My parallelogram story

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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: melissaperez543



My parallelogram story

My Parallelogram Story: Rectangle By: Melissa Perez

Me!   My name is Melissa. I’m 14 years old and in the ninth grade. I’m the only girl. I love pink! I take geometry with one of my favorite teachers, Ms.Bush. She an amazing teacher.

Properties Of A Parallelogram  Opposite sides are parallel  Opposite side are congruent  One pair of sides are parallel and congruent  Opposite angels are congruent  Diagonals bisect each other

Rectangle  All four angels are right angels  Diagonals are congruent

Comparison  A rectangle and square both are parallelogram. They both have four right angels.  A rectangle and a rhombus have nothing in common expect that they are both parallelogram .A rhombus has all congruent a rectangles doesn’t

Contrast  A rhombus has four congruent sides a rectangle doesn’t. A rectangle has opposite sides congruent.  A square has four right angels and all congruent sides. A rectangle doesn’t have congruent.

Venn diagram Rectangle • Diagonals are congruent • Diagonals are congruent Parallelogram Rhombus • 4 congruent sides • Diagonals bisect angels • Diagonals are perpendicular

Coordinate Proof Question mAT= Zero mRS= Zero mAR= Undefined mTS= Undefined

Justification  In the last slide to prove that quadrilateral ATSR was a rectangle I found the slopes of the opposite sides. By finding the opposite sides I checking to see if the angles were perpendicular. If the slopes were negative reciprocal then the angels are perpendicular. AT and RS both equaled zero. AR and ST both equaled undefined. The slopes were negative reciprocal therefore it is a rectangle.

Real Life Examples My Mom’s iPad mini My Marilyn Monroe photo On my door My iPod My Moms Mac My Beat’s box

Conclusion  In conclusion I learned that a square has the qualities of a rhombus and rectangle but a rhombus and rectangle doesn’t have the qualities of a square. I don’t really like the Photo Story because it repetitive and boring.

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