Multichannel tracking and the impact on the tourism industry - totec Paris 2014

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Information about Multichannel tracking and the impact on the tourism industry - totec...

Published on March 13, 2014

Author: ThiloHeller



Slides from Wolf Froehlich, intelliAd CEO, from totec expo Paris.

© intelliAd Media GmbH Aligning with the Customer (Decision) Journey Wolfhart Fröhlich, CEO intelliAd

© intelliAd Media GmbH About intelliAd 2 Bid-Management & Multichannel-Tracking » A Neutral Technology Provider since 2007 » intelliAd is a company of Deutsche Post DHL since July 2012 » About 80 employees » More than 38,000 managed Google AdWords accounts worldwide, tracking of more than 250 million clicks and conversions per month » Research co-operation with the Technische Universität München (TUM) and Yale University, Connecticut » Information security – ISO-Certificate according to DIN ISO/IEC 27001

© intelliAd Media GmbH Our interfaces 3

© intelliAd Media GmbH We have clients from all verticals 4 Agencies Direct Clients & E-Shops

© intelliAd Media GmbH General Perception of Online Marketing 5 Google organic (SEO) Direct Traffic News- letter Affiliate Marketing Price comparison Google AdWords (SEA) Facebook Ads Display Common Praxis » Isolated tracking of ad channels » Isolated efficiency analysis » Isolated budget decisions Does an isolated approach make sense?

© intelliAd Media GmbH In reality channels are interconnected 66 Google organic (SEO) Direct Traffic Google AdWords (SEA) Display Reality » Complex interactions between online & offline channels » Over 30 %* of Conversions are influenced by several channels Focus on all participating channels and evaluate them based on their performance Preissuch- maschinen * intelliAd study from the tourism industry with customer data base:> 1 million clicks 7 %* of all conversions were initiated in PPC and ended in SEO (5 % from SEO to PPC) 6 %* of conversions were initiated in Facebook and ended in SEO (2 % from SEO to Facebook) Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads News- letter Telefon

© intelliAd Media GmbH Complexity increases by additional factors like time 7 Consideration of the Dimension „Time“ » Conversions often occur with a delay after the initial click » Chain length is often between 20 – 40 days 7 Measure the Cross-Channel effects precisely and factor them into your budget decisions Google organic (SEO) Direct Traffic Display Preissuch- maschinen Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads News- letter Telefon t 1 t n Google AdWords (SEA)

© intelliAd Media GmbH Definition of Multichannel Tracking 8 Multichannel Tracking measures clicks and views of all channels

© intelliAd Media GmbH An example of a customer journey 9

© intelliAd Media GmbH Stefan is a passionate diver 10

© intelliAd Media GmbH He starts his search on Google 11

© intelliAd Media GmbH The hunt for the snorkel 12 » SEO » Display » Price Search Engine » Type-In KettenendeKettenstart / -mitte SEO Display Price Search Engine Type-In

© intelliAd Media GmbH 13 35 33 6 18 60 55 17 35 16 22 42 16 11 17 18 14 57 15 37 52 39 21 13 3 22 30 47 58 64 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Percentage of online shoppers of the total population of the country Source: Eurostat

© intelliAd Media GmbH Hard Facts about Comvel plc: 14 Hard Facts about Comvel plc: » Comvel plc comprises,,, » Comvel plc is one of Germany´s biggest travel portal » Founded in March 2005 in Munich » Core business: online sales of last minute and vacation packages » Use of the follow intelliAd products: bid management, multi-channel tracking, pixel carrier, impression tracking, TV tracking, basic brand monitoring » More than 300 000 € media spend /month and 1 250 000 clicks

© intelliAd Media GmbH Objectives 15 » Challenge: Reach the potential customers in the right channel at the right time with the most relevant advertising material. » Comparing different evaluation models (Attribution Models) to attribute the real added value contribution to the channels. » Distribute the marketing budget efficiently. SEM TV Commercials SEO Newsletter Price Comparison Tools Affiliate Marketing Display

© intelliAd Media GmbH Comparing different attribution models 16 Chain start Chain endCenter Chain start Chain endCenter Model: First-Click-Wins Model: Last-Click-Wins

© intelliAd Media GmbH Further attribution models 17 Model: „Equal Distribution“ Model: „Bathtub“ Chain start Chain endCenter Chain start Chain endCenter

© intelliAd Media GmbH Implementation Decision for intelliAd due to recommendations of other tourism manager and due to the following reasons: » Cross-channel tracking » Choice of several attribution models » Pixel Carrier with individual rules For the channels implemented, was able to measure for every individual user, when an interaction (click or impression) took place and which shopping basket value was generated. As a result of the analysis of „big data“ the attribution model „bathtub“ was implemented. 18

© intelliAd Media GmbH Cycle for implementing an attribution model 19 1 Creating campaigns and advertising material. 4 … and distributing budgets on advertising material anew with the help of an attribution model. 2 Capturing each user‘s touchpoint with the advertising material. Scoring the influence of each advertising material on the buying decicision of the user… Attribution model Budget allocation Campaign-Management 3 SEA 1 2 3 4 User analysis 42 34 1 35 33 6 18 4 3 2 1

© intelliAd Media GmbH By comparison: Last-Click versus „Bath tub“ 20 Depending on the attribution model, different contributions of the channels Google AdWords Type In Price comparison Last-Click-Wins Bath Tub Model Display Facebook Ads

Results » Due to Multichannel Tracking, Attribution Models and Bid Management increase in ROI by 144% » Conversion rate boost of 28% » Additional affiliate commissions could be saved due to the pixel carrier 21

© intelliAd Media GmbH Questions & Answers 22 Thank you for your interest ! Wolfhart Fröhlich 39, rue Marbeuf 75008 Paris +33 1 82 63 52 63 Sendlinger Str. 7 80331 Munchen +49 89 / 15 90 490 -20

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