Must have tools for a diy workshop

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Information about Must have tools for a diy workshop

Published on November 9, 2016

Author: kartartools


1. Source: Must Have Tools for a DIY Workshop The list of the essential tools which may be needed to be a DIY bike/cycle mechanic is endless. You can save money as well as get the satisfaction of repairing your own cycle all by yourself. Moreover, having the right tools gives you a wonderful feeling. You can easily buy Allen key and Torx key online along with other essential tools with specific functioning to make it easier for yourself to perform an array of DIY tasks. You can either consider investing in a decent readymade toolkit or purchase individual tools to create a personalized tool kit. Here is the list that contains several recommendations for the type tools that you must have in your DIY workshop:

2. Source: 1. Allen Key & Torx Key Set These keys are usually available as a set of multiple keys in different sizes. For quick and easy maintenance at home, you must invest in a good quality Torx key set. Depending on your preference you can either opt for T-shaped or L- shaped handle. You will be able to complete that awkward job quickly simply by using these tools. 2. Wrench Wrenches are the next in the list of important must-have components for your DIY repair tasks. A wrench can be used to take off the pedals to make your mountain bike fit into your bike bag or if you want to replace a broken pedal. Whatever may be the reason you will need a good quality wrench to make your task easier. 3. Cable Cutters Do not use pliers or scissors to trim your bike’s cabling. Cables will break and cable cutters will do a neat, safe and excellent job. Good quality cable cutters will ensure that you change the cables smoothly and without any hassles, with minimum expenditure. You will be pleasantly surprised at how crisp the gears will work when the cabling is properly trimmed. 4. Screwdriver For your cycle, you may need to deal with two styles of tip namely the Phillips head and flat head, which may be of different sizes. Phillips head can be used in X head screw while the blade or flat head screwdriver is meant to be used in the slotted head screw. You can also find a multi-tip screwdriver as it makes your job easier when you are fiddling with several small things. 5. Hammer Hammer is a useful tool even on a delicate bike. It can be used to remove a crank set or knock out bearings. Rubber or metal head on the hammer will meet your repair needs. We recommend using a double sided hammer, which has a non-marring plastic face on one side and standard metal face on the other. The hammer comes in real handy when you just need to whack something with it to get it into place. You can easily search for cycle hand tools or bike tools on the World Wide Web. You can also buy automotive tools online in India from a reliable supplier. By getting these tools you can

3. Source: avoid the long waits at the bike repair shops. Having the right tools and learning the way to use them is your ticket to repair and maintenance independence.

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