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Published on March 30, 2014

Author: Shuida



research from music magazine adverts

Music magazine advert By Shuida Shuida Islam

General • I have looked at music magazine adverts in general and have fund out that almost all of them are about star image as they are always on the front cover. Music magazines advertise the artists and their main song so it will attract the audience to the magazine advert and make them want to buy the album. Shuida Islam

1st Examples: • I have looked at a variety of examples of music magazine adverts that celebrities use, for example: Star image: one convention of typical music adverts is that the artist needs to stand out from everything else. Artist name Where the audience can find out more about the advert, on magazine adverts they always have secondary sources so the fans can pass on the message about the album and basically use digital technology to spread the word about an artists latest release or album, for example using Twitter Shuida Islam

2nd example In this particular music advert it shows Rihanna in a dark background with different effects and fonts. This advert was probably advertised like this because of her main song which is called ‘Russian roulette’. In this video she’s in a dark place so therefore the advert had to relate to the video so the audience know what the advertise is about. Shuida Islam

3rd example Artists name: goes with colour code of how ‘RNB’ is presented. Gold showing connotations of popularity, wealt h and style. The magazine advert that’s representing them: Conventions of and RnB/hiphop artists/bands is that it’s mostly about the star. Shuida Islam

Alternative Rock • I have also looked at Alternative rock bands which is the genre me and my group will be looking at most. I have compared these artists to general types of magazine adverts and have researched the conventions that each of them provide. Shuida Islam

1st example: They are a Alternative/garage/Southern rock band. Typical conventions of a magazine advert is that the artists always have a font that their bands name is always in. Different images are combined and one of the conventions of rock is that they always use dark colours, this is a typical convention of rock magazine adverts. However rock bands always make their albums unique as they are always different compared to general music adverts. This makes them unique and different. Shuida Islam

2nd example This is an example of Coldplay's music magazine advert and their one is quite different as it isn't a typical convention of the rock genre. This is their albums name which doesn’t have a specific meaning to it as they wanted to make it different and unusual. The background on this is bright and colourful as it’s supposed to go with their release song ‘Paradise’ where they have weird costumes and themes going on. Shuida Islam

3rd example As I have mentioned rock artists/bands always seem to use the conventions of a rock theme. The main purpose of a magazine advert is to show the audience when her albums out, place, time etc. Shuida Islam

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