My Coloring Book Doesnt Look Like Yours

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Information about My Coloring Book Doesnt Look Like Yours

Published on November 26, 2007

Author: Noormahl


My Coloring Book Doesn’t Look Like Yours :  My Coloring Book Doesn’t Look Like Yours Slide2:  Have you ever wondered why you can communicate with some people better than you can others? Does it seem like your employees don’t know how to properly use their coloring books? Or, you use the same colors they use, but the pictures look really different? Communication Skills Are Critical:  Communication Skills Are Critical Learn what your communication style is Learn how it meshes or why it doesn’t mesh with others’ style Learn when to challenge/when not to challenge Don’t sweat the small stuff What is Your Communication Style?:  What is Your Communication Style? Slide5:  Behavior Style Grid Low Responsiveness Low Assertiveness High Assertiveness High Responsiveness Slide6:  Behavior Style Grid Low Responsiveness Squares Triangles Low Assertiveness High Assertiveness Circles Squiggly lines High Responsiveness Slide7:  Four Basic Communication Styles Squares Triangles Organizers Directors Analytical Drivers Detail-oriented Controllers Black Red Circles Squiggly lines Relaters Promoters Amiables Expressive Facilitators Advocators Conformers Creatives Congenials Magenta Blue Squares/Rectangles:  Squares/Rectangles Deliberate Logical Thinking Disciplined Process-oriented Decision-maker Takes orders well Obeys the rules Tends to put great value on being correct. Often spends a lot of time gathering info and analyzing it. Apt to be excellent at details and follow-through Triangles:  Triangles Determined Business-like Results-oriented Little tolerance for inertia, emotions, or advice from others Most dominant drive toward success Makes quick decisions Likes to have authority and control Likes to work alone Squiggly Lines:  Squiggly Lines Emotional Talkative People-oriented Visionary Creative Futuristic Major drive is for recognition Likes to stand apart from the crowd Innovative Inclined to dislike rules and authority Impulsive decision-maker Circles:  Circles Quiet Unassuming Supportive Cooperative Avoids interpersonal conflict Desires harmony Wants to be liked Concerned for the feelings of others Looks for concensus when making a decision Prefers to work in a team Clues to Determining Someone Else’s Communication Style:  Clues to Determining Someone Else’s Communication Style Eye Contact Facial Expressions Hand Gestures Rate of Speech Choice of Words When Communicating, You’ve Got To . . . . . .:  When Communicating, You’ve Got To . . . . . . “Know when to hold them Know when to fold them Know when to walk away Know when to run” Conflict Resolution Styles:  Conflict Resolution Styles Avoidance Style (I lose - You lose) Competitive Style (I win - You lose) Adaptation Style (I lose - You win) Cooperation Style (I win - You win) Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” :  Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” Because . . . . . It’s All “SMALL” Stuff:  Because . . . . . It’s All “SMALL” Stuff

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