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Published on February 6, 2017

Author: InnovationNWC


1. Multiprofessional social media communities: improving health and care Naomi McVey @NaomiMcVey @NWAHP, @WeAHPs, @physiotalk December 2016

2. Aims 1. Highlight how multiprofessional social media communities are supporting improvements in health and care 2. Talk through 4 specific examples 3. Some thoughts for this community and event

3. Learn, share, improve care • Connect people across organisational and geographical boundaries to learn from peers and leaders • Discuss and shareevidence and practice in health and care, challenges, success, perspectives etc • Take learning and examples back to work to benefit service and service users and ultimately improve health and care

4. Twitter communities

5. Tweetchat: implementing NICE low back pain guidance 1. What do you like about the updated NICE guidance? 2. How should we go about implementing the guidance? 3. Which recommendations could have the biggest impact? 4. Which recommendations will be the most challenging to implement? 5. How can NICE guidance help us at a time of economic pressure & focus on quality & efficiency?

6. Suicide prevention tweetchats 3 years of suicide prevention tweetchats for world suicide prevention day 10th September 2013 - 2016

7. In 2016… • Safely, responsibly, compassionately • Over 190 people took part • Members of the public, doctors, nurses, AHPs, police • Range of perspectives & experiences • Identifying risk, listening, duty of care, stigma, confidence, availability of suicide prevention training “Old fashioned thinking on suicide still controls many #shame #criminal etc has to be changed #Illness #NoStigma #NoShame” “stop supporting the stigma, respond when someone expresses suicidal thoughts, don't have to be an expert but you have to be human” “If someone is in hospital after a suicide attempt know that their family will be in distress too”

8. Our health: #WeActiveChallenge • Physical activity twitter campaign for health & care staff August 2016 • Across all the WeCommunities • Encouraged pictures of staff, colleagues, family & friends taking part in any physical activity • Support from Public Health England & NHS England • Twitter analytics - interprofessional leaderboard

9. Challenge aims Raise profile peer support & role modelling in physical activity Practice what we teach as health & care staff Motivate & inspire Create a sense of community

10. The results • 3000+ people took part - nationally and globally • Over 4000 images of healthcare staff, friends & families taking part in activities • Antidote to bad news stories - smiling, sweaty & having fun

11. So what? 72% inspired to do more physical activity during August 68% planned to keep going 83% felt part of an online community (post-challenge twitter polls) Started exercising again last summer thanks to @WeAHPs campaign had such an impact Thanks to #nursesactive knee on the mend, can walk more, soon to be running again It’s been fun, conscious of how much I move & hopefully established exercise habits We have loved the #WeActiveChallenge so much that the Wednesday walking group is here to stay!

12. Facebook: AHPs4PH

13. Facebook: AHPs4PH • Facebook group established last year • Supports role of AHPs in population health & prevention • Sharing evidence, resources, news etc on making every contact count & other areas of public health in practice • Nearly 2000 members, run by small team • Regular input from AHP Lead at Public Health England

14. My CPD: HCPC audit 1. continuous, up-to-date & accurate record 2. mixture of learning activities relevant to practice 3. seek to ensure contributed to the quality of practice and service delivery 4. seek to ensure that benefits the service user 5. upon request, present a written profile

15. Some question for this community… • How can we support and enable healthcare workers to use social media effectively for learning and development? • How can we enable more of this to take place at work, and in working hours? • How do we build the evidence base for social-media in healthcare?

16. Thank you and any questions? @NaomiMcVey

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