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Published on January 7, 2008

Author: Junyo


Science, Technology and Innovation for Africa’s Development :  Science, Technology and Innovation for Africa’s Development John Mugabe Outline:  Outline Renewed focus on science and innovation Africa’s common aspirations Challenges to realize the goals Programmatic interventions Renewed focus on science and technology:  Renewed focus on science and technology Recognition that science and technology have to drive Africa’s economic and socio-political transformation Emergence of the knowledge economy and development as a knowledge intensive process Key policy processes: WSSD, NEPAD and UN General Assembly 2005 Africa’s aspirations:  Africa’s aspirations A continent that harnesses science and related technological innovations for its economic transformation A continent that contributes to the global pool of science and innovation Common challenges:  Common challenges Confidence building Common/shared policy instruments Improving infrastructure for R&D Building civic and political constituencies for science and technology Programme Element 1:  Programme Element 1 Knowledge and information 1. Profiles of institutions 2. Funding instruments 3. STI indicators 4. S&T policy needs in agriculture and health 5. Inventory of science parks 6. good practices of regional S&T cooperation Programme Element 2:  Programme Element 2 Flagship R&D programmes 1. African Biosciences Initiative 2. African Energy Research and Innovation 3. African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) 4. African Water sciences network Programme element 2 (cont):  Programme element 2 (cont) 12 flagship programme areas (ICTs, biotechnology, biodiversity, laser technologies, space science, post-harvest food technologies, water sciences and technologies, drought research, indigenous technologies, manufacturing technologies, minerals science, and energy R&D) Programme Element 3:  Programme Element 3 Common strategies and consensus to improve policy conditions 1. African Biotechnology Panel (AU approved and appointed) 2. Common African Science, Technology and Innovation (ASTII) Indicators 3. Regional ST cooperation protocol Programme Element 3 (cont):  Programme Element 3 (cont) Stakeholder dialogues on STI (e.g. African Policy Dialogues on Biotechnology); Parliamentarians forum on S&T Strengthening the capacity of Regional Economic Communities (RECs) to address science and technology issues—S&T offices established in RECs

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