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Published on August 1, 2009

Author: maartencannaerts


My favoriteBrainRulesquotes Images:– “BrainRules” was writtenby John Medina

People don’t pay attention to boring things Our schools are designed so that most of the real learning has to occur at home. This would be funny if it weren’t so harmful.

Board meetings should be conducted while people walked 2 miles per hour

The brain remembers the emotionalcomponent of an experience better than any other aspect.

People who are interrupted take 50 percent longer to accomplish a task, and make up to 50 percent more errors

The 10-minute rule: people usually stop paying attention after 10 minutes of lecture.

People usuallyforget 90 percent of what they learn in a class within 30 days

You win or lose the battle tohold your audience in the first30 seconds of a presentation

Talking about an event immediately after is has occurredenhances memory for that event

Ifinformation is presentedorally, peoplerememberabout 10 percent, tested72 hoursafterexposure. Thatfiguregoes up to 65 percent ifyouadd a picture.

Lesstext … more pictures Discoverybringsjoy… We must do a better job at encouraginglifelongcuriosity

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