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Information about MUSIC OF KOREA

Published on February 19, 2014

Author: MeMeMeDory



the whole presentation talks about the Music and instruments of Korea

Music of KOREA

The music of Korea has an exuberant display of vibrato and glissando which has a relation to the total framework.

Many say that Korean music is pentatonic. This characteristics is not exactly true. It may be because it’s principal tones do not exceed five but most folk music and some can’t music. The dong-ak. Are based on three tine

Commonly used in Korea music are the simple and the compound triple notes : • Chong-ak

In Chong-ak, rhythmic patterns are repeated throughout without much change. Folk Songs : •Chong-ak •Sye chon •Sijo

It has three lines in each stanza • It has a slow tempo • The melody is melismatic or the range of voice is from lowest to falsetto • It is accompanied by the •

Sog-ak Nong-ak P’ansori Minyo Sahjo

Musical Instruments Found in K String, Wind & Percussion Ching Changgo Kkwaenggawari Chottdoe Haegum Kamun’go Kayogum

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