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Published on December 8, 2008

Author: mukeshji98


Welcome : Welcome Slide 2: Pre-Launch of MyVideoTalk India ! Welcome India to our mission of “Bringing the World Closer Together” IN THE NEWS : IN THE NEWS What you are going to see today… : What you are going to see today… Cutting edge Internet-based communications technology products A dynamic company set to become a global market leader An unparalleled global business opportunity A way for YOU to make money Slide 8:  MyVideoTalk is a division of Team Effort International, an established, U.S. based Network Marketing Company founded in October 2002. It is a privately-held, debt-free corporation. Management Team with over 100 years MLM Experience Slide 9:  MyVideoTalk USA founded in 2004 MyVideoTalk Europe founded in 2005 MyVideoTalk India founded in 2007 Slide 10: Headquartered in San Ramon, California U.S.A. Strategic Partners : Strategic Partners VIDI Solutions started the world-wide video streaming industry. Today they have the largest US government and Fortune 100 accounts. Today they are part of the MVT family…. Slide 12: The Products and Services Slide 13:  1 Billion+ Internet users ~ and growing daily 60 Billion emails sent daily Less than 1% of Internet users have experienced video email Less than 1% of web sites have streaming video on demand Market growth potential excellent New Cutting Edge Technology Products And Services. : New Cutting Edge Technology Products And Services. My Video Web Mail My Video Web Streaming My Video Web Meeting Slide 15: MyVideoWebMail Powerful new way to communicate & market online. No attachments or downloads Be seen and heard anywhere, instantly via computer or Mobil phones Easy to use Priced for the masses DVD quality Fully customisable Personal Applications : Personal Applications Have Fun with Family & Friends: Don't get to see family and friends often enough?Why not send them video emails to let them see and hear you! When is the last time the kids saw their grandparents? MyVideoTalk video email brings the world closer together. Communicate with family and friends across the world… Grandchildren can send their Grandparents video emails… Share videos of the newborn with family members… Instead of sending e-greetings for birthdays or other special occasions, send personalised V-greetings… College students can stay connected with their parents and classmates… Slide 17: Increase Your Sales Better Customer Communications Improve Internal Corporate Communications Enhance Employee Training More Cost-Effective Advertising…and much more… MyVideoTalk'svideo email technologycombines the power oftelevision advertisingwith the simplicity of email. Property Sales –give personalised home tours Vehicle Dealers –sales promotion & client follow-up Network Marketers –communicate with prospects and customers and keep in touch with and train your team Sales People –personalised prospect and customer follow-ups Event Promotions Speeches Resumes/CVs –get a competitive edge by adding video to your emailed resume or CV Business Applications Video Resumes : Video Resumes Custom Screens for Video WebMail : Custom Screens for Video WebMail Slide 22: Simple to Create and send a Video Slide 23: Remember when they said … The motor car will never become popular… “The world will only need five computers” Thomas J Watson, Founder of IBM CDs will never replace vinyl and cassettes… People don’t need mobile phones… Email will only be used by a few businesses… “Video email will replace text messages as the online communications mechanism. Text-based email will seem as archaic as black and white television.” ~ Forrester Research Slide 24: Forrester Research “Video email will replace text messages as the online communications mechanism. Text-based email will seem as archaic as black and white Television.” Slide 25: Worlds First Streaming Videos On Mobile Phones. Slide 26: MyVideoWebstream STREAMING VIDEO ~ ON DEMAND for Websites “The future for businesses is now here” Slide 27: MyVideoWebMeeting Power Live internet video meetings with multiple people in the meeting room - live on video. Desktop and file sharing, power point presentations, push web pages. Web-based - no downloads for guests to attend ! MyVideoSystem : MyVideoSystem - Concept ~ a simple system to build your business Purpose ~ The systems are duplicative, people are not. Your prospects will say “I can do that”. The If it is simple and duplicative, the quicker and easier it is to build . Step 1 - Send prospect a video email (personal or a library video) Step 2 - Send to MyVideoSystem (link to your personal MyVideoSystem right from the video email) Step 3 - Invite to a live MyVideoWebMeeting, conference call or hotel meeting – JOIN Step 4 - Repeat and duplicate Slide 29: MyVideoTalk is committed to continue introducing cutting edge Internet communication technologies This is just the beginning… :  The Business Opportunity Slide 31: Company Goal To Be The Largest On Line Internet Communication Technology Company In Network Marketing World Wide Multiple Income Streams : Multiple Income Streams Weekly Earnings: - Fast Start bonuses - Teambuilder bonuses - Cycle bonuses - Check Match bonus option Special Bonus: - Executive bonus - Pre-Launch India Founders Bonus Unlimited Weekly Fast Start Bonus : Unlimited Weekly Fast Start Bonus $15 (Rs.600) Fast Start Bonus YOU Mahesh $15 Raaja $15 Kavita $15 Vijay $15 Slide 34: = Teambuilder One on the left … One on the right ! Become a “Teambuilder” YOU Mahesh Raaja Unlimited Weekly Teambuilder Bonus : Unlimited Weekly Teambuilder Bonus $10Each person they personally sponsor for life (Rs. 400) Team Builder Bonus If sponsored 10 reps who sponsored only 5 you would get a $ 500.00 (Rs. 20,000 bonus) Or more Executive Bonus : Executive Bonus Help 2 reachTeam Builder $125 (Rs. 5000) Executive Bonus Rs. 2800 Rs. 7,800 Weekly Cycle Bonuses : Weekly Cycle Bonuses 1 x Cycle = up to $150 for monthly optional program Either way round Banking(max 33 per day) Rs. 6000 Rs. 6000 Aim to become “Executive” : Aim to become “Executive” $40 (Rs. 1600) Team Builder Bonus + *$150 (Rs. 6000)Cycle and check match Bonus $125(Rs. 5000)Executive Bonus (One Time) = $345 (Rs.13,800) …and this is just where it starts… $30 (Rs. 1200) Fast Start Bonus + + MyVideoTalk Multi-National CompanyBonanza Promotion : MyVideoTalk Multi-National CompanyBonanza Promotion MyVideoTalk India Special Pre-Launch Founder’s Circle Bonus The first 500 Representatives to achieve Executive Status will receive an additional USD$100.00 on top of the existing weekly compensation Founder’s Circle will receive awards and recognition: ·  Special Recognition at company's launch event · Limited Edition Founders Circle Lapel Pin and Award · Founders Circle Leadership Training Events, Meetings, and Video Conferences · Recognized as Founder’s Circle Member USD$100.00 Founders Circle Bonus Special Founders bonus for India : Pre Launch Executive + $150 Cycle and * check match Bonus $125 Executive Bonus (One Time) = $345.00 + $100.00 $445.00 (Rs.17,800) $30 Fast Start Bonus + + Special Founders bonus for India $40 Team Builder Bonus Compensation Plan Basics : Compensation Plan Basics How The MyVideoTalk income-producing Compensation Plan is revolutionizing the way people create wealth: No breakaways No flushing No balancing No monthly group volume requirements Fully banking plan No limit to the number of levels from which you can earn weekly commissions. Get paid on all the volume, not just what you qualified for in your level payout Only need 2 Paid weekly No minimum leg count volume No "coded" bonuses, get paid on helping everyone No getting paid only on your "power team" The MyVideoTalk Hybrid Compensation Plan is revolutionizing the entrepreneurial landscape today, and it is changing how people create perpetual, long-term wealth. Simple Duplication : Simple Duplication YOU Mahesh Raaja Kamal Pradip Anil Kavita Slide 43: Potential Passive Income Growth Slide 44: Potential Passive Income Growth Slide 45: Potential Passive Income Growth Slide 46: Potential Passive Income Growth Slide 47: Potential Passive Income Growth Slide 48: Potential Passive Income Growth Slide 49: Potential Passive Income Growth Slide 50: Potential Passive Income Growth Slide 51: Potential Passive Income Growth Slide 52: Potential Passive Income Growth Slide 53: Potential Passive Income Growth Slide 54: Potential Passive Income Growth Your One Year Income : Your One Year Income Your Income : 8190/9 INR 54,60,000 $1,36,500 910 = * $150 How Much Income Can You Expect To Generate On A Part-Time Basis? : How Much Income Can You Expect To Generate On A Part-Time Basis? Actual Members’ Accounts Account A – Actual Commissions Earned : Account A – Actual Commissions Earned Account B – Actual Commissions Earned : Account B – Actual Commissions Earned Account C – Actual Commissions Earned : Account C – Actual Commissions Earned Account D – Actual Commissions Earned : Account D – Actual Commissions Earned Account E – Actual Commissions Earned : Account E – Actual Commissions Earned Account F – Actual Commissions Earned : Account F – Actual Commissions Earned Account G – Actual Commissions Earned : Account G – Actual Commissions Earned Slide 64: Timing: “The secret of success is to find out where people are going - and get there first” Mark Twain Slide 65: Getting started is simple The MyVideoTalk IndiaTotal Video Solutions Package : The MyVideoTalk IndiaTotal Video Solutions Package *MyVideoWebMail MyVideoTestDrive (1500 Test Drives for First Month) MyVideoSystem MyVideoWebChat MyVideoForum MyVideoWebMeeting MyVideoCommunity MyVideo e-Learning *MyVideoLearning ~OnlineVideo Seminars - Inclusive of $29.95 Enrollment Kit $220 *one - time set-up INCLUDES: Set Up, First month of India monthly subscription and Hosting Slide 67: Multiple Payment Options Slide 68: Account Name: MyVideoTalk Technologies (P) Ltd. Address: E-302, Greater Kailash II, New Delhi-110 048. ICICI Bank: Greater Kailash II Branch, New Delhi. Account No: 0 3 1 1 0 5 0 0 0 9 0 8 Bank Account Details Finally, it is often said…. : Finally, it is often said…. If you want to make it happen for You,the opportunity is here… …There are 3 kinds of people Those who make things happen Those who watch what’s happening Those who wonder what has happened Slide 70:  If Timeing is everything then is this the right time for you ? "Be in business for your self, But not by your self" We offer 2 great options to build and secure your financial future. Welcome India to our mission of “Bringing the World Closer Together” Timing : Timing “The secret of success is to find out where people are going - and get there first” Mark Twain Join by call 91-9426985483 Mukesh Parmar

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