Multithreading in Wireless Devices

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Information about Multithreading in Wireless Devices

Published on August 27, 2010

Author: saydemir2005


Multithreading in Wireless Devices : Multithreading in Wireless Devices Threads : Threads Threads are small tasks that can run independently. Threads are also called light-weight processes Like a process, a thread can be in one of 3 states: ready, blocked (waiting), running When a program runs, it starts as a singlethreaded process User threads: thread management done by user-level threads library Kernel threads: supported by Kernel It is slower to create and manage Kernel threads than user threads Threads and Java : Threads and Java To create a thread using the Java language, you instantiate an object of type Thread (or a subclass) and send it the start()message. (A program can send the start() message to any object that implements the Runnable interface.) The definition of each thread's behavior is contained in its run() method. A run method is equivalent to main() in a traditional program: a thread will continue running until run() returns, at which point the thread dies. Multithreading : Multithreading Threads are organized into processes, which are composed of one or more threads. All threads share – The same address space (share global variables) – Same set of open files All threads have their own – PC register value – stack and stack pointers (Local variables of functions can not be shared) – Set of CPU registers Multithreading : Multithreading The multithreading operating systems made it possible for one thread to run while another was waiting for something to happen. To benefit from multithreading, programs need to have executable sections that can run in parallel. programs are broken into logical operating sections. Multithreading : Multithreading if the application performs operations that run independently of each other, those operations can be broken up into threads whose execution is scheduled and controlled by the operating system. These sections can be created to do different things, such as allowing Microsoft Word to repaginate a document while the user is typing. Repagination occurs on one thread and handling keystrokes occurs on another. Multithreading : Multithreading Multithreading offers several benefits including (1) reducing the performance penalty of context switches and long latency operations, such as cache misses, (2) facilitating concurrent execution of multiple tasks, and (3) increasing processor throughput and utilization. Multithreading in Wireless Devices : Multithreading in Wireless Devices Wireless communication and multimedia applications typically exhibit high thread-level parallelism Explicit multithreaded processors are able exploit this parallelism by concurrently executing instructions from different control threads within a single processor pipeline Explicit multithreaded processors are multithreaded processors that apply processes or operating system threads in their hardware thread slots. These processors optimize the throughput of multiprogramming workloads rather than single-thread performance. In BlackBerry : In BlackBerry The BlackBerry operating system is a multithreaded operating system, which means that many applications and processes can run actively on the BlackBerry device at the same time. For example, applications can use background threads to manage processor-intensive tasks or network communications so that they do not affect the main thread. If an application creates background threads, and a BlackBerry device user closes the application, the background threads can remain active. In BlackBerry : In BlackBerry BlackBerry operating system makes effective use of the multithreading capabilities. In particular, it always creates a new thread for network connections or other lengthy operations (more than one-tenth of a second). It uses background threads for listeners or other processes that run in the background when the application starts. Android’s Approach : Android’s Approach An application may involve a time‐consuming operation, however we want the UI to be responsive to the user. Android offers two ways for dealing with this scenario: 1. Do expensive operations in a background service, using notifications to inform users about next step 2. Do the slow work in a background thread. Android’s threading uses Handler objects and posting Runnable objects to the View. Android’s Approach : Android’s Approach There are two main uses for a Handler: (1) to schedule messages and runnables to be executed as some point in the future; and (2) to enqueue an action to be performed on a different thread than your own

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