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Published on July 1, 2009

Author: marcginsberg


Between the stories “Go Carolina”, “Harrison Bergeron”, and “A is for afro”, there is a very similar yet diverse way that all the stories pieced together. In essence those show that total equality is hard to achieve because of the differentiation between individuals and the similarities of the public in general. We find that even in a place where we are granted the freedoms our forefathers died for, that racial and sexual discriminations are still common among the community we live in. Stories or not these sorts of discriminations do exist. In all out honesty though the discriminations people face in the real world is much more severe. (Not including “Harrison Bergeron” that deals with more of a violation of freedom) so unless it comes from a true story, like “A is for Afro” real racism could not be fully understood or observed (opinion). “A is for afro” is an actual account of a white person who suffered racial discrimination and racism from a predominantly black school. Its not just blacks, Mexicans and Jews est., it can happen to anybody. The reason this kind of thing happens has a lot to do with a majority of difference between ethnic groups. When a minority shows up people start to feel a false sense of control. Or that the minority doesn’t belong where they are. Therefore race doesn’t have to be an important factor to the equation. The main reason for this discrimination in the story though was more of a counter balance act. This doesn’t work. You can’t expect to get even for the wrongs a person has done to your people by applying racism to your life style. It can only be justified by the new and improved generations that grow up in a society where racism is blatantly absent from the public and where ethnic groups can peacefully grow up together.

Nobody could ever reach total equality. We all live in a world where our unique differences and our right to pursue happiness lets us be successful in our field of expertise. In the story “Harrison Bergeron” it is many hundred years in the future whereby right of law everybody has to be equal (although they never mention what the standards for everybody truly was). In order for people to have the same mental capacity they are required by law to wear a special sort of headset handicap that disrupts the brainwaves. This makes it so people of above average intelligence are dumbed down so they can only focus on a thought for a very short time. Beautiful people have must dress so they are ugly and strong people are required to be weighted down so that they have the same physical capacity as everybody else. These laws seem to be enforced by the Handicapper General, who although should be abided by her own laws, seems to be the only one is able who is not handicapped and has a fire arm. She has hypocrite written all over her for reasons that should be obvious enough by now. Back in reality, what makes this country great is that we have people who are good (and better than other people) at what they do. Eliminating the need for self- improvement not only creates a low standard for business but no need for self improvement. That is what makes us want to do better! Knowing that somewhere out there, there is somebody better than you at what you do. What’s the point in playing guitar if you can only play as good as everybody else? There is no point! It just becomes

a worthless skill! Not to mention god knows what country would take advantage of a society that is athletically weak. Thank human free will that this sort of sickening story will never become reality. Americans will never let that happen. Because we live in America and the rights we have, being gay is ok by today’s standards. For every group that is for difference though there will be people against it. In the Short story “Go Carolina” a young kid with a lisp is forced to take a speech class to help improve his speech. Or at least that is what he believes he is there for. Turns out he is really there because he is gay, which he himself didn’t realize until he thought back about how he liked more feminine things as opposed to manly things like sports. Perhaps he is too young to realize this but he is being violated. Who are those people to say that being gay is wrong? Who gives a rat’s ass if he is different? They are trying to turn turning him into something he doesn’t want to be and that is wrong. If he wants to be gay then that is his decision and it will be left at that. Freedom is rare and people have died so that people like me and you can express our free speech along with our race and sexual orientation. When you try to degrade these qualities with hate speech and mind control thinking to get even, or that you are trying to better the world you do nothing but insult this great country. You insult the people who

are happy because they are different. When we get over such stupid things like this, we can move on and deal with real problems that actually deserve our attention. Continue to be yourself because in the end that is what people will remember about you ~Unknown

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