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Published on March 8, 2014

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My Favourite Thing Project for my yud aleph four point English class By Ella Ben Emanuel

What is your favourite thing? It might be A piece of clothing or an accessory  A mascot or teddy Memorabilia such as a ticket to a football match Something you collect: bottles, boxes, badges Something that means a lot to you personally

If you can’t think of anything, imagine this….. You are about to go and live on a desert Island. You will not have to worry about the basics such as food, clothing and medicine, but you are allowed to bring one thing with you. What would you bring?

Now for the project…. Part 1: (100 words) • A) Introduction: what object are you planning to talk about? Why is this object special to you? What information are you planning to give us about this object? • B) Background: Tell us the background to the object (where is it from, how old is it, the circumstances under which you got it)

Now it’s time for show and tell! • Part 2: Bringing your object to life • Choose 1 of the following options: Option 1. make a movie about your object (2-5 minutes) You should present your object, talk about it and possibly interview one other person. The movie must be in clear, understandable English. • Option 2. Make a power point about your object with graphics, pictures etc. The power point should be in clear English (8-10 slides) and will be presented to the class.

Show and tell continued Option 3: • Bring your object into class and give a talk about it (5-10 minutes) in English. Your English should be accurate and understandable.

More writing…. Part 3: Writing the rest of your project (130-200 words) Now you are going to give me some information about the object: • What is the history of this object? When was it invented? Who invented it? Has it changed since it first came out? Is there anything interesting you have discovered about this object? Part 4:The personal history of this object (130-200 words) • How did you get this object? Who gave it to you? Who did it belong to/where was it from originally? • Why is this the object you have chosen? What does it mean to you?

Time to Reflect • Part 4: Reflection (70 words) • What did you enjoy about doing this project? • What did you find hard about doing this project? • What did you learn from this project (about the subject or even about yourself)

And not forgetting the conclusion Part 5: Conclusion (40-70 words) Summarize what your project was about. What else would you like to learn about/write about connected to this project in the future?

Presentation Grading Rubric component percentage of grade The presentation is well-prepared 20% The presentation is clear and fluent 30% The presentation is according to my instructions 30% The presentation is creative and interesting 20%

Project Grading Rubric rubric The project is at least 4 double spaced pages long with the correct word count and and done according to my instructions The project is in clear and understandable English and on-topic The project is interesting, readable and creative The project is written correctly, with attention paid to verb forms, subjectobject agreements, correct spelling etc. The project is well-researched The project is well presented with graphics and images (typed, and organized, in a file etc) total percentage of grade 20 20 20 20 10 10 100

Overall grade • Project: 80% •Presentation 20% It is very important to invest in this project as your work will be submitted in the oral bagrut. Those who do not complete the project will lose 60% of their oral bagrut grade!

Good luck!

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