MyPodcast: The Project, the Technology and the Podagogy

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Information about MyPodcast: The Project, the Technology and the Podagogy

Published on January 14, 2009

Author: joolsyp



A talk given at the University of Bristol's Graduate School of Education on 14/1/09 as part of the JISC Emerge 'Future Scenarios for Mobile Learning' series.

JISC Emerge Workshop Mobility and Teaching and Learning in F.E. University of Bristol 14-01-09 MyPodcast The Project The Technology The ‘Podagogy’ Julian Prior (e-Learning Coordinator)

Overview 1. Project Overview 2. The Technology 3. The 'Podagogy' (a) Podcasting in education (benefits) (b) Findings from action research (c) Future of Podcasting in FE and HE?

1. Project Overview

£250k + Learning and Skills Network Mobile Learning Network

F A Level Languages Health & Social Care Sciences BSc. Social Work ESOL FD Childhood Studies 350-400 learners NVQ A Level 50 staff BTEC PE/Sport Construction Media Engineering English

Project Aims • Staff/student-authored podcasts for FE sector (academic & vocational); • Website to store, process and distribute podcasts to range of mobile devices.

2. The Technology

+ + Apple X-Serve OS X Leopard Server Podcast Producer + + Front end website X-Grid

Apple Mobile Classroom iMovie Garageband Audacity Final Cut Pro Adobe Elements iPods Asus eeePC Video Cameras

3. The ‘Podagogy’ “ . . . the art or science of using podcasting for educational purposes” (IMPALA website)

3. The Podagogy (a) Benefits of podcasting to teaching and learning (b) Action Research project - findings (c) The future - podcasting in FE and HE

3. The Podagogy • IMPALA - Salmon & Edirisingha (University of Leicester’s Beyond Distance Research Alliance); • David Bell ‘The University in your pocket’ (2008) - techno-mobility; • Lee, McLoughlin & Chan (2008) - pedagogical choices & technological affordances; • Lankshear & Knobel (2006) - podcasting as a new (digital) literacy.

Enhanced Flexible motivation & Learner control affordances engagement Benefits Learner Voice - Participatory & democratic Collaborative Multimodality engagement learning

(b) Action Research • Involved 'm-champions' from all four colleges • Questionnaires and Focus Groups with staff/ students • 3 Questions: • Does Podcasting affect motivation and subject engagement? • Is there a link between podcasting and learning styles? • What are student perceptions of the affordances of podcasting technologies?

Student F I don’t revise by just reading coz I don’t take it all down if I just have I wouldn’t want to just sit in the corridor with my big biology book or anything like that coz its too big and bulky to carry everywhere coz like with my iPod its just tiny in my pocket and I can just listen to it and nobody would know I was listening to stuff about psychology or biology they would just think I was listening to normal music so it doesn’t matter …

Student C One of the things we were talking about it earlier was that I trained as a chef when I was 15 years old and if I had taken a book into the kitchen somebody would have hit me with something quite heavy probably and there would be a degree of ridicule . . . there are times nowadays when guys are doing complex stuff with boilers, highly dangerous stuff with gas and that sort of thing you’ve got to know what your doing, if your not sure as you said you lack a little bit of confidence, something like this has to be a good thing. I don’t think you would be laughed off site . . . I work with guys who have been in the plumbing trade for years and years and seen allsorts of work and they cant remember everything and I think if you did have that on site you might get ribbed a bit but if they think he’s got that on his iPod, that certain boiler, they might say ay can I have a look at that iPod to remind me its there for the future.

M-Champions Focus Group

(c) Future Questions for HE/FE • Will podcasting be used for more instrumental rather than creative and collaborative ends? • Decentring the Lecturer (Salmon, 2008) - “From the sage on stage to the guide on the side to the bod on the iPod” • Podcasting and Assessment - will it change the nature of assessing students? • New theories? Socio-cultural? Ecological? Connectivism? jpodcaster http://

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