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Published on November 12, 2008

Author: hongiiv




전문가가 되어버리다

M/M Methionine=Met , Valine = Val

영국인 은 한국 사람은



단지 하나 차이일뿐인데

단일염기 다형성 (SNP, Single Nucleotide Polymorphism)

23 99.9%

44% 22% 19% 56% 1%


인간 유전체 연구


점점 커져가는데

생물학 데이터에 대해서

유전체 연구

GeneBank Cluster SWISS-PROT Super Computer Hardware Database Biomedical text analysis Information Retrieval Genomic Variation Research Sequence alignment Algorithm Machine Learning Classfication Personalized Clustering Pattern recognition Agent Medicine Information filtering Monitoring agent Personal Genome IT

Machine Learning Toby Segaran Biotech software company

Sequence Search with MPI


(Taverna, Myexperiment)

(Folding@Home, Korea@Home)

- foldit


Multidimensional Scaling(MDS) (CEU), (YRI), (JPT), (CHB)

KSNP(Korean SNP) Browser

Genome Browser with Google Maps API



32 Node X86 18 Node IA2 Cluster Cluster NAS, DAS Storage Workstation 100 Node PPC Cluster

해결 해야 할 문제점

...ATTAGGACCAATAAGTCT... Person 1 + ...ATTAGGAGCAATAAGTCT... ...ATTAGGAGCAATAACTCT... Person 2 - ...ATTAGGAGCAATAAGTCT... 0.5M SNP, cohort of 5K individuals, 10k random data set Text Single locus Pair of locii (+,-) (+,-) Cost = 0.5M x 5k x 10k Cost = 1/2 x 0.5M x 0.5M x 5k x 10k 1 day 120 yr Computational problem

구글과 생명 공학의 만남

Google Health BETA





4.*(#/,'(5 Hong ChangBum Center for Genome Science NIH, KCDC !quot;0*$1,.23quot;' !quot;#quot;$%"'()*&$+,-.#/,'( !quot;#$%&'()*!'+,-.#& /++0122quot;3#4-!'5*quot;#$%&'(-(*+

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