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Published on April 27, 2014

Author: AaronFriedman


@aaronfriedman Multi-Channel Coordination Within Inbound Marketing By: Aaron Friedman Director of SEO at Kahena Digital Marketing KahenaCon 2013 I AM IN ISRAEL……and talking about

@aaronfriedman I Am Aaron Friedman Who Am I? Director of SEO at Kahena Digital Marketing Connect @aaronfriedman Blog: Made Aliyah: May 22 2013

@aaronfriedman Traveled The Furthest To Get Here

@aaronfriedman SRSLY was Insane-o


@aaronfriedman But Here We Are

@aaronfriedman I have Done SEO For Some Big Companies

@aaronfriedman You came today because, You Have a Website…

@aaronfriedman AND YOU WANT SEO

@aaronfriedman AND YOU WANT FACBOOK

@aaronfriedman AND YOU WANT TWITTER


@aaronfriedman WHY? Really… I have no idea what is happening here??

@aaronfriedman Bing On Google???? Is it to show up higher than the competition?

@aaronfriedman To “Increase Followers” or “Engage in Conversations” with Customers?

@aaronfriedmanThese are NOT Good Reasons

@aaronfriedman Are You Prepared For This?

@aaronfriedman How About All This?

@aaronfriedman This is you This is Google

@aaronfriedman What About The Team??? Lets have a look at them…

@aaronfriedmanImage Source:

@aaronfriedman This Is The Company Org Chart And You Think You Are In Charge

@aaronfriedman They Ignore EVERYTHING … It Totally Sucks! NOBODY LISTENS!

@aaronfriedman • “Our queue is 3 months long” • “We have no bandwidth” • “We are already doing SEO” • “Sure thing” (blatantly ignored) IT Pushback

@aaronfriedman • “We need legal review” (2 months later) • “We can’t say that” • “We can say that, except change all the words” Legal Pushback

@aaronfriedman • “We make bicycle stabilization and traction surfaces, not tires”. • “Sorry, that keyword doesn’t work with the messaging” Branding Teams Pushback

@aaronfriedman • “Too much content to keep track of” • “Content is useless” • “Not enough content being generated” General Content Confusion

@aaronfriedman SEOs, SOMETIMES… VS. • Improve Revenue • Drive Relevant Traffic • Own the Internet Things are so messed up within your organization and people are so not aligned doing what they are supposed to be doing which is driving success and helping your organization grow and only looking out for themselves that they interfere with the bottom line and royally EFF things up </rant> Expectations vs. Reality

@aaronfriedman I GIVE UP!

@aaronfriedman NOT SO FAST! Business owners need to realize that this is not magic Your Department Can’t Rule The Organization Alone



@aaronfriedman WHAT YOU NEED IS To… Build Another Lead Generation Channel

@aaronfriedman Increase Brand Awareness & Reputation WHAT YOU NEED IS To…

@aaronfriedman Strengthen Specific Marketing Campaigns WHAT YOU NEED IS To…

@aaronfriedman YOU ALSO NEED TO… Shorten Your Sales Cycle

@aaronfriedman Increase Overall Customer Satisfaction YOU ALSO NEED TO…

@aaronfriedman Which CAN Be SEO & Social

@aaronfriedmanImage source: But SHOULD Also Be SEOs Are Just Positioned Well For This

@aaronfriedman The Same Stuff Doesn’t Work Search Engines Have Evolved

@aaronfriedman OLD SCHOOL SEO Image Source: • Keywords • Alt Attributes • H tags • More Keywords • Links

@aaronfriedman WHAT USER IS LOOKING FOR WHAT THE PAGE DELIVERS This is Where YOU WIN This is Inbound Idea Source:

@aaronfriedman REMEMBER OUR FRIENDS IN IT LEGAL BRANDING and CONTENT? Image Source: How Do We Get There?

@aaronfriedman How Do You Interface With Them?


@aaronfriedman Think Collaboration *this happened for real about 2 days into the job while I was still learning Trello

@aaronfriedman Google Docs / sheets • Fast iterations • Commenting system • For everyone to see Transparency at its finest!

@aaronfriedman And About Transparency • Flexibly - Rigid • Agile to impact Change

@aaronfriedman Speaking of Agile

@aaronfriedman Have You Ever Seen Anything Implemented Without Your Knowledge That Affected Your Work?

@aaronfriedman Cross Organization Collaboration

@aaronfriedman They Email Now

@aaronfriedman With One Caveat Make Sure You Are Playing On The Same Team

@aaronfriedman Start To Win Them Over One By One

@aaronfriedman How Do You Make People Love You?

@aaronfriedman How About Coffee? Image Source:

@aaronfriedman  Connect with them.  Find Common Ground  Geek About Their things…  …Not just SEO Image Source:

@aaronfriedman What’s impending this from working?

@aaronfriedman Build SEO Into Your Content Strategy Let Me HELP You Image Source:

@aaronfriedman Ask Them... • How Do You Use The Web? • What Keywords are important to you? • What Areas Do You Need Help In? • Where Do You See Competitors Beating You? Image Source:!/image/ 1708218709.jpg

@aaronfriedman So you came today because, You Have a Website…

@aaronfriedman And, You Want All Those Things?

@aaronfriedman You Want This??? Non Branded Search Lift after months of coordination after a migration with IT, Social, etc.

@aaronfriedman Lets Create an Integrated Marketing Strategy Together Marketing Creative Copywriters Developers PR & Media Partnerships Marketing Strategy • Designers: Ensure that creative and usability are inline with user queries. • Copywriters: Optimize content and recommend new, trending opportunities • Developers: Optimize code. Inform Meta Data. • PR and Media: SEO friendly press releases, social media, and other forms of outreach • Marketing Strategy: Support messaging, especially in digital space SEO SEO SEO SEO

@aaronfriedman Because The Return Is Well Worth It

@aaronfriedman Aaron Friedman Director of SEO at @aaronfriedman +

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