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Published on October 9, 2007

Author: Joshua


Appendix:  Appendix December 4, 2003 Naoko Munakata <> Senior Fellow, RIETI Visiting Scholar, Sigur Center for Asian Studies, GWU China’s Rapid Economic Growth :  China’s Rapid Economic Growth Source:the World Development Indicators Database Share of World GDP (current US$):  Share of World GDP (current US$) Source: the World Development Indicators Database (current US$) China was the world’s 6th largest economy in 2002. China & G7 in 2002 Growing Importance of China Trade:  Growing Importance of China Trade Import Export Import+Export Share of trade with China (As % of trade with the world) Surging Imports from China:  Surging Imports from China US China ASEAN EU NIEs* Source: Ministry of Finance, Trade Statistics *) NIEs: ROK, HK, Taiwan Japan’s Import Sources (1999-2003 Sep.) (6-month moving average) Billions of Yen Imports from China surged in 2000. China replaced the U.S. as the largest exporter to Japan. Bilateral Trade Balance:  Bilateral Trade Balance Source: Ministry of Finance, Trade Statistics China China+HK Fear of Hollowing-out:  Fear of Hollowing-out Source: Ministry of Finance, Foreign Direct Investment Japan’s FDI to China (FY1989-2002) New Dimensions Accompanying domestic closedown/ retrenchment In higher-end production Eroding local industrial clusters Surging Exports to China:  Surging Exports to China Japan’s Export Destinations (1999-2003 Sep.) (6-month moving average) US China ASEAN EU Source: Ministry of Finance, Trade Statistics Share of exports to China                +HK 5.6% 10.9% 6.3% 12.0% 7.7% 13.5% 9.6% 15.7% (YTD) 12.0% 18.3% 2003 (Sep.) 12.7% 19.2% China+HK Billions of Yen Exports to China started to surged in 2002. Exports for China’s Domestic Demand:  Exports for China’s Domestic Demand High growth items of Japan’s exports for China’s domestic markets Source: Ministry of Finance, Trade Statistics Improving Profitability in China:  Improving Profitability in China After-tax profits of Japanese affiliates in East Asia Source: METI, White Paper on International Trade 2003 Prospects of Affluent Markets:  Prospects of Affluent Markets Average Salary/Income (2001) Source: World bank, the World Development Indicators Database Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), China Data File 2002-03 (in Japanese) JETRO, JETRO Sensor, October 2003 (in Japanese) Emerging Provider of Capital:  Emerging Provider of Capital Source:MOFTEC, Almanac of China's Foreign Relations and Trade, as quoted in JETRO, China Data File 2002/3 (in Japanese) FDI to the World FDI to East Asia China’s FDI stock Authorized amount, end of 2001 China as a New Link:  China as a New Link 309 Source: METI, White Paper on International Trade 2003 Total: US$B 333.1 Total: US$B 702.8 Growth of Intra-regional Trade :  Growth of Intra-regional Trade Export Import Source: IMF, Direction of Trade Statistics Interdependence of East Asian Economies

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