Musculo Skeletal Handouts

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Information about Musculo Skeletal Handouts

Published on August 19, 2008

Author: internist69



handouts for nursing course in ana-physio

COLLEGE OF NURSING – ARAULLO UNIVERSITY ANATOMY – PHYSIOLOGY LECTURE HANDOUTS THE MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM – Muscles and Bones SKELETAL SYSTEM The bones is an osseous connective tissue Functions: supporting framework for the body Protects the viscera Muscle attachments Store minerals, Calcium salts – use to increase blood calcium when depleted May have bone marrow BM – formation of blood cells (RBS, WBC, etc.) also aid in the destruction of blood cells, and play important role in immune process Bone Composition Collagen – chief organic constituents, 2/3 is inorganic calcium (calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate) Factors involved in the metabolism of inorganic salts 1. Vitamin D – essential for absorption of this mineral, source: sunlight, liver oils, eggs, milk, butter a fat soluble vitamin, action is dependent on the proper fat metabolism

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