spiritual import. Enter world of liturgy, explore experience, savor sights, sounds, smells, savor memory Ponder meaning of what was said and done Live out its vision Mystagogy…continued : Mystagogy…continued Experience of participants in forefront Perceptions Reactions Explanation of the rites Shared reflection to enrich one another Language of mystagogy more poetry than prose Paying Attention… : Paying Attention… Liturgical attention/Active Participation Attending to liturgy as it unfolds Attending to movement of our heart Mindful engagement in rites Our response to God’s invitation Slide 5: Contemplation another word for paying attention to God and oneself in God. Awareness is important Watchfulness Open to sights, sounds, sensory input of liturgy as it unfolds Focus on physical choreography of prayer Reflection Let symbolic languages of liturgy speak to us Probe our experience Slide 6: Reception Shift from rational reflection to prayer of heart Shift from left to right brain thinking Transformation God’s initiative As we become aware, reflective, receptive we recognize that there are consequences to taking the liturgy seriously Rite of Diaconal Ordination : Rite of Diaconal Ordination Rite anticipates experience of diaconate as permanent order Introductory Rites Liturgy of the Word Liturgy of Ordination Election Calling of the candidates Presentation of the candidates Election by Bishop & assent of People Slide 8: Homily Promises Promises of the Elect Promise of Obedience Litany of supplication Invitation to prayer Litany Concluding prayer Laying on of hands & prayer of ordination Slide 9: Explanatory Rites Investiture with stole & dalmatic Presentation of Book of Gospels Kiss of peace Liturgy of the Eucharist Concluding Rite Solemn blessing Consider the following… : Consider the following… describe your experience of diaconal ordination what happened (objective) what was your reaction (subjective) what words and symbols stay in your mind Was there a tangible sense of encounter with God? If yes, describe it. What triggered it? Compare above with your wedding (another sacrament of vocation) on same points

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Mystagogie (griechisch μυσταγωγία mystagogia „Einführung in Mysterien“) bezeichnet ursprünglich die Unterweisung von Jüngern in einen ...
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Mystagogy definition, someone who instructs others before initiation into religious mysteries or before participation in the sacraments. See more.
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This branch of theology is at times called mystagogy. ... The Mystagogue would reappear in his beastly form and feed on those who strayed from the tribe ...
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10) I am particularly concerned here with the way his understanding of mystagogy informs the relationship between the fides quae and the fides qua.
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