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Published on October 24, 2008

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The Legend Of Management Guru : The Legend Of Management Guru The Real story of the Organization Which really shake all the Masters of Business Administration Experts ! Slide 2: Dabbawala of Mumbai The Management Guru Slide 3: WHO IS DABBAWALA? 5000 Dabbawala 2,00,000 Dabbas Six Sigma Certified ISO 2000 Certified Most are Illiterate Lecture MBA’s No strike for 116 years Prince Charles Friend India’s Top Brand Pride Of Marathas Icon Of Hard Work A management Guru Slide 4: It was the time when English were ruling the India New Government offices, Post Offices, Bridges etc. were being Constructed. No Mc’Donald or Pizza Hut A Parsi Banker employed a person to bring home made food to site of work His Colleagues too liked this idea and Started availing this service. Slowly this evolved into the present 5000 strong Dabbawala System. HOW THE DABBAWALA SYSTEM STARTED? Slide 5: Hon. Mahadu Havaji Bacche Educated only up to Class 2 Started the Dabbawala System with a handful of 35 Dabbawala in 1890 Hon. Dhondiba Medge Educated only up to class 4 Framed the Rules and Regulations of Dabbawala FOUNDER OF DABBAWALA SYSTEM Slide 6: Work is Worship. Serving People is serving god. Annadan is Mahadaan. The Decedents of the Dabbawalas were the warriors in army of Chatrapati Shivaji Mahraj. Time is money. Unity is Power. BELIEVES OF DABBAWALA Slide 7: History- Started in 1890 Charitable Trust- Registered in 1956 Education:- 85% Illiterate Total area Coverage:- 60Kms/ 70 Kms Employee Strength:- 5000 Mukhadhams:- 635 No. of Dabbas:- 2,00,000 Dabbas i.e. 4,00,000 transactions every day. Time Taken:- 3 Hrs. WHAT IS NUTAN MUMBAI TIFFIN BOX SUPPLIERS ASSOCIATION? Slide 8: Error Rate:- 1 in 16 million transaction Six sigma Performance (99.9999) Technological Backup:- Nil Cost Of service:- Rs. 250- 300 per Month Standard price for all (Weight; Distance; Space) Rs. 30 Crore approximately Annual Turnover. “ No Strike” records as reach one a share holder Earnings:- 4000 To 5000 P.m Q FACTOR OF DABBAWALA Slide 9: 0% Fuel 0% Modern Technology 0% Investment 0% Disputes 99.9999 Performance 100% Customer satisfaction Food is taken from home or mess & is delivered at office MAJOR FEATURES OF SUPPLY CHAIN Slide 10: Wearing White Cap During business Hrs. Reporting To Duty on time Behave Properly & respect the customers Carry Identity cards. DISCIPLINE Slide 11: Organizational Flowchart Of Dabbawala President Vice president General Secretary Treasure Director (9) Mukadaam Member (500) 13 Members Slide 12: CODING SYSTEM Initial Coding System used colored threads to mark 7 Islands Then Utilized thrown away cotton waste from tailors. Now using colour markers. E:: Code for Dabbawala Street at residential station VLP:: Residential Station Ville Parle 3:: Code for Destination station. E.G :- Church gate 9:: Code for Dabbawala at Destination. Ex: Express towers ( Building name) 12:: Floor no. in the building. Slide 13: SOME EXAMPLES OF CODING SYSTEM:- JOURNEY OF DABBAWALA : JOURNEY OF DABBAWALA Slide 15: PICK UP DABBA FROM RESIDENCE & BRING IT TO ANDHERI STATION. 9:30 A.M- 10:30 A.M This time period is Utilized for collecting Dabbas from Different places around Andheri Dabbas are collected from different resources such as homes, hotels, messes etc. by Dabbawalas & brought to Andheri Station. Red Light, No entry etc. is crossed. Now these collected Dabbas are sorted according to Destination. Wherever there is Dabba- There is Dabbawala. Slide 16: 10:34- 11:20 A.M ( Andheri Station) This time period is actually the journey time. The Dabbawalas load the wooden Crates filled with Tiffin on t the luggage or goods compartment in the train. Generally, they Choose to Occupy the last compartment of the train. 12 coach Train 4,000 Commuters 8,000 Disputes But no excuses Duty First. JOURNEY IN THE LOCAL TRAIN Slide 17: UNLOADING & SORTING AT DESTINATION STATION 11:20- 12:30 P:M ( Church gate Station) At this stage; the unloading takes place at the destination station Re- arrangement at Tiffin's takes place as per the Destination Areas & destination buildings Dabbas are Delivered by cycle; hand card or even walk. Slide 18: ANNADATAS HAVING THEIR FOOD 12:30P.M- 1:00P.M (LUNCH TIME) Dabbawalas carry their Food with them Areas wise sit together & have their lunch The family that eats together stays together. Slide 19: 1:15- 2:30 P.M( At all destination stations) Here on begins the collection process where the Dabbawalas have to pick up the Dabbas from the offices where they had delivered almost an hour ago The Return journey by train where the group finally meets up after the day’s routine of dispatching & collecting from various destination offices. The Dabbawalas meet for the segregation as per the destination suburb. COLLECTION OF EMPTY DABBA & SORTING AT DESTINATIONS STATION Slide 20: RETURN JOURNEY 2:48- 3:30P:M Usually since it is more of a pleasant journey compared to the earlier part of the day; the Dabbawalas lighten up the moment with merry making; joking around singing. There is no cause of tension or worry as customer has eaten the lunch. Even if the Return journey is delayed little bit there is no problem. Slide 21: 3:30- 4:40 P.M ( At all Origin Stations.) This is the stage where the final sorting & dispatch takes place. The group meets up at origin station & they finally sort out the Tiffin's as per the origin area & the empty Dabba is delivered at the Respected Residence. The actual address of the residence is not mentioned on the Dabba. It is remembered by the Dabbawalas. SORTING & DELIVERY OF EMPTY DABBA Slide 22: Dabbawalas got six sigma Dabbawalas were invited to collect the six sigma certificate they did not know what it is made of Gold or Bronze. The certificate is lying in cupboard eating dust. Dabbawalas got ISO 9001- 2000 for Excellence in service The only think that a “ Error is Horror” Dabbawalas work with Great efficiency without caring for any certificates. SIX SIGMA CERTIFICATION BY FORBES GROUP

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