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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: jp1k



My Advertising Pays is an advertising company that allows people to purchase advertising packs, or credit packs (traffic) for your business.

From my own experience and from the experience of others, the CTR (click-thru-rates) of this traffic is between 7%-20% percent.

≡ M E N U Multiple Streams My Advertising Pays Review (March, 2014 Update) Hopefully you came here to get the full scoop on the controversial My Advertising Pays company. This, I can deliver to you. No BS style, with a plate of nachos. Company Overview My Advertising Pays is an advertising company that allows people to purchase advertising packs, or credit packs (traffic) for your business. From my own experience and from the experience of others, the CTR (click-thru-rates) of this traffic is between 7%-20% percent. You also earn money with the daily company profit shares, which refresh 72 times every day. However, to qualify for the daily profit share, you must click on 10 ads each day. Each credit pack purchase will earn you approximately 2% each day. Because of this, many people choose to repurchase their profit share earnings into more credit packs so they can leverage the power of compound interest. Each credit pack is $49.99, and expire approximately every 60 days, or whenever they appreciate to $60. You also earn 10% overrides on all of the credit pack purchases of everyone you personally refer. Kinda confusing at first, but it will quickly make sense… …as an example, one pack purchased will earn you approximately $1 per day for 60 days. If you purchase 20 packs, that will appreciate around $20 per day. H O M E A B O U T P A R T N E R T O O L S

So, purchasing 20 credit packs ($1,000) you are able to repurchase a new credit pack every 3 days or so, because you’d have earned $60, and credit packs are $49.99. This can compound very fast and keeps the business fun (and I must say I bit addicting). At the time of writing this, you are allowed a maximum of 1200 credit packs. This is actually a good thing, because you will be forced to withdraw your money at that point. You will just have to repurchase accordingly after your existing credit packs expire to keep your active credit packs at 1200. Keep in mind, you can withdraw your money any time you want. If something comes up and you need to cash out…go for it. No penalties. At my current credit pack count (I have 74) I can repurchase a new credit pack every day because my daily earnings are easily north of $50 per day (see my video:) Folks, this is why Einstein called compound interest the most powerful way to earn money…ever. It’s serious stuff. All hype aside, this is why the company has seen massive explosion since their launch in December of 2013. The company barely launched, but has amassed over 11,000 members. Peep the growth chart: Also, they’ve lawyered up properly and got the baddest MLM

attorney, none other than the ‘MLM attorney’, Kevin Thompson. Yes, the same lawyer as Empower Network. Founder Michael Deese is a wickedly talented retired Air Force vet who developed My Advertising Pays, a process that took over a year. The entire project took years, he says, and they even hired a professional mathematician to help with the technicalities of the company. Pretty baller, huh? And lemme say (after hopping on a few webinars) the dude seems to be a kind, down-to-earth country guy from Alabama. What Makes MAP Different Than the Rest? (UVP) Before joining any company, you always want to look at their unique value propositions. In other words, what makes the company differentiate themselves from other competitors in the market? What makes the company unique? After all, those are going to be the factors that bless a business with prosperity and longevity. So, because you asked for them, here are some of the unique value propositions (UVP) for MAP: 1) MAP (My Advertising Pays) is a legitimate and compliant company that allows you to earn a steady and long-term income while advertising your business. This business can be another deal you are in or a Clickbank offer. Really, its up to you. 2) Math-based model (like i said, they hired a professional mathematician) that is expected to pay high daily percentages for years to come, backed by significant internal and external corporate sources. 3) Extremely simple, free to get started (membership is $100 after 30 days), and you instantly start making money after signing up and viewing ads once every 24 hours. Clicking on these ads take no more than 5 minutes each day.

4) The MAP system solves the sustainability problems of previous revenue-sharing models. The company currently has a 99% retention rate. This is unreal. But it makes sense, since literally every single person who participates in the daily profit share makes money. And even after all of these value propositions, there is still one factor that makes this company bonkers. Yes, bonkers…I said it. Ready? Here goes… …you don’t have to promote it to make money. Yes, you can literally keep it this simple: 1) buy credit packs 2) click on 10 ads every day 3) get paid And, as you do this, you are constantly making money, 24/7, from anywhere in the world. Cause, truthfully, money never sleeps, even if our parents and school teachers told us otherwise:

The Life of a MAP Member (Step-By-Step) First, join our world-class support group. Once you get started, you’ll get full access of support from hundreds of people in our private MAP Facebook group. Our leadership is currently numero uno in MAP, so you’ll benefit from direct leadership of folks already making over $3,000 on the daily. And no, this is not like all those other FB groups that are dead and just get spammed junk offers on the daily. This is a real group, and literally dozens of questions are asked each day in the support group. It’s also full of income screenshots, advice, and funny memes…it’s good stuff. Next, you need to get your ewallet set up. You’ll log into the members area and set up your ewallet, which is called i-payout. It is a quick and easy process. From inside your members area, you’ll click on the “i-payout” link under the Profile and Security menu. Next, it is time to purchase your first credit packs. “How many packs should I buy, Jeremy?” Honestly, buy as many as you can. Time is your best friend at this point, and the more credit packs you get when you’re starting, the better off you’ll be. I started with 20, because my bank wouldn’t allow me to transfer more money in a single day. Getting money from your bank to your ewallet requires a little patience, but it is relatively easy. You’ll pay higher rates with a bank wire than you will a bank transfer, but I have found the bank wires to be faster. I send over a bank transfer guide to all of my new members, so it keeps everything hassle-free. However, official word just got out that the company will be able to take credit card payments shortly.

Simply put, this will be a game-changer and I anticipate company sales will quadruple in the next 60 days. Next, click on 10 ads every day. It’s not the end of the world if you miss a day, but it is crucial that you get into a routine so your compound interest won’t get paused. And for all you high-rollers out there, there is an optional ‘vacation mode’ which is $5 per day. Finally, although it is not required, you’re last step is to recruit. I am seeing that many people are getting significant amount of referrals from sharing stuff around Facebook. Some have found traffic offers to hit up. Others have blasted their lists. It’s all up to you. The recruiting aspect, like I said, is NOT required, and you can still make significant long-term revenue and not recruit a single person in the business. However, it gets pretty exciting if you crunch the numbers a little: Factoring the probability (that is proven, at this point) that nearly everyone repurchases their profits back into credit packs, you’ll be earning daily earnings on the people you refer into the business for awhile…(not like most deals where 90% of people quit and you lose your residual). Remember, you earn 10% on all of your first-level-members for life. Knowing this, if you bring in 20 people who are purchasing 20 credit packs every day (over time, everyone will get to this point), you are earning $2,000 each day. Simple math, right? 20 credit packs = $1,000, and 20 people x $1,000 – $20,000. And 10% commission of $20,000 in daily sales would yield $2,000. If you can get 20 people who are on board for the long run, and get to the 1200 credit packs, you’ll probably become the first millionaire in your family. It’s very possible, it will just take some time. So, those are the steps. It’s painfully simple.

0 comments… add one Partner So, hear me out for a second… …it’s free to join… …99% of people are NOT quitting… …and its dead simple. What is holding you behind? As a mentor of mine recently reminded me: “If your parents are STILL working, you aren’t making enough money.” Think about that for a second. I’m looking to partner with big-thinkers and entrepreneurs who refuse to subscribe to 9-5, industrial-mindset ‘punch-in, punch-out’ thinking. Sound like you? Let’s get some bankroll together. Register Now (Free to Get Started!) After you get started, drop me an email at and I will send over a step-by-step guide that will make your setup nice and easy. Your income coach, Jeremy Page

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