Multi tenant/lang application with Ruby on Rails

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Information about Multi tenant/lang application with Ruby on Rails

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: happynoff



Slides of my "Multi tenant/lang application" at Paris.rb on 2014-03-04.

Multi tenant/lang application Simon Courtois - @happynoff

Multi-tenant you say? APP

APP middleware switcher Website

Website domain lang class Website < ActiveRecord::Base def self.current Thread.current[:website] end ! def self.current=(website) Thread.current[:website] = website end end Website.current = Website.first ! Website.current # => #<Website domain=“" lang="en">

APP middleware switcher ✔ Website Website

switcher class WebsiteSwitcher attr_reader :domain, :host, :website ! ! ! ! def initialize(host) @host = host.downcase.chomp('.') end def domain @domain ||= ActionDispatch::Http::URL.extract_domain(host) end def website @website ||= Website.where(domain: domain).first || Website.where(domain: '') end def switch! Website.current = website I18n.locale = website.lang end end'').switch!

APP middleware ✔ switcher switcher ✔ Website

middleware require 'website_switcher' ! class WebsiteSwitcherMiddleware def initialize(app) @app = app end ! ! ! def call(env) request =! end end

APP ✔ middleware middleware ✔ switcher ✔ Website

require 'middlewares/website_switcher_middleware' ! APP module AwesomeApp class Application < Rails::Application # ... ! config.middleware.use WebsiteSwitcherMiddleware end end

✔ APP APP ✔ middleware ✔ switcher ✔ Website

Questions ?

Thank you Simon Courtois - @happynoff

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