My Last Lecture - Leadership Lessons From My Procter & Gamble Career

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Information about My Last Lecture - Leadership Lessons From My Procter & Gamble Career

Published on February 19, 2014

Author: BrandAmerica



This is the last lecture I gave on the day I retired from Procter & Gamble. The purpose was to share some of my career lessons. I thought it would be appropriate to share broadly in case it can inspire better leadership performance.



Career History  1976 - Graduated SUNY @ Potsdam with a BA in Mathematics  1976 - 1977 - Norwich Eaton Pharmaceuticals Computer Programmer  1978 - 1980 - Norwich Eaton Pharmaceuticals CBD Field Sales Compensation Coordinator  1981 - 1982 - Norwich Eaton Pharmaceuticals Strategic Planning Manager  1983 - Graduated from Syracuse University with an MBA in Innovation Management  1983 - 1985 - PGP Brand Assistant Didronel  1985 - 1986 - PGP Assistant Brand Manager Buprenex  1986 - 1989 - PGP Global Brand Manager Macrodantin  1990 - 1991 - PGP AMD Antiinfectives, Arthritis and Bone Metabolism  1992 - 1994 - PGP Canada MD  1995 - 1999 - PGP North America Current Business MD  1999 - 2005 - PGP United States Harley Procter Marketer  2005 - 2009 - PGP Harley Procter Marketer Executive on Loan as CEO, Ohio Business Development Coalition  2009 - Retired from P&G  2009 - 2011 - CEO, Ohio Business Development Coalition  2011 - Now - CEO and Founder, The Burghard Group LLC Didronel, Actonel Brands Buprenex Macrodantin, MACPAC, MacroBID Asacol, Helidac Ziac, Zebeta Ditropan Brontex

LEARNING # 1 Superior Insight is the Key To Winning in Business • Not enough to learn what somebody does, you need to understand why they do it. • Understanding the purchase decision and the usage experience is a key to great brand building. • People need a compelling reason to change their behavior, and superior performance is often not enough. Emotion will trump logic. 4

LEARNING # 2 When you Plan to Win and Prepare to Win, then you have a Right to Win When you don’t know where you are going any path will get you there. Brilliant strategy and failure to execute is a disaster. Preparation doesn’t mean project delay. Winning is a team sport. You need real commitment to succeed. Take the time to envision and enroll. Fail Fast, Fail Cheap is not an excuse to fail. 5

LEARNING # 3 Writing Improves Thinking It is an alignment Process. Rewrites are a buy signal. Cheaper to fail on paper than in the market place. Business value gets clearly articulated. Logic is easier to test. Resource requirements are clear. Comments on thinking are often more rationale than emotional. 6

LEARNING # 4 Success is Best Measured by Sustained Performance Even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in awhile. It takes 3-years to accomplish anything meaningful and to learn and grow from it. John Wooden - Winning takes talent, repeating takes character. 7

LEARNING # 5 Integrity and Trust are Earned by your Behavior, not by your Words Covey - You can’t talk your way out of a situation you behaved your way into. Do you do what is right even when nobody is looking? You cannot be trustworthy if you don’t trust. If you fail to do what you say, you let down the people who are counting on you. That compromises both your integrity and the person’s who trusted you. Don’t make promises lightly. 8

LEARNING # 6 There are Some Choices that are Always Wrong Regardless of Circumstances Always be principle based in your decisions. Compromising your values is never right. Doing the right thing often takes courage and personal risk. Leaders are people who do the right thing; managers do things right. 9

LEARNING # 7 It is Always Better to Inspire than Inform Your job is to look into the future and then help people see what can be. Capture the heart and the head will follow. First you must believe. There are 24 inches between your brain and your heart, make the journey often. 10

LEARNING # 8 Truth has Boundaries • We act according to the “truth” as we have come to believe it, not necessarily as it really is. • Don’t go by what is apparent, what is apparent may be only what you are allowing yourself to see. What is the “real” truth? What are you leaving out? • Once somebody makes a decision they will surround themselves with facts and people that support the decision. 11

LEARNING # 9 Agreeing to Disagree is a Valid Outcome It is not about winning a debate, it is about accomplishing a mission. Covey - Seek first to understand before being understood. Two people can look at the same facts and reach different conclusions based on their experience. Not every decision is yours, management is there to help when the choice is not clear. 12

LEARNING # 10 People Begin each Day with the Hope of Contributing Value and Being Valued Nobody purposefully wants to fail. One person’s definition of success might not be the same as yours. Take time to understand what a win looks like to others and commit to helping them realize it. We don’t work for each other, we work with each other. We herd sheep, we drive cattle, we lead people. Leadership includes helping people achieve more than they believe they are capable of. 13

LEARNING # 11 Teaching Someone to Fish is the Greatest Gift you can give Extends your capacity to accomplish things. Helps you learn at a deeper level. “To teach is to learn twice.” Teaching is a way to leave a personal legacy. 14

LEARNING # 12 Service Above Self is True Leadership There is no better reward than helping people reach their potential. This is not a head game, it is a heart game. Give others credit whenever authentically possible and you will earn respect and loyalty. Business is all about people. You need to care. 15

16 CLOSE ON MY FAVORITE QUOTE FROM THE MOVIE THE REPLACEMENTS “Pain Heals Chicks Dig Scars Glory Lasts Forever It has been an honor to share the field of battle with you.”

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