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Published on March 17, 2014

Author: hsmedia16


Q Magazine: Cover: The colour of the masthead is red. This draws the audiences attention as it stands out from the rest of the cover. The colour of the image has dark greys, black and white which indicates the audience is into rock and towards the alternative genre. The images and words fit together from the article names. The colours of the image and words fit together and compliment each other The fonts are bold The words are in capitals which stands out so it attracts the audience. Arctic Monkeys are on the cover It represents the idea that the magazine is a music magazine as they are a group and that the target audience are for people that are into music such as rock. The hair of the group is very styled. The one on the left, has a back combed hair, the middle back has a spiked hair and the middle front has a quiff and the right has it combed. This creates a rock image for the audience and that they are very different to what the media are used to seeing. The pose of the Arctic Monkeys are very simple and layed back that creates an image for audience that the Arctic Monkeys music is quite laid back and relaxed and has a sense of rebellious. It has a thumbnail of whats in it. Its on the top of the magazine with a puff saying "17 page special". It suggests an interest in the reader as if its got extra bits in the magazine and extra news that interests them. List of three on the dcover line with Arctic Monkeys so it creates an excitement to the reader as if there is loads of information inside the magazine which makes the reader want to read it. It uses lists of different bands/groups to fit all different kind of readers that are interested in different types of music. The cover gives good indication of whats inside so it shows its got a lot of music inside the magazine. It represents the readers interests by the cover line so it shows whats inside.

NME: Cover: The masthead is red which creates an upbeat mood so it creates a upbeat mood. There are colours such as pink, yellow and blue in the image which gives the impression to the reader that this magazine has a variety of music to suit different types of music inside. The image is of David Bowie which clearly shows that NME is a music magazine the fonts are quite mellow like they arent in capitals which suggest that this magazine is quite a relaxing and chilled music magazine so it isn't so full with information. The fonts are really small compared to Q Magazine that I looked at. To read the font and cover lines, you have to really look closely to notice it David Bowie is featured on the magazien cover. It represents that old musicians are back and that NME includes a variety of music artists. The blue coloured font is quite hard to actually read as it blends to much in with the background but the image and colour of the font work well together as it creates a colour code on the cover. The image and the fonts work well together as the colours of the text and the paper birds creates contrast to each other. The hair and clothes and pose suggests a smart look and that he is trying to make a good impression for his come back for people to like him and seem modernised. the cover lines suggest whats inside. It suggests that their are a variety of music and new music The cover line with David Bowie using the elipises wuth "again" RockSound: It has a puff with "free" It has a free CD which attracts the audience because people want free items in magazines The colours of green and yellow are bright and vibrant so they work well together and stands out so it catches the readers eye. The masthead cover title is red which is bold and stands out from the green and yellow so the

red masthead makes the reader notice the mastehead more The words and image fit together as the cover line is to do with the image because they are a band The side bad on the cover stands out as it has a green background and yellow text which draws the readers attention The font is easy to read from a distance as it is in a bold colour, takes up space and is a large size to make the cover stand out The image represent a rock band as the title gives away the "Rock" bit and because there are 5 of them. The reader gets the rock impression by the clothes they are wearing so like quite basic with dark colours and the front man has a tattoo sleeve. The poses of the band in the image are very serious, this suggest to the reader that they seem quite tough which indicate their music is rock. The fonts on the cover line suggests big music, edgey and loud because the font speaks out quite loud so it could represent what the music that is featured in this magazine is like. It has a puff of +19 new bands that draws the readers in because people who are into music such as rock are always looking for new music artists and want to know whats good. Contents: Q: The mastehead is bright red so it automatically attracts the readers attention because it has a white background so the red stands out, is vibrant and bright Stuck to the theme of the front cover masthead of "Q" The cover line on the cover page has another image of Arctic Monkeys that fills a lot of space on the contents page whoch is in the middle of the top 2 thirds of the page. The font and image works well because the page numbers and titles of them reference to the images because they are lists of the artists The contents has a sidebar which has reviews not interviews NME: The red NME logo links back to the cover oage and so does the right hand side with the page

numbers in big letters Has three main columns. A column for each topic Contributors on the bottom left of the page Features that link back to the cover page with the cover lines that were on them# The words used such as "New" "Essential" make the reader what to read to see whats so good about it because people always want to know what new and good Quite small font and a lot of text under the feature headlines Rocksound: Double page centre of top half, got the same band as on the cover page so it links together lots of images to show whats inside the magazine less text than images a lot of red of the background of the page numbers so linkls to the masthead on the cover page Includes images of the artists on the free CD. Makes the audience want to get the magazine because it shows the reader what is on the free CD It has an editors note that informs the reader about what the magazine is about in that issue Double Page Article: NME: The double spread is on China Crisis which is about The Killers For readers that enjoy knowing informations on tours and music groups such as The Killers It quotes words or sentences that the person has says that attracts the reader to want to read more of what that says Uses an image from one of their concerts. Shows reader what the concerts are about Big image that takes up 2 thirds of the first page and a bit on the second page

the images and words fit together because they are talking about The Killers and about touring which the images are about their touring

the images and words fit together because they are talking about The Killers and about touring which the images are about their touring

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