MTV Video Music Awards Performances

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Information about MTV Video Music Awards Performances

Published on August 7, 2009

Author: rmarsiglia


Slide 2: With the greatest ever performances Slide 3: Chris Brown Performing at the 2007 MTV VMAs for the first time. Slide 4: Slide 5: Slide 6: Beyoncé amazed everyone while twisting her body incredibly all the way back without using her arms to hold herself, during the choreography of ring the Alarm in 2006. Slide 7: Slide 8: Slide 10: The First time in the history of the MTV VMA’S that an artist has performed a song completely in Spanish. Slide 11: Krist Novoselic tossed his guitar into the air and it landed whacking him in the head. Kurt Cobain started tearing into the amplifiers and everything became a chaos. Slide 12:

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