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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: brendapadilla



Workshop delivered at the Institute of Learning Innovation. Topics covered include: Answering questions about your thesis, organising your time, structuring your thesis chapters, ensuring your thesis is consistent, and taking the final steps.

Much Ado About a PhD Brenda Cecilia Padilla Rodríguez March 12, 2014March 12, 2014

Looking back PhD Research Day 2 Discussion: Topics not covered Results: Info not contemplated in research questions Literature Review: From descriptive to analytical

Topics we will cover • Answering questions about your thesis • Organising your time • Structuring your thesis chapters • Ensuring your thesis is consistent • Taking the final steps PhD Research Day 3

Answering Mock Viva questions! • Randomly select at least two questions from any sections you like. • Work with a colleague and take turns to answer the questions you selected. • Provide feedback to your colleague. How adequate were their answers? • Make it more interesting! Choose the questions for your colleague and viceversa! PhD Research Day 4

Organising your time • Create objectives for the next 3-6 months. • Follow the SMART methodology! o Specific o Measurable o Attainable o Relevant o Time-bound • Share your objectives with a colleague. • Check their objectives. Are they SMART? PhD Research Day 5

Structuring your thesis chapters PhD Research Day 6 • What thesis chapter are you currently writing? • Share with your team members the outline you are following in your chapter. o What topics are you covering in this chapter? o What headings and subheadings are you using? • Compare and contrast your outline with that of others. o Do you need to change anything?

Structuring your thesis chapters • Introduction o Context o Justification o Contribution to knowledge • Literature Review o Search strategy o Key concepts o Limitations of your framework • Methodology o Research design o Participants o Data sources o Procedure o Ethics • Results o Use your research questions as guidance! • Discussion o Use your research questions as guidance! (It helps keeping things consistent) o Beyond the research questions • Conclusions o Contribution to knowledge o Conclusions o Limitations o Recommendations for practice (Implications) o Future research PhD Research Day 7

Ensuring your thesis is consistent   METHODOLOGY How will you answer this question? What instruments will you use? Who will provide the data? FINDINGS What is the answer of this question according to your data? CONCLUSIONS After comparing your findings with the literature, what can you conclude? RQ1 RQ2 RQ3 PhD Research Day 8 Try it!!

Taking the final steps PhD Research Day 9 Plan your time. It is important!

Taking the final steps • How do I know I have really finished? o You have reached your deadline! o You have finished and edited your thesis a couple of times, and you are starting to change things from white to black and back to white. PhD Research Day 10 Should I write “student” or “learner” in this sentence?

Remember… Finishing your thesis is not finishing your thesis…

Remember… It is simply deciding that you will stop making changes.

Thank you! PhD Research Day 13

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