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Published on November 30, 2007

Author: abdullah


Mutual-Tek Industries Co. Ltd:  Mutual-Tek Industries Co. Ltd Building partnerships for the long term in specialized PCB manufacturing TEL: 886-2-22763210 FAX: 886-2-29922374 E-mail: NO 25, LANE 195, HUA CHENG ROAD HSIN CHUANG CITY, TAIPEI HSIEN TAIWAN, R.O.C Mutual Tek Company Profile:  Mutual Tek Company Profile Mutual-Tek Mission:  Mutual-Tek Mission Focus on the latest premium technologies Emphasize high value processes, materials, products over volume Keep preeminence as a niche and keep it Be the best/only or don’t do it Keep up with the latest technologies and market trends Milestones:  Milestones Organization:  Organization Specialties:  Specialties Power, MW and RF products Copper Aluminum UL certification High efficiency PCB High precision High density High heat conductivity High immunity to signal noise Specialized Thermal Applications IMS Heavy copper power module (Multi-layer) Dc-Dc Converter Optical components SC, SFF transceiver (Single to Multi Channels) IRDA LED Wireless communications 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz, Home RF, Bluetooth 20-40GHz Digital Camera modules Chip-On-Board Research Development (prototype to production Stage) R/D MMIC QFN Packaging Carryless & Bumpless packaging Emboss circuit Embeded circuit Current Capabilities:  Current Capabilities Rigid Circuit Boards (mass production) FR-4, FR-5, BT, Getek, Polyimide, Teflon 4-20 layers Flex Board Single, double, multi layers (Maximum: 14 layers) Rigid-Flex Boards (Maximum: 10 layers) Current Capabilities:  Current Capabilities Metal core process (mass production) Heavy copper mass production (5oz-10oz) Solder mask coating: LPSM PSR 4000 TAIYO DSR 2200 TAMURA Promiber 77 COB/SMT Gold Wire Bonding, Gold plating Electroless soft gold (flash to 20 u inch) Electrolytic soft gold (flash to 80 u inch) Electric hard gold Current Capabilities:  Current Capabilities Special material manufacture Immersion Tin Immersion Silver Immersion Gold Entek Capabilities:  Capabilities Lead Time:  Lead Time Out layer Capacity Expansion:  Out layer Capacity Expansion Material Sources:  Material Sources Examples High Frequency & RF Power:  Examples High Frequency & RF Power Hybrid RF multi layer from 2.45GHz – 5.8GHz Teflon high power /metal Grounding Parts Over 5.8GHz appreciation Examples Heavy Copper Power Parts :  Examples Heavy Copper Power Parts High current power of DC – DC Converter Inner layer copper thickness over 3oz , Max to 6oz Examples Heavy Copper Inductance :  Examples Heavy Copper Inductance Examples Metal Core Substrate :  Examples Metal Core Substrate Heavy metal ( IMS ) Substrate from 1oz to 10oz Examples Flex /Multi Flex PCB:  Examples Flex /Multi Flex PCB Flex , Multi Flex Module parts from 2 to 10 layers Examples Rigid Flex PCB :  Examples Rigid Flex PCB Rigid Flex PCB for Module parts from 4 – 10 layers Examples Cavity Parts for COB :  Examples Cavity Parts for COB Cavity PCB with soft gold plating support to do wire bonding Examples FR Multi-layer :  Examples FR Multi-layer Traditional FR PCB for module parts Examples 2.45GHz COB Module Parts:  Examples 2.45GHz COB Module Parts 2.45GHz RF Module with COB function Examples Bump-Less /Carry-Less PCB:  Examples Bump-Less /Carry-Less PCB Transfer bumpless and carryless for IC package technology Copper Thickness Product Mix:  Copper Thickness Product Mix Product Layer-count 2004:  Product Layer-count 2004 Mutual-Tek Confidential 8 Product Surface:  Product Surface Entek 23% Immersion Gold(Flash- Heavy) 42% Immersion Tin 3% Immersion Silver 4% Gold Surface(Soft/Hard) 30% Product Applications:  Product Applications Patents:  Patents New Technology in Mutual-tek :  New Technology in Mutual-tek 1. Emboss circuit transfer technology 2. Emboss circuit transfer to do Embed PCB 3. Emboss circuit transfer to do thinner and fine flex circuit 4. Emboss circuit transfer to do bump less Package device . 5. Emboss circuit transfer to carried , carry transfer to Metal , heavy copper , cavity appreciation Expansion Plans:  Expansion Plans Manufacturing space Sales and marketing International distributor, sales, service networks E-Business: online product specification, design submission, RFQ, customer service Partnerships with North American and European firms as a specialty out-sourcing partner What We Can Offer:  What We Can Offer Volume production of specialized designs Seamless support for customers Direct customer support Indirect support through outsourcing partner Interactive, collaborative design and production process Lower design, development, and production costs for volume production Thank You !:  Thank You ! Mutual-Tek Industries Co. Ltd Building partnerships for the long term in specialized PCB manufacturing

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