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Published on November 22, 2008

Author: damado


5º. A : 5º. A MY LOCALITY Bagunte Junqueira Parada Touguinhó Rio Mau Árvore PARADA : PARADA THE FLAG FROM PARADA - VILA DO CONDE Slide 3: We are 800 inhabitants We are located in the east part of Vila do Conde, 12 Kms far from the center, our neighbords are Outeiro Maior, Ferreiró and Bagunte. We are a rural area. Our industries are: Woods Plastics Textiles Slide 4: Agriculture: We have milk, cattle, wine, potatoes and vegetable products. Nowadays, only a few people work the fields. Slide 5: Cultural heritage: the parish church ( the oldest monument) The “cruzeiro” a farm, that dates from XII century There is no local newspaper but two regional newspapers have sections about the locality. Sports area, belonging to Associação de Desportos e Cultura de Parada. Cruzeiro Slide 6: Conclusion Beeing a small place, the developpment is poor, but the environment is rather nice and calm! Come and visit us! We have nice spots to show you! JUNQUEIRA : JUNQUEIRA Junqueira is a rural area. The industries are: Wood; Textile Trade Handcraft: Baskets and blankets. Slide 8: Archaeological heritage: “Mamoas”: burial tumbs with a “anta” or “dolmen” inside a small hill that covers it. Slide 9: Architectonic heritage: S. Simão’s Monastry Nossa Senhora da Graça’s Chapel Parish church S.Simão’s palace Slide 10: BAGUNTE Population: 1722 inhabitants Occupation: agriculture Archaeological heritage: Slide 11: Cividade de Bagunte A large area dating from roman occupation. Slide 12: Pilgrimages: Nossa Senhora da Ajuda in September; Nossa Senhora de Fátima the Sunday after May 13th. This story took place here, in Bagunte! RIO MAU : RIO MAU It’ s the biggest locality of Vila do Conde since 1853 around 1973 inhabitants 330 km far from Lisbon We have: tapestry and textile industries agriculture; Romanic Bridge “Senhor Dos Mal Guiados” Old church S.Cristovão (the oldest building); two groups of folk dance S. Cristovão’s Pilgrimage Footsal O Sítio (to learn how to ride) Slide 14: Main occupations in our locality: Masons; Carpenters; Glaziers business men Farmers Painters Blacksmiths Engineers Plate-flattener TOUGUINHÓ : TOUGUINHÓ Touguinhó stays close to Ave and Este rivers. It’s a very old place but no monuments to testify; there is a small bridge, “Ponte do Este”, very old. It’s the smallest locality. Economic activities: Agriculture, trade and small industries. Pilgrimages: Santíssimo Sacramento in June, Divino Salvador, 1st Sunday of August, Nossa Senhora do Resgate, 2nd Sunday of August. Slide 16: The oldest building is the parish church, a temple built in the 1st half of XII century. Since the XIII century till the XX century, Touguinhó had many water-mills, where many families worked. ÁRVORE : ÁRVORE Árvore is 6 km far from Vila do Conde. Árvore was already inhabited in pre-roman times. Old documents testify it. Slide 18: The flag is yellow. It has a black and gold rope and a golden spear. The main sport is football. The main occupation is carpentry. Parish church Built in 1903 Slide 19: WHAT A WONDERFUL WINDOW 06/07 Bagunte Junqueira Parada Touguinhó Rio Mau Árvore Slide 20: COMENIUS PROJECT MADE BY: PUPILS OF 5º A CELINA AREAL and DELFINA AMADO (Music “Um pouco de céu” by Mafalda Veiga) 2006/07 Junqueira-Vila do Conde PORTUGAL

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