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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: NeredaLoku


My Dream Destination My Dream Destination As a person who loves to dream about exotic places, I often browse the net just to look for beautiful pictures from all over the world. But there are no other images that I love the most than those of Santorini in Greece. The first time I saw one of the photographs at TrekEarth capturing the white little houses that scattered all over the island which had the expansive view of the Aegean sea in contrasting bright white and navy blue, I couldn’t help but thinking how it’d feel like to really be there. Surprisingly enough, not many people of whom I’ve conversed with have actually ever heard about this place. They know of Greece but they know nothing about the island. Even in Discovery Travel & Adventure Channel program called ‘Seductive Seaside Resorts’ – which I bought because I was thrilled to see any motion pictures of Santorini when it was mentioned at the back of the DVD cover – Santorini was placed at the lowest rank, which was no. 10, and that was ironic considering that Amankila Resort in Bali was placed further up the higher scale at no. 2! But I fall in love with the simplicity of it so much that not even the glitzy night lights and the designer shops in New York or Paris can tempt me with. Some people might favour Paris for its Worked by: Selma Loku

My Dream Destination romantic atmosphere, or Rome for its ancient sculptures and paintings, but it is Santorini that really captures my heart all the time. It’s not so much the exoticity of it that really enchants me, but the idea that this volcanic island is filled with houses that are so uniformly monochromatic when looked from afar, as if all the dwellers have had some sort of agreement not to use any other paints to paint their residencies in any other colors except white, blue, and various hues of yellows and oranges. And the uneven path that goes up and down along the houses makes it seem like there are so many things to be explored there, and that anywhere you turn, the view of the Aegean Sea welcomes you always. When I used to work in the corporate company and there was one of those occasional days when I got so stressed out, I’d secretly browse images of Santorini (which I’d saved obsessively like there was no tomorrow) and all of a sudden, life didn’t feel so difficult anymore. If I could just imagine myself opening that door and see that deep blue sea stretching out to nowhere … And then there was that one night during the weekend when I was home alone, flicking at the TV channels randomly until I settled on HBO where it was showing a movie about four girls who apparently could fit into the same pair of jeans despite the differences on their body shapes. That’s right, I’m talking about The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, the movie adaptation of the novel written by Ann Brashares. And in that movie, Lena the Greek girl went to Santorini for her summer holiday and fell in love with a Greek boy called Kostas who was absolutely Worked by: Selma Loku

My Dream Destination gorgeous but who cares about the boy? I was drooling at the fact that I got to see Santorini in all its glory being featured in an enjoyable movie that had become my all-time favorite movie ever. I’d been obsessing about this island ever since. It was my secret, my ultimate dream destination that got me thinking, “Even if I do end up going there someday… it would be fun to be going there with the person who loves it as much as I do.” As silly as it sounds to some people, and despite the fact that I’d probably won’t get there until I’m 50, I do believe that everyone must have a dream, no matter how silly it may seems, it’s so much better, as the saying goes, to have a dream than not having any at all. I was still pondering (most of the time, obsessing of course) over this idea, until I met my soulmate. And guess what? It was his dream destination too. Still is. Sometimes when I’m all depressed and losing my perspective in life, I often ask him whether we would actually get there. But he, being the positive person he is, without fail will always say the same thing, over and over again, “Yes, we will.” Someday, we’ll get there. Worked by: Selma Loku

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