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Information about MY EXPERIENCE IN LEVEL 4

Published on December 3, 2008

Author: caritolok


MY EXPERIENCE IN LEVEL 4 : MY EXPERIENCE IN LEVEL 4 By: Carol Aguirre D-411 Contents : Contents About me Unit 9 Unit 10 Unit 11 Unit 12 Unit 13 Unit 14 Unit 15 Unit 16 Efl University experience. Final thoughts About me : About me Everybody Calls me Carito I’m 17 years Old I’m a law student at URBE I hate Mayonaise I love going Shopping I would love to travel a lot Unit 9. What does he look like? : Unit 9. What does he look like? Descriptions about people Grammar:How Long?How tall? Homework:Describing My self, Chirtina Aguilera, My sister AdjectivesShortTallYoungPretty Unit 10. Have you ever ridden a camel? : Unit 10. Have you ever ridden a camel? It was about present perfect and past tense Present Perfect Have + Past Participle:Have calledHave BeenHave Done Expressions OnceTwiceTheree timesEvery day Questions: Have you ever seen?Have you ever been?Have you ever ridden? Homeworks 5 things. You have done and 5 things you haven’t done yet Unit 11. It’s a very exciting city : Unit 11. It’s a very exciting city Adverbs and Adjectives: Hot – Cold Interesting – Boring Safe – Dangerous It was about describing cities What can you do there? What should i see There? Describing cities and giving suggestions. The Homework for this unit was short description of 5 cities I’d like to visit befote i die. Unit 12. It really works : Unit 12. It really works This unit was about common health problems, home remedies and giving advices: Grammar: It’s useful It’s helpful Vocabulary A fever A burn Verbs: Can, could, may for requests. Can I have a box of cough drops? Could i have something for a sore throat May I have a bottle of aspirin The Homework for this unit was about going to the doctor Unit 13. May I take your order, please? : Unit 13. May I take your order, please? Differents kinds of food. Gramar: So, Too, Neither, Either Adjectives: Healthy, Greasy, Salty, Rich, Spicy Modal Verbs would and will for Requests: What would you like to eat? Would you like anything else? We did Convertation about going to a restaurant and buying food. Unit 14. The Biggest and the Best : Unit 14. The Biggest and the Best Comparatives and superlatives Adjectives- Comparative- Superlative Long- Longer- The longest Vocabulary about Geography: Cliff, Plateau, Mountain, Forest Questions with how: How long is the missisippi river? How cold is it in the wintwe? My Homework was about Mexico City Unit 15. I’m Going to see a musical. : Unit 15. I’m Going to see a musical. Talking and Marking Plans Future With present continius and be going to: Are you doing anything tomorrow night? Are they going to see a musical tomorrow nigh? Time expressions: Toninght Tomorrow On Friday This Weekend. It was about telephone messages The Homework For this unit was about talking on the phone, leaving messages and making plans Unit 16. A change for the Better..! : Unit 16. A change for the Better..! Things that Bring about change in our lives. Describing changes: With the present tense: I don’t smoke anymore With the comparative: My hair is loger With the past tense I moved to a new city With the present perfect I’ve grown a mustache Future plans: I hope... I plan... I’d love Efl Universnity experience. : Efl Universnity experience. This was a Good experience I could chat with my friends in english I could posts my homework I could see the pictures and i haved a lot of fun Final thoughts : Final thoughts Fue muy buena la experiencia, y una manera diferente a insentivarnos a realizar nuestras tareas y que otras personas pudieran leerlas y ver reflejado en el nuestro esfuerzo y desempeñoTambien pudimos comunicarnos con otras personas atravez de la pagina y tener nuevos amigos y asi practicar el internet atravez del chat de EFL

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