Music Ministry has a very important role in the Church

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Information about Music Ministry has a very important role in the Church

Published on April 24, 2018

Author: fbcppensacola


slide 1: Music Ministry has a very important role in the Church Introduction The Churches in Pensacola have a remarkable musical heritage. The praise of God by the First Baptist Church is done harmoniously with the help of instruments vocal music and congregational worship. If you are residing in Pensacola and want to add exciting spiritual dimension to your life join the musical pursuit to worship God. You can even get your friends and family and lead others to worship God. Role of ensembles Ensembles are small vocal groups which are of great significance in the music ministry at the Churches and play a vital role in the worship of God. An ensemble is produced by three choirs namely: the Chapel Choir Surrender Sanctuary Choir Cappella Singers and the Clarion Choir Promise. The members constituting this band are considered “second milers” as they are faithfully committed to God. The fourth vocal group comprises of the worship vocal team initiated with the aim of serving as worship leaders in the early morning service taking place usually at 8.15 am on Sunday morning. The rehearsals of this group take place twice a week. The varieties of the small vocal groups help in benefitting the worship services greatly. Each group is unique due to its own unique way of worship contributed by them. Role of instruments Instrumental ministry plays an important role and is a vital part of praise to god. Psalm 150 energetically encourages adopting such a ministry within the church. Organ and piano are two standard church instruments ranking top in the instruments of praise. These instruments act as a foundation for the instrumental concerts or programs. The contributions by Lynne Lauderdale as organist and Beverly Warren as a pianist are appreciated greatly. The First Baptist Church in Escambia County enjoys the musical offerings by special groups of instruments in addition to the standard church instruments which you can know more about at the First Baptist. Organizing tours and concerts Apart from worship services a lot of music groups are involved in seasonal concerts trips and tour. You shall have different experiences in their seasonal tours which are based on a four-year rotational system. Each year it is aimed to provide with a different “sound look and venue”. Conclusion Thus music ministry aims to spread the message to praise God with the help of ensembles musical instruments and organizing tours according to the seasons. Music connects a person to god slide 2: eternally and the music ministry helps in doing this with the help of devotional songs and various programs conducted throughout the year. Article Source: in-the-church

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