MySQL Views

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Information about MySQL Views

Published on October 7, 2013

Author: reggieniccolosantos



MySQL Views
- Definition
- Restrictions
- Syntax
- Example
- Advantages and disadvantages

MySQL Views Reggie Niccolo Santos UP ITDC

Outline  What is a view?  Restrictions when using views  Syntax  Sample CREATE VIEW statement  Advantages and disadvantages of using views

What is a view?  Virtual table based on the result-set of an SQL statement  The fields in a view are fields from one or more real tables in the database

Restrictions on views  The SELECT statement cannot contain a subquery  The SELECT statement cannot refer to system or user variables  Any table or view referred to in the definition must exist

Restrictions on views  A temporary VIEW cannot be created  A VIEW cannot be associated with a trigger


Example: View CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW `view_track_details` AS SELECT, TRK.title AS 'track_title', TRK.rating, TRK.len AS 'length', TRK.count AS 'play_count', ALB.title AS 'album_title', ART.`name` AS 'artist', GNR.`name` AS 'genre' FROM track TRK JOIN album ALB ON TRK.album_id = JOIN artist ART ON ALB.artist_id = JOIN genre GNR ON TRK.genre_id =;

“Avie w is no thing m o re than a pse udo -table do ing the wo rk o f a de fine d q ue ry. ”

Advantages and disadvantages Advantages:  Easily maintainable pseudo-tables of data  Added level of security by not exposing the table structure of the application Disadvantages:  Performance hit

Advantages and disadvantages Advantages:  Easily maintainable pseudo-tables of data  Added level of security by not exposing the table structure of the application Disadvantages:  Performance hit

References   Http://  Http://

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