Multi-channel vs Omni-channel Marketing Part 6 of 6

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Information about Multi-channel vs Omni-channel Marketing Part 6 of 6

Published on February 13, 2018

Author: JenniferGuevara5


1. Multi-channel vs. Omni-channel Marketing: An overview of Multi-channel and Omni-channel marketing. As well as information about how the differ.

2. Table of Contents: Page Title: Page Number: Multi-channel Marketing 4 Facts 5 Statistics 17 Marketing Strategy 22 Campaign Development 23 Steps to Success 32 Tips 39 Examples 47 Benefits 55 Challenges 63 Trends 68 2

3. Table of Contents: 3 Page Title: Page Number: Omni-channel Marketing 74 Facts 75 Statistics 86 Drivers of Adoption 92 How it Provides Value 104 Marketing Strategy 112 Starting Point 113 Plan 125 Tips 135 Examples 144 Advantages 151 Challenges 158 Trends 187 Multi-channel vs. Omni-channel Marketing 201 Differences 202 Work Cited 207

4. Challeng es: Omni-channel Marketing: 4 Compiled by Author from: Achieving One Version of the Truth Through Identity Resolution Bridging Strategy to Execution Enabling Real-Time Data Capture, Processing, and Activation Capabilities Holistically Measuring ROI Integrating Data Between Digital and Traditional Channels and Devices Integrating Digital and Traditional Marketing and Engagement Strategies Operationalizing Analytics Across the Enterprise Managing Consumers’ Growing Privacy Concerns Mending Silos of Specialty Systems to Create an End-to-End Platform

5. Challenge 1: Omni-channel Marketing: 5 Compiled by Author from:  Achieving One Version of the Truth Through Identity Resolution:  As customers move between channels and devices, companies that lack data integration or foster siloed systems and processes often are unable to establish unique identifiers for customers  45% of marketers find that the inability to identify customers across shopping trips is a top reason behind their omni-channel struggles

6. Challenge 1: Omni-channel Marketing: 6 Compiled by Author from: Achieving One Version of the Truth Through Identity Resolution: The inability to string together customers’ behaviors across touchpoints occurs in all companies It causes gaps in the analysis and tracking of behavior This fragmented view of individual customer journeys prevents companies from delivering seamless and relevant experiences when customers are engaging Companies can determine customers’ cross-channel and cross-device identities when they can successfully connect to different data sources and records related to individual customers

7. How to Avoid Challenge 1 : Omni-channel Marketing: 7 Compiled by Author from: To achieve a coherent look at customers, use consistent data: Identity resolution enables an organization to analyze an individual’s identity based on available data records and attributes This process gives companies the ability to connect customer data from third-party providers and customer’s devices It establishes cause, effect, and impact of messaging or specific causes of spikes in sales

8. Trends: Building a Successful omni- channel Campaign Boosting Business with omni-channel Changing Face of eCommerce Making Data Work for You Picking the Perfect Platforms Power of Mobile Omni-channel Marketing: 8 Compiled by Author from:

9. Trend 1: BuildingaSuccessful Omni-channelCampaign: To leverage the power of omni-channel marketing, focus on: Putting the customer first Creating a strong brand image and presence across all channels Emphasizing ease of use on all devices Making the purchasing process as streamlined as possible online and in-store Prioritizing the customer experience Omni-channel Marketing: 9 Compiled by Author from:

10. Trend 1:  Building a Successful Omni-channel Campaign:  Discuss your strategy with employees in your brick- and-mortar store to ensure customers always receive the service they expect  Train staff members to use software and devices to collect and retrieve data and tap into the connectivity of the online and in-store experience for each customer Omni-channel Marketing: 10 Compiled by Author from:

11. Difference s: Multi-channel vs. Omni-channel: 11 Compiled by Author from: & Channel vs. Customer Individual Channel Focus vs. Consistency Maximum Outreach vs. Customer Experience

12. Differences : MULTI-CHANNEL:  This approach aims to get the word out via the maximum number of channels  It’s about casting the widest net to get the most customer engagements  Companies utilizing the multi-channel strategy are adopting two or more channels to engage their consumer  The most popular channels are social media and email OMNI-CHANNEL:  This approach inter-relates every channel to engage with customers as a holistic whole  It ensures they are having a wonderful overall experience with the brand throughout each and every channel  The focus is on building a stronger relationship between consumers and the brand Compiled by Author from: 12 Multi-channel vs. Omni-channel: Channel vs. Customer

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