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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: khalidinho96


Music Video Case Study 2 For my second case study I will analyse the camera/editing techniques and the mise-en-scen of Ciara’s music video called “Body Party”, which got 35millions views on Ciara’s Vevo channel. Camera Shots/Angle/Movement Techniques:  Close up used straight away in the first scene (in a white room) of this music video (shows that this music video is all about her). I want to make my music video start with a close up of my artist’s face to also show that this music video is all about my artist.  Ciara uses an eye line match in the first scene to interact with the audience using her eye’s so she can connect with her audience straight away.  Long shot of Ciara’s whole body (adds visual appeal for all of her male audience).  Close up of Ciara’s face which is pointed sideways (on the right hand side) while the title of her music video is showing on the left hand side. I want to use this technique (probably on PhotoShop) to add text of the Title on the side of the screen while my artist sings facing sideways. This is a very professional technique used by Ciara and if I am able to replicate it I will make a very interesting music video.  Tracking is done when Ciara is approaching this guy to emphasis her journey in finding her true love to the audience.  Over shoulder shot and two shot used when Ciara first encounters her potential boyfriend.  Extreme close up of this branded headphones (Denon) which I can’t copy because I don’t have a partnership with them so I can’t do any product placements such as that.  Mid-shots are used to emphasis Ciara’s body language especially when she’s trying to draw that guy in from a distance by showing off her body by swaying from left to right in a thing t-shirt.  Wide-shot used to show all the excitement around in this house party (very fast pass).  A lot of handheld camera movement to show the excitement of this house party but the camera movement stays the same throughout (tracking is the only camera movement used).

Music Video Case Study 2  Mid-shots are also used when Ciara’s is dancing around to draw that guy in (very visually appealing). I would get my artist to dance if she knew how to (if she didn’t it would look very amateurish).  Goes back to the white room with a close up (from the beginning of the music video).  Low angle on Ciara whilst she’s dancing to portray her superiority in the dance floor and shows that she’s very confident with her movements. I should also uses a low angle in my music video if I make my artist dance (shows superiority).  A mid-shot of the guy (who Ciara is looking to get with) who is looking at her from behind while she is dancing (this show it a reflection from mirror in this house party and I would like to replicate the use of a mirror in my shots in my music video).  Establishing shot of the big mansion as the sun goes down and the party calms down a bit because the hours have gone by.  A wide-shot of Ciara talking to some girl from the party (with the pool in the background) and then the mystery guy Ciara was looking for came up (his name is future) and the girl from the party walks off.  Two shot and a wide mid-shot is used to show both of their body language as they interact with each other for the first time. I should include some scenes of my artist and her boyfriend talking and laughing together using a wide mid-shot just like this one in Ciara’s music video.  More close ups and full body shots of Ciara cut in straight away as they shook hands, to portray her excitement in this situation (knowing that they guy likes her as well).  Mid-shots and full body shot of Ciara dancing in an explicit way in front of this guy in a dark room on their own. I don’t want my music video to be like them explicit ones because I want to keep my theme as innocent love (romance) so no dancing like Ciara in this scene.  It cuts back to the part where they shook hands as if Ciara imagined all of this in that split second due to all of her excitement in that situation.  Shot reverse shots and close ups are used while the two are talking outside next to the pool (obviously they like each other and this shot reverse shot emphasises their feeling for each other).  The guy walks off and it cuts back to the white room close ups of Ciara excited face and then cuts to the wide-shots of the house party indoor.

Music Video Case Study 2 The speed of the way the scenes cut and the multiple shots used show the exhalation of everyone at that party to the audience.  Mid-shot of Ciara dancing on the floor while the title of the song is displayed on the right hand side of the screen (just like the beginning but this scene is a bit hectic and the side of the title was reversed to show how wild this part is becoming). Editing:  Fades out with a full body shot of Ciara’s body for every to look at and remember while the music video ends. I will also have a bunch of fading in/out’s in my music video.  One particular transition that I like was the horizontal slip of the screen right at the beginning and end of the music video. I want this transition to be used in my music video because it looks very good and I will need a couple transitions in my music video (typical convention of a RnB music video).  A lot of fading ins and outs are used throughout the house party clips (very subtle, barely noticeable) to show the passing of time.  Very fast cutting rate of a lot of different shots in different angles which show how chaotic and exciting this party is to the audience (almost taunting them, making them want to live a life like this).  The text used for Ciara’s name and the title of the song was placed in the editing processes of this music video. I want to include a title on the left hand side of the screen while my artist sings on the other side facing sideways, just like in this music video. Mise-En-Scen: Clothing:  Ciara is wearing a plain black vest with black shorts (probably thongs) in the scenes with the white room in one scene and in the other she’s wearing a black baggy shirt/vest with a dark coloured baggy trousers to help her with her dancing (very ventilating). The only thing similar with these two outfits is the colours because Ciara wants to keep her colour

Music Video Case Study 2 scheme consistent (black and many other dark colours). I will make sure that the clothing of my artist is consistent with my colour scheme. Location:  A white room where Ciara is dancing and singing all alone is one of the locations she uses and this location is a basic representation of Ciara’s subconscious screaming at her to go for this guy while she’s taunting him during the whole house party (music video).  The second location used is the big mansion which was shown using an establishing shot. This mansion had many rooms, a pool and a really big room which was used for the house party. Obviously I can’t afford to rent out a mansion to record my music video but I can use a white room and a park and other locations but the one thing I must make sure is to use a couple locations because it’s a typical convention used in all RnB music videos. Lighting:  The lighting in this music video was very bright artificial at most points such as the white room, the part where the Ciara and the guy meet up and the establishing shot of the mansion, but not all scenes were illuminated with bright light, such as the scenes where Ciara is grinding (dancing) on the floor to attract this guy, the scene where Ciara is dancing very explicit in her tight outfit on that guy, and the overall house party clips. This is done to show Ciara’s mysterious side and to also show how her love for this guy is no way near innocent. I could prefer to use bright natural lighting for all of my clips to portray an innocent romantic relationship between my artist and her boyfriend. Make-Up:  Not a lot of make-up was used on Ciara’s face because she didn’t want to look heavily made up. Most RnB vocalist want to keep their appearance as natural as possible. I will make sure to have my artist wearing as minimal make-up as possible to keep this typical RnB convention going.

Music Video Case Study 2 Throughout Ciara’s music video I came up with many ideas/techniques for my music videos, such as the camera shots, camera angles, the handheld camera movements (dynamic movement), the editing (transitions, horizontal split and a bunch of fading ins and outs), the clothing ideas, the make-up, the lighting and the locations used in Ciara’s music video. All of these techniques can be replicated and if I do so I will make a very professional music video.

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