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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: khalidinho96


Music Video Case Study 3: This music video is called Stay which is starring Rihanna and featuring Mikkey Ekko and this music video has gotten more than 252million views on Rihanna’s Vevo channel. Camera Shots/Angles/Movement: Extreme close up of the water getting splashed (slow motion water splash, very high quality camera that has a lot of FSP (high shutter speed)). Extreme close up of Rihanna’s back when she is changing to go into the bath, where she shows off all of her tattoos around her body. I won’t have anything this explicit (or nude) in my music video. A tilt is used on Rihanna’s face while she is lying down in the bath with her eye’s close. The whole bathing process during this entire music video portrays Rihanna cleansing her sins (her tattoos and other stuff). A high angle is used to show hRihanna’s insignificance to the audience (everyone’s looking down on her). A lot of close ups to show Rihanna’s facial language (how she’s sad about her past). Zooming is also used to help the audience understand that she is reflecting upon herself (about her past). A lot of handheld camera movements (shows how unstable Rihanna is in this music video). Camera zooms in for a bit and then slowly zooms out as Rihanna slowly sinks into the bathroom. A mid-shot was used to introduce the other artist singing on this music video (Mikky Ekko) to show his body language and emotions. Then the camera zooms in whilst he’s singing to help the audience see his sad expression on his face (it’s probably because of something Rihanna did, but it isn’t shown). Close up’s are also used to show his facial expressions (sad face) to the audience. With all these shots that are used to emphasis certain points in the music video is very useful because the audience can easily understand what it going on in this music video. I will make sure that when something happens or a change in my artist’s emotions, there will

Music Video Case Study 3: be a camera shot that will portray those change in feelings to the audience. Long show where you can see the light shining from the ceiling directly onto the plant and Mikky Ekko. Then it cuts straight back to Rihanna starring out into the open while Mikky Ekko is singing about her (it’s as if she can feel him singing). They both sing while Mikky is looking at the mirror (self-reflecting). An aerial view of Rihanna in the bath while she sings (very visually appealing) but I don’t want my artist to be naked in any of my scenes because I want the theme of my music video to stay as innocent love. More close ups of both artist’s and then Rihanna sinks downwards into the bath and the music video ends. Editing: Very slow motion water droplets falling (high quality, definitely done with a high quality camera with a lot of FPS (high shutter speeds)). This effect can’t be accomplished in my music video because I can’t afford to buy/rent a camera like that. Extremely slow cutting rates, which suit the genre and theme of this music video. /this slow cutting rate is one of RnB’s conventions. I honestly don’t think there’s any transitions in this music video. All of the cuts are basic quick cuts done by placing two clips next to each other in a piece of editing software. I don’t want my music video to be dull like this one (where there’s no transitions to entertain the audience). Mise-En-Scen: Locations: The locations used in this music video has a couple bathrooms (one for Rihanna and one for Mikky Ekko) also a bench area with a tree indoor where Mikky Ekko is singing on. Even though this music video is a very calm, slow music video it also has a couple locations in this music video. I will make sure that I don’t limit my music video to just one location (preferably 3/4 different locations).

Music Video Case Study 3: Lighting: The lighting in most of the scenes is slightly bright but that rooms weren’t that illuminated, except the scene where Mikky Ekko is singing on a bench and the light from the ceiling is shining on him and the tree that’s indoor (the direction of light is at an angle). This lighting is probably artificial but in my music video will have to rely on natural lighting because I don’t have professional lighting equipment to be taking out with me when I do location shots. Make-up: The make up in this music video compared to the other ones is slightly more heavily done. You can obviously see the facial make-up (foundation) that was used on Rihanna. I don’t like the idea that my artist looks fake with too much make-up, so I will make sure that my artist doesn’t wear too much make-up (so she looks natural during my music video). Clothing: At the beginning of the music video Rihanna is wearing a grey vest and black trousers which she takes off instantly to go in the bath. The guy is wearing a white t-shirt and black trousers (even though he’s a featured artist the clothing that he is wearing is insignificant because I want to get ideas from female RnB vocalists not male (because my artist is a girl)). In my music video I will have my artist wearing clothing that is consistent with the colour scheme and house style.

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