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Published on February 20, 2012



RESEARCH PROJECT on mutual fund industry: RESEARCH PROJECT on mutual fund industry Fund Managers: Fund Managers Aparna Kumar 08 Madhurima Gupta 30 Yash Jejani 34 Namrata Joshi 36 Bhagyashree Kedia 39 Richa Khaneja 42 Heera Lenka 47 OBJECTIVE: OBJECTIVE To get insight knowledge about Mutual Funds To know the mutual fund performance in the present markets To analyze the comparative study between other leading mutual funds in the present markets To know the awareness of mutual funds among different groups of investors To evaluate consumer feedback on Mutual Funds. Introduction : Introduction What is a mutual fund?: What is a mutual fund? A mutual fund is a professionally managed type of collective investment scheme That pools money from many investors T o buy stocks, bonds, shortterm money market instruments, and other securities. Functioning of mutual fund: Functioning of mutual fund CURRENT SCENARIO: CURRENT SCENARIO INDIA - one of the fastest growing markets. Major factor contributing to the success is the booming stock market with optimistic economy. An other factor is the favorable regime enforced by SEBI. It is growing despite global crisis (2008) AUM has grown from Rs 3 lakh crore in Sept 06 to Rs 7 lakh crore in Sept 11. Current scenario: Current scenario Above 34 players and more than 1150 schemes. Heavy outflows triggered by market volatility. Partnering of AMC’s with banks to increase the strength of distribution networks. A sharp fall in investment in equity based funds. Huge outflow of funds around 40 % of retail investors exited from equity funds. CURRENT SCENARIO: CURRENT SCENARIO While Traditional products dominate in India, new products like Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Gold ETFs, Capital Protection and Overseas Funds have been gaining popularity. Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) has emerged as a suitable solution in this case, with a fixed amount invested at regular intervals, and most importantly being low risk. Emergence of FMPs. Share of Mutual Funds in Households’ Gross Financial Savings in India: Share of Mutual Funds in Households’ Gross Financial Savings in India Composition of Households’ Gross Financial Savings in India in FY 2011: Composition of Households’ Gross Financial Savings in India in FY 2011 PowerPoint Presentation: CUSTOMERS Industry Investor Mix PRODUCT FOLIOS: PRODUCT FOLIOS % Share in AUM: % Share in AUM 17.90 11.48% 8.34 6.01 5.21 3.91 3.77 Strengths: Strengths 1)Liquidity 2) Transparancy 3)Affordability 4)Diversification 5)Government support by way of tax concessions 6)Volatility of bank interest WEAKNESS: WEAKNESS 1)Poor participation of retail investors 2)Distribution is confined only to metro cities 3) Cost pressures 4) Lack of financial literacy OPPORTUNITIES: OPPORTUNITIES 1)Huge untapped market. 2)High level of savings among people. 3)Using on online mode of trading system. 4)Fund houses should emphasize on off shore segment. threats: threats 1)Increasing competition. 2)High level of volatility in stock market. 3)Possibility of more stringent regulations by SEBI, RBI, AMFI in future. Big Players: Big Players PowerPoint Presentation: Name of the Companies Reliance Birla Sunlife State bank of India(SBI) HSBC Tata Edelweiss HDFC JP Morgan ABN Amro Kotak Mahindra bank AIG JM financial Bank of Baroda Goldman Sachs Canara bank UTI(Unit Trust of India) ICICI Standard Chartard DBS Cholamandalam AMC Fidelity DSP Merrill lynch Franklin Templeton Top Performing Schemes: Top Performing Schemes Large Cap Fidelity Equity Fund Franklin India Blue Chip ICICI Pru Focused Blue Chip Equity UTI opportuanities Fund Mid and Small Cap Birla Sun Life MNC fund HDFC mid cap IDFC premier equity SBI Magnum Emerging business Analysis of some top performing MF’s: Analysis of some top performing MF’s Franklin India Blue-chip Fund : Investment type = General Equity Fund Category = Large Cap Fund Type = Open Ended Asset Size = 4261.77 cr Minimum investment = Rs . 5000 Exit Load = 1 % Crisil Rank = 1 Fund Manager = Anand Radhakrishnan Franklin India Blue-chip Fund Sector Wise Allocation: Sector Wise Allocation Sector % -- 1-Year -- High Low Banking / Finance 17.25 19.83 17.12 Technology 13.70 13.70 8.42 Oil & Gas 11.12 13.10 9.63 Telecom 9.76 11.25 9.04 Utilities 8.50 8.55 6.56 Pharmaceutical 7.17 7.17 3.15 PowerPoint Presentation: Asset Allocation (%) (Dec 30, 11) Equity 93.28 Others 0.00 Debt 0.03 Mutual Funds N.A Money Market 0.00 Cash / Call 6.69 Fidelity Equity Fund: Investment type = General Equity Fund Category = Large Cap Fund Type = Open Ended Asset Size = 3,370.77 crs . Minimum Investment = Rs.5000 Exit Load = 1% Crisil Rank = Rank 1 Fund mamager = Sandeep Kothari / Subramanian Balakrishnan Fidelity Equity Fund Asset Allocation: Asset Allocation (%) (Oct 31, 11) Equity 89.90 Others 0.71 Debt 0.00 Mutual Funds 0.86 Money Market 0.00 Cash / Call 8.53 Asset Allocation Essentials for a good scheme: Customer friendly Researched Fund Possibilities Should help the buyers with investment and taxation basics of mutual funds Should have a BMO investment professional to guide which scheme to be selected Should be well balanced Should yeild good returns Essentials for a good scheme The Top 5: The Top 5 1. HDFC Mutual Fund : Inception Date – June 30th 2000 Trustee – HDFC Trustee Company Ltd. Top Performing Schemes – AUM as on 30th April 11 + HDFC Top 200 (2338 cr ) + HDFC Equity (2759.30 cr ) + HDFC MIP Long-term (887.90 cr ) 1. HDFC Mutual Fund 2.Tata Mutual Fund : Inception Date – June 30th 1995 Trustee – Tata Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd. Top Performing Schemes – AUM as on 30th April 11 + Tata Pure Equity (269.95 cr ) + Tata Index Nifty (6.77 cr ) + Tata Short-term Bond (292.08 cr ) 2.Tata Mutual Fund 3. SBI Mutual Fund : Inception Date – June 29th 1987 Trustee – SBI Mutual Fund Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd. Top Performing Schemes – AUM as on 30th April 11 + Magnum Contra (1,958.50 cr ) + Magnum Balanced (333.11 cr ) + Magnum Multiplier Plus (687.15 cr ) 3. SBI Mutual Fund 4. Reliance Mutual Fund : Inception Date - June 30th 1995 Trustee – Reliance Capital Trustee Company Ltd. Top Performing Schemes – AUM as on 30th April 11 + Reliance MIP (168.52 cr ) + Reliance Banking Retail (681.25 cr ) + Reliance Diversified Power Sector Fund (3809.57 cr ) 4. Reliance Mutual Fund 5. DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund: Inception Date – December 16th 1996 Trustee – DSP Merrill Lynch Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd. Top Performing Schemes – AUM as on 30th April 11 + DSPBR top 100 Equity (1167.08 cr ) + DSPBR Equity (919.77 cr ) + DSPBR GSF Longer Duration (425.67 cr ) 5. DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund PRIMARY DATA: PRIMARY DATA Research design: The Research Design used here is Descriptive Research Design Primary data collected through Personal Interviews and Questionnaire Secondary data collected through Internet and Web Search QUESTIONNAIRE: QUESTIONNAIRE 1)Of the following what at present are your investment needs: To build a corpus for retirement To save for children education/marriage To provide for medical emergencies To provide for family financial security To create wealth All of the above 2)Which of the following you think as investment for tax-saving? Mutual funds Fixed Deposit Insurance PPF All of the above PowerPoint Presentation: 3) If you had Rs.1000, where you prefer to invest? Mutual Fund Fixed Deposit Direct Equity Life Insurance Postal Office Deposit 4 ) Do you think Mutual Funds are a risky Investment Option? Yes No 5 ) On whose advise do you select a Mutual Fund Scheme? Personal Decision Financial Planner’s advise Broker’s Advice Friends & Family Media OCCUPATION: OCCUPATION INVESTMENT NEEDS: INVESTMENT NEEDS TAX SAVINGS SCHEME: TAX SAVINGS SCHEME RISKY v/s NON-RISKY: RISKY v/s NON-RISKY 27 23 MUTUAL FUND SELECTION : MUTUAL FUND SELECTION 21 SCOPE OF MUTUAL FUNDS: SCOPE OF MUTUAL FUNDS Rising Disposable Income and Savings. Investment in Banks are no longer attractive. Increase in number of educated white collar employees. Foreign based asset management companies are entering India. SEBI has allowed introduction of Commodity Mutual Funds. Contd…: Contd … Mutual Funds industry is penetrating into rural & semi urban areas. Growth Rate of MF was 100% in the last 6 yrs & is expected to grow even more. It has been predicted that by March-end of 2012, the MF Industry of India will reach Rs 99,90,000 crore , taking into account the total assets of the Indian commercial banks . Product innovation Distribution channel innovation Quality Financial Planning PowerPoint Presentation: KPMG in India is of the view that the Indian mutual fund industry may grow at the rate of 22 to 25 percent in the period from 2010 to 2015. AUMs will grow at 15% to 25% between 2010-2015. CONCLUSION: CONCLUSION

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