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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: FabulousFox258



Music magazine research 3

Will McPherson Music Magazine Research 3 Metal/Alternative Rock

Magazine Analysis 1 Several different images have been used in the double page spread, which shows the bands progress. This keeps the page visual, keeping the readers attention. Large title is quote from the band, which will appeal to the readers and the fans of MCR. Also it’s colour scheme matches the magazine. The use of sans-serif fonts, allows it to stand out from the background. However also allows the readers to read it easier. Small amount of text, giving an inside to the band. Presented in columns, to look formal and fits in the image heavy page. Drop capital is used to draw the reader to the article.

Magazine Analysis 2 Image covers both pages, makes for a more striking images, Helps the low angle makes the band look intimidating,Text is harder to read. Name of band is not the biggest of the title. However the massive part of the text ‘ Scene not heard’ can be seen as a message. The font and colour captures the readers attentions.The smaller side text breaks up the article for the reader, seeming that there is less text. Text is presented in columns, to look formal, however is hard to read due image. Drop capital is used to draw reader to the article. Underroath could be seen as a section of content. Splitting up the content is a useful tactic, because the audience may only be interested in a certain article, or area of the magazine, therefore will buy the magazine for that aspect.

Magazine Analysis 3 Image covers both pages, which can create a striking effect, to draw the audience into buying. Also the main image reflects on the band, due to the lighting effects. Quote from the band, presumably, w hich is useful for the reader.This is because it separates the reader from the text, and makes it interesting. The article text has been presented, in word column format. This looks fairly untidy, and doesn't complement the article.Also the main image seems to make the text slightly hard to read. The main colour of the article, is black, a dark and depressing colour. This show the read the motives of the band, and the music genre. Three members of the band are facing the audience, which combined with the lighting, makes for an intimidating image.

Magazine Analysis 4 Main image covers both pages, giving a greater impact upon the reader. Also the picture is in monotone, which could portray an empty effect, that the band is trying to show through their music. The band name has been printed in a creative font, to follow the colour scheme of the page. The style has an over lapping effect, suggesting that there is a deeper meaning to the band. The article text seems to be compressed into the corner of the page. This make it less obvious, and could be avoided. Here is a quote from the band, that has relevants to the article.

Magazine Analysis 5 The images of the band have been split up. This is to add variation to the page, keeping the readers attention. The text is presented as a column, to keep tidy within the article. Also the text is easy to read of the dark background. The quote from one of the band members, has been made into a design. The design follows the colour scheme of the magazine, how ever it’s not entirely necessary. It can be suggested that because this band member’s photograph, is larger than his colleagues, he is more of a focus in the article. The purple section of the article, may follow a specific colour scheme, if the content has different sections. Also the section seems to tell the audience information about the band.

Target Audience - Young rebellious teens, fairly angry people, relating to the music genre and songs Conventions – Have a colour scheme, one that may link to the content, specific information about the artist, a main photograph of the artist, a title that introduces the artist, from research it should follow the colour scheme and should be large to attract the audience Codes – Drop capital, helps to draw the reader to the article, quotes form the artist, helps break down the article, and entertains the audience. Coursework Ideas/Requirements

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