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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: garymachhl3



My family and that i own a couple of great little lodges in Scotland.

perthshire and its walks My family own a a small number of wonderful little lodges in Scotland. . It's really great to get out to them as often as possible, the walks across the local area really are a real challenge. This can be something I've been doing regularly for several years. Obviously, everybody who goes walking has their own individual reasons for loving it and i also have mine too, the lodges in Scotland we have are merely a base camp. I'm a walker as well as the lodges are only a stopping point; but it's my own personal feeling that a lot of people don't fully appreciate what it's truly about. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying for an instant i hold a secret key that nobody else has yet discovered; I do however speak to people every day that enjoy walking and i also really do think they may be missing the vital ingredient. Please let me explain. Walking often means different things to various people but for me it's about getting back to nature and making use of that inner sense of challenge and calm concurrently, a feeling that pre-dates the economic revolution and the invention of "things". In the event you decided to vacation with me to my lodges in Scotland using the intention of taking a walk and you take everything however the kitchen sink - i then think you don't obtain the full good thing about why you are doing it and I'd like to show you my methods. If you are getting back to nature then do exactly that for Pete's sake! Keep things simple. You can find people like Bear Gryllis and Ray Mears who I really admire for his or her survival skills. I truly admire these individuals for having these skills and i also too have been trying to kindle this for quite some time now. Catching and cooking your own food, taking absolutely minimal clothing and not staying in a log cabin or luxury lodge but an easy tent or bivvy bag. These people travel light and face the challenges of nature. I learnt a very important lesson in the past. You must push your comfort zone as often as possible to grow. Push your safe place on a daily basis and life will reward you tenfold. In case you are constantly trying to learn new life skills then life itself becomes very interesting and everyday challenges are in reality welcomed. This is what I tell myself as often as I can when I go to my comfortable lodge in Scotland each year - I push the boundary on my small walks and I'll explain relating to this next. Pushing your self on the walk itself is a challenge but when you face things like having to cook outdoors with all the bare minimum tools available or being forced to overcome adverse conditions then these skills allow you to hardier when life throws the weight at you. Having the capacity to overcome adversity in fairly safe surroundings like the local hills prepares you for the bigger challenges of the larger highlands and mountains. Try to pick out a walk or trip that challenges you just beyond your rut; perhaps one that will involve a high climb or stay out beneath the stars away from the luxury of a lodge or cabin. Scotland is a superb place for this and it is why my loved ones bought our lodges to begin with. I taught my children these lessons and they passed the identical lesson with their children and I think they are

better people because of it. Once i was in the army I was always told to remember the 7 P's. Prior preparation prevents p*ss poor performance (excuse the word what). It is so true. Be safe, be wise, plan for the best but get ready for the worst.

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