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Published on March 12, 2014

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A quick overview on all the main music instruments

© No part of this may be re-used, forwarded, sold, gifted, copied or presented to anyone without the written consent and permission of … Casper Abraham eMail id : Website : Landline : 91 (India) 80 (Bangalore) 2595 0059 Cellphone : +91 98450-61870 Copyrights of Internet and other sources of Photos, layout or instrument manufacturers acknowledged and respected. Please contact us for ‘corrections’. When and where permitted … it must retain the original source and related acknowledgement and copyright of content and method in presentation. Music Instruments Overview Focus on the Orchestra

Horn Oboe Clarinet Bassoon Flute

1st violin 2nd violin Cello Viola

Orchestra Sections • Strings. – Violin, viola, cello, double-bass. • Brass. – Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone, Tuba, Euphonium. • Woodwinds. – Flute, Picolo, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon • Rhythm. – Piano. Harp. • Percussion. – Timpani.

Notable omissions …. • Keyboard instruments. – Church or Pipe Organ. Harpsichord. Klavier. • Classical Guitar. – However …. Concertos exist. • Saxophone. – Soprano, alto, tenor and bass. – Modern instrument. Hardly ever used in orchestral music. • Recorders. – Soprano, alto, tenor and bass. – However …. Concertos exist. • Accordion Family. – Piano. Button etc. • Tab notation for Guitar. Tonic Sol-fa for Singing. – NOT required if a classical method is adapted.

Cultural Elitism 1st World - Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Spain 2nd World - UK, USA, Netherlands, Switzerland 3rd World - Everyone else. Canada, NZ, Australia, Japan, Korea, China, India Idol Elitism - Mozart. Bach. Beethoven. Brahms, Tchaikovsky - LOST. Sense of Great Works. - LOST. Quality of Programme. - LOST. Quality of Performance. Output. Fast-Food Culture - City Philharmonic - City Opera House - Choirs. Chamber Music Societies. - NO. Growth OR Development.

Music International If in India … We will help you Start a School Band. At LEAST-COST.

Music International If in India … We will help you Start a School Band. QUCIKLY REMOTELY.

Music International Teaching Methodology Age 3 and below Ages 3 to 5 Age 7+ Age 11+

Individual Instruments

• Mainly Reed or Flue Pipes. • 32, 16, 8, 4, 2 ft. & variants. • Manuals : Great. Choir. Swell. Echo. Solo. • Till the 17th Century the most complex man-made device. • If the violin is the king of instruments; the pipe-organ is the God of Instruments.

Harp Harpsichord Spinet Clavichord

Dulcimer Harp : Lever & Pedal Types

Flute : Clarinet : Oboe : Bassoon English-Horn

Soprano : Alto : Tenor : Bass

ONLY Orchestra Instrument

Violin Viola Cello Double Bass

Soprano Alto Tenor Baritone

Trumpet : French-Horn : Trombone : Tuba Soprano : Alto : Tenor : Bass

Trumpet French Horn Euphonium Tuba Trombone SaxophoneWagner Tuba Cornet

Timpani GlockienspielSnare Drum

Vibraphone Xylophone Marimba

Other Instruments Non-Orchestra

Music International can source, supply content, teaching aids and materials, teaches, sheet music & transcriptions for even a 100+ piece orchestra.

… Sitar (India) … Sihtar (Persia) …. Githara (Greece) …. Vihuela Lute

Ukulele G-C-E-A Mandolin g-d-a-e Banjo G : D-G-B-D Balalaika

Drum Set

Can help you start one. Manage talent. In the business of creating musicians.

From scratch to sustainable performances.

Shakers, Castanets, Maracas, Woodblock, triangle, Tambourine , Drum sticks etc.

Group, Instrument Assignment & Performance within our Music International Annual ONLINE Subscription.

The Human Voice SATB (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) 6-voices (add Baritone & Contralto or Mezzo-Sopranoa Octaves, Ranges. Width. Depth, Timbre.

Basses Baritones Tenors Contraltos Mezzo-Sopranos Sopranos

Piano Harp Bassoon French Horn Timpani Double Bass Flute Tuba Euphonium 88-key piano Cello Trumpet Clarinet Classical Guitar Violin - Viola Recorder Orff Instruments

Join us in a Journey of Music © Casper Abraham, 1995 Music International Bangalore INDIA Email : Mobile : +91 98450 61870

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