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Published on December 17, 2007

Author: jmurray


Early mayans:  Early mayans By Jane Murray Mayan Civilization:  Mayan Civilization Military:  Military Weapons used:  Weapons used Bows, arrows, knives, spears (atlatl), and clubs Spears were useful for long distances Tips were sharpened with rocks the make a sharp, pointed tip Warfare:  Warfare The scarce supply of food made uniting cities into an empire difficult Violence was well documented Usually started over a revolution against the King Warfare 2:  Warfare 2 Declared often Capturing prisoners was idealistic Attempted to convert people to their faith Star War:  Star War War events were planned around the astrological event The “brilliant star” was seen as evil Kin Balam Jaguar Sun and Nu-Balam-Chak were associated with warfare Law and Courts:  Law and Courts Law records were burned Penalties compensate the victim Public displays or penalties were given Art:  Art Pottery and Colors:  Pottery and Colors Some pottery was found Most pottery was funerary pottery Mayan blue was a turquoise color Mayan blue used until the 16th century Hieroglyphic Stairway:  Hieroglyphic Stairway Located in Copan Statues and ramps are also there Altar is present Hieroglyphics told stories Stucco was used to make designs Hieroglyphic Stairway:  Hieroglyphic Stairway Stucco Designs:  Stucco Designs Architecture:  Architecture Houses:  Houses Hay and Stone houses Most houses were made out of hay Stone huts were very expensive to make Similarity between houses Structures:  Structures Sizes varied due to materials Wide and steep steps Covered in lime stucco Temple Structures:  Temple Structures Two chambers Interior chambers were sanctuaries Pyramid forms Stucco and mural designs Crossroads Temple:  Crossroads Temple Temple in Guatemala:  Temple in Guatemala Decorations:  Decorations Lime stucco made 3D effect Decorations were on the upper facade Occasional carving on outer walls Economics:  Economics Trade and Farming:  Trade and Farming Trade routes used to gather objects Traded jade, salt, animal pelts Framing was a common occupation 2/3 of crops were given to higher classes Government:  Government Class System:  Class System Civilization ruled by priests and kings Scribes were important Nepotism was used frequently Primogeniture:  Primogeniture System of choosing new kings Former king chooses heir Blood sacrifice was made when a new heir was chosen Kings:  Kings Human sacrifice was made when a new king was installed Kings must have been war captives Accession ceremony was when man inherited the city Religion:  Religion Influences and rituals:  Influences and rituals Influenced by the Olmecs Human sacrifice was common Blood was shed Time Line:  Time Line Started around 250AD Strong until 900AD Practiced until the Spanish conquest Classic Period:  Classic Period First 650 years of the culture Over 40 cities involved Greatest population was 2 million Post-Classic Period:  Post-Classic Period 900AD-1519AD Cities were less populated People converted Religious Texts:  Religious Texts Carved in stone Written in hieroglyphics Describe rituals Many sources destroyed Religious Texts 2:  Religious Texts 2 3 main sources survived Popol Vuh was a main text Texts were not sacred Popol Vuh:  Popol Vuh Book of Chilam Balam:  Book of Chilam Balam Beliefs:  Beliefs Worshipped Pantheon of gods Saw afterlife as a voyage of the soul Pantheon:  Pantheon Itzamna:  Itzamna Kukulcan:  Kukulcan Writing:  Writing Hieroglyphics:  Hieroglyphics No more than 500 characters used at one time Written on paper Earliest date back to 200 BC Characters developed over time Hieroglyphics:  Hieroglyphics Writing tools:  Writing tools Drawn with a brush made of animal hair Drawn in black and red ink Uses:  Uses Learned by higher classes Most popular during Classic Period Used by Europeans Technology:  Technology Mayan Calendar:  Mayan Calendar Tools:  Tools Made of volcanic rock Improved economy Roads:  Roads Sophisticated system Multiplied trade Made communication easier Mayan Road:  Mayan Road The End Thank You!:  The End Thank You!

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