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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: AyeshaKissoon


PowerPoint Presentation: Music Choices “Bet you can” by Kevin Macleod: “Bet you can” by Kevin Macleod The track “Bet you can” is the main track that we have chosen for our opening sequence. As part of my contribution to sound I had done some research on non-copyright music and came across this track on a site called and thought it would fit perfectly with our opening sequence as it sets the tone and genre for our opening sequence effectively and also reflects the dark and mysterious personalities of the characters perfectly. Garageband: Garageband We also added stings from Garageband (e.g Electric Static Accent 03, Thunder Roll) to the track as we felt that the sound for our opening sequence needed a something extra to make it more effective and look a bit more professional.

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